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    WTB: Old CPUs (working or not)

    I have the a64 3200
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    Who's planning to buy 5700(?) GPU

    What an exciting time. Glad to see AMD put some dogs in the fight. Buy amd. NVIDIA been price hiking time to back RED!
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    FTT: My BTC your Paypal

    Have about $248 in BTC would like to try to get paypal will do 1:1 for paypal funds Would highly prefer one transaction for all of it but will also do $144 Will send first to established traders --- edit : i had no idea coinbase allowed paypal withdrawals, that being said, thread closed
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    Corsair Lux 70 mech KB

    Red iirc
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    Corsair Lux 70 mech KB

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    Corsair Lux 70 mech KB

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    Corsair Lux 70 mech KB

    Corsair lux 70 rgb mechanical keyboard Good condition. Good keyboard! Sat a while so some light dust. Will remove keys and clean prior to shipping. Includes detachable wrist rest $50 shipped Sold
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    FS: CPU/RAM/Mobo combo's, GPU's, OCZ 1000W PSU

    Either if these rigs capable of keeping up with gtx 1070 for a budget overwatch rig trying to push 1440p
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    Fs: Alienware 17 R4 Gtx 1080 7820hk 32gb

    Price $1065 shipped firm (paypal, chime, bitcoin) sold locally Can ship fed ex or usps add $20 for overnight shipping and can ship same day as paid. Ill post some pictures tomorrow in good sunlight. Specs 7820hk 7th gen i7 32gb ram 256gb m.2 1tb hard drive Gtx 1080 (full not max q) 2560x1440...
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    FS: 27" 1440p 144HZ G-SYNC Dell S2716DG Gaming Monitor

    i have this monitor and its great
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    Ticwatch E smartwatch android wear os

    pretty good condition about 3 months old. has a small blemish on top of the face that was like that when it arrived.. its not that visible when screen is on , hardly notice it myself.. still have the original tin can with it and will come with charger. works great, no issues. battery lasts...
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    Must have VR games?

    i never got past the first level on this one so im asking is it the same throughout the game, like same enemies does it ever get more in depth because while it is really cool i found it to be monotonous
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    Wtb: desktop gaming parts

    With a starting budget of $1500 im looking for a deal on a system with 1080ti or a barebones system with a good amount of ram and good cpu as i am considering a 2070 if i Don't find a deal too good to pass up on 1080ti etc. Intel and nv only. If you have something lmk and i will check it out .
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    RTX 2070 in alienware graphics amp how much do i lose?

    cpu is 7820hk on an alienware 17 r4 dell just released a bios update making 20x0 series cards compatible so if I put a 2070 inside the aga how much of a bottleneck do you think my cpu would be?
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    Must have VR games?

    anyone know of a game that may be a step above what valve did with xortex in "the lab" love that game but wondering if anything else like it that may be better, ie more weaponms, lasers, graphics etc
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    thoughts on oculus go?

    finally picked up a rift. ive only played "in death" so far.. cool as hell even though its more or less the same thing over and over.. when they get up close to you the feeling of immersion is strong..give you the chills.. and using your shield to block incoming arrow attacks is cool af.
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    4x Tile Mate bundle $30

    Do u take bitcoin
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    FS: EVGA 1060 SC 6GB USED $185

    Which payment methods do you accept for BO4 key
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    Must have type $200 range Pc gaming headset?

    Ok wow, tons to absorb thanks all I appreciate it. Def will be looking into all the suggestions
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    Must have type $200 range Pc gaming headset?

    Good surround, possibly wireless.
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    Must have type $200 range Pc gaming headset?

    Any suggestions? Thanks
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    FS: Sager NP 9873 Laptop (7700k, 1080 SLI)

    wtf would be an upgrade might i ask lol
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    Klipsch R-15M Speakers w Powergate Amp $299

    the negative reviews on Amz talked me out of it.
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    Klipsch R-15M Speakers w Powergate Amp $299

    trying hard to walk away from this one.
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    Wtb pico mini projector

    Lmk what you have. Can pay via PayPal or BTC
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    Edifier S730 2.1 Multimedia Speakers (Virginia Local)

    Im in chesapeake and im debating these ... Gonna read some reviews soon, prob have to wait til after this weekend with storm and all but these are on my radar.
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    $289 - LG 27" 240hz Freesync TN 2ms

    Who would buy 1080p on the precipice of 2019 espeicially on a 27"
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    SOLD: Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW

    bose companion 2 series III love those
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    WTB A cool running 256GB M.2

    Oh yes nvme sorry. Price : $100 max
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    WTB A cool running 256GB M.2

    The m.2 in my laptop runs about 60-70c looking for one that runs a lot cooler. Must be 256 so i can clone it from existing one.
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    thoughts on oculus go?

    after much research im gonna wait.. again..
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    thoughts on oculus go?

    i was thinking of buying the hp mixed reality one on amazon tomorrow for $160 is it as good as the go?
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    FS/T: Alienware 17 R4 - i7 7820HK, GTX 1080, 32gb, 120hz G-Sync, 256 SSD + 1TB HDD

    1440p Says it right in the list he posted in op