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  1. Nickbaldwin86

    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    Did I miss something? are they coming out with a block for the i9? this block fits 1151.
  2. Nickbaldwin86

    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    Would be a none issue for us that use rigid tubing ;)
  3. Nickbaldwin86

    Leave Facebook and go to Instagram Instead?

    alternatives to facebook ... HardForum ;) haha I only get on FB for private groups, otherwise to the outside world it would look like I don't have a "active" account, because I don't, anything I do is in a private group that the "outside world" can not see. I keep debating on just deleting my...
  4. Nickbaldwin86

    Epic Gives Away $12M Worth Paragon Assets for Free

    Agree 100% I have played both and I prefer PUBG. I also like other " real feel" games as such, the cartoon and the building is what I don't like. I will give this props for having a solid butter smooth game, PUBG is very buggy and not smooth. Either way I will stick to PUBG and realize the...
  5. Nickbaldwin86

    Epic Gives Away $12M Worth Paragon Assets for Free

    Fortnite is just new on the block, hopefully it will fizzle off and people will go back to PUBG.... sorry just not into cartoon games
  6. Nickbaldwin86

    Epic Gives Away $12M Worth Paragon Assets for Free

    I know I was just make a jab at EA....
  7. Nickbaldwin86

    Microsoft Wants You Using Edge, Whether You Want to or Not

    One does NOT simply remove Edge from windows 10... but you can EASILY make it not work at all! Go to: C:\Windows\SystemApps\ Open folder Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe Right click on MicrosoftEdge file then Properties / Security / Advanced / Click Change (next to owner) and change to...
  8. Nickbaldwin86

    Facebook May Have Violated FTC Privacy Deal

    so the end of Facebook is near? which means millions of people will be getting their lives back. WIN WIN !
  9. Nickbaldwin86

    Epic Gives Away $12M Worth Paragon Assets for Free

    if this was EA they would have tanked the game and never released anything, all would have gone to waste... just like every other EA game has
  10. Nickbaldwin86

    NVIDIA TITAN V Video Card Gaming Review @ [H]

    I need $3000 to waste :) Hope the 2080 Ti is even faster and less than $1000 and has something built into it so miners can use it :) dreaming of a future were miners cant use GTX series cards :P
  11. Nickbaldwin86

    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    I would love to test this out on my delidded 8Gen CPU. it is running at 5Ghz and my temps never get above 60c, would love to see if this block can keep them even lower.
  12. Nickbaldwin86

    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    nickle would be great but honestly more important to just use liquid metal and crank up the GHZ!!!! I would love to test one of these blocks! my temps are already so low with my delidded chip (@ 5hz) that I would honestly be amazed if this block could get them lower, willing to find out...
  13. Nickbaldwin86

    Corsair Obsidian 500D released?

    MOAR reviews
  14. Nickbaldwin86

    Post Your Workstations 2018

    Just linked it from Fackbook
  15. Nickbaldwin86

    Corsair Obsidian 500D released?

    from the pictures it seems cheap... for being an Obsidian... would love to see a few reviews
  16. Nickbaldwin86

    Post Your Workstations 2018

    Got my ultrawide yesterday!
  17. Nickbaldwin86

    Some Steam Themes eat CPU...

    why do you need themes? i never even see steam... it launches with windows.... I right click on it on the task bar and launch game of choice. turn off themes you sillly tweaker
  18. Nickbaldwin86

    Overclocking the Intel Core i9-7900X X-series Processor

    Great review Kyle! I read every word of it and I felt like it was a relaxed compared to so many other reviews I have been reading. I am surprised or maybe should be so surprised that this is 6 months old an the mainboards are still the same? was thinking by now the boards would be Rev 2...
  19. Nickbaldwin86

    Optimus Water Cooling V1 Intel CPU Water Block Review @ [H]

    I am starting a new build and have had my eye on this block. Thanks to Kyle and his review I am very much excited and might just pick it up. Optimus Water Cooling - any plan to switch out the spring or do I need to make a run ACE Hardware?
  20. Nickbaldwin86

    Microsoft Confirms Windows Issue is Holding back AMD's Ryzen?

    these issues couldn't have been resolved pre-release? What OS did they develop for if not Windows, the OS with the most market share hands down, even if it is only Windows X or Y they shouldn't have these kinds of issues with such a huge platform. Very concerning for such a promising CPU...
  21. Nickbaldwin86

    Ben Affleck Will Not Direct “The Batman”

    Worst Batman....EVER! they had to digitally change his voice.... why not just get a actor that can play Batman and sound like Batman and not a school girl? Batman VS Superman was the worst movie I recall seeing in 2016
  22. Nickbaldwin86

    Go with the Re-Flow

    Warrior and I have done this and it does work.
  23. Nickbaldwin86

    Brutal Doom 64 Gets a Trailer and a Release Date

    I love me some Brutal Doom.. cant wait for this. I have been playing it since version way back whenever and it was really buggy... it has come a LONG way and is a very great mod/overlay to a original game
  24. Nickbaldwin86

    Intel’s Unveils 7th Gen Intel Core Processor

    watch out AMD... Intel is coming for you...... oh wait
  25. Nickbaldwin86

    Ugliest Tesla You Will Ever See

    I think it looks great! I honestly think the standard Tesla looks boring and plain.
  26. Nickbaldwin86

    Robot Promises to Destroy All Humans

    That guy has never seen iRobot or Terminator or any other robot movie involving the killing off of the human race? a lot of similarity to iRobot. I feel like this is just someone doing something that is thought up and now coming to life when really it shouldn't be. As if we don't have enough...
  27. Nickbaldwin86

    Danger Den Reservoir , XSPC Waterblock (2011), XSPC RX480 Radiators, D5 pumps

    can I get a picture of the res and condition. As well as a pump. I might buy both. Thanks
  28. Nickbaldwin86

    NVIDIA Founders Edition Cards - Yea or Nay? @ [H]

    if the market will support it! NVidia knows that the suckers will pay for a "pre-order". I know that the fanboi NV owners will pay the extra $100 and not even think twice about it. Honestly I wouldn't pay a retail for a reference card... if I even buy into Pascal it will likely be 1080Ti. and...
  29. Nickbaldwin86

    2 - EVGA GTX 980 ACX2.0 SC Free EVGA Pro Bridge

    SOLD!!! Two(2) EVGA GTX 980 ACX2.0 SC - $325 per/each or $640 for both EVGA Pro SLI Bridge FREE (if you buy the pair) All items are back in original box and ready for pick up or ship. Thanks Nick heat is nickbaldwin86
  30. Nickbaldwin86

    FS: Mobile CPUs, Dual Gb NICs

  31. Nickbaldwin86

    FS: Mobile CPUs, Dual Gb NICs

    dats a lot of phones!
  32. Nickbaldwin86

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T520

  33. Nickbaldwin86

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T520

    Moved to ebay. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 16GB SM-T520 With EXTRAS!!!
  34. Nickbaldwin86

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T520

    Price drop to $250