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  1. Pkirk618

    34" Acer Predator X34P 3440x1440 21:9 IPS LED Gaming Monitor - Costco $599

    only 120? I have the older freesync 34" version, same rez -- hard to reach 75hz on the games that matter.
  2. Pkirk618

    Slow 4k speeds firecuda drive

    ok, would 1mb/sec "write/read" @ 4k be normal? Maybe I should have mentioned that initially. I hear what you're saying about drive to another drive though. And I don't know what to expect but I know I'm not seeing these slow speeds often enough online to think it's normal.
  3. Pkirk618

    Slow 4k speeds firecuda drive

    I've searched for a solution to this 2TB Firecuda HDD. It writes painfully slow in ATTO/Crystal 4k benchmarks. I first noticed this problem when unzipping a relatively small file on this drive. I also have a 1TB similar spec'd drive and it's equally slow. I have the most updated rst...
  4. Pkirk618

    Can you identify this graphic artifact in DOOM?

    yeah, no change no matter the AA.
  5. Pkirk618

    Can you identify this graphic artifact in DOOM?

    No sample optimization that I can see (now) but I'll do a search to make sure. as for forcing 16x in AMDs settings, I get the same results when on and when off -- meaning the artifacts go away when off. This assuming I understood you when you said go into the drivers. I'm doing my OS to r/o
  6. Pkirk618

    Can you identify this graphic artifact in DOOM?

    When I turn down anisotropic filtering it gets rid of the problem in GR wildlands but that seems like a bandaid. I'm using an MSI vega 56, not overclocked atm.
  7. Pkirk618

    Can you identify this graphic artifact in DOOM?

    Sorry guys, I don't know how to get help for this because I don't know what to call this problem in DOOM. If you look closely you can see like white stitching on the ground in the map. I get this occasionally in ghost wildlands on the roads.
  8. Pkirk618

    For sale or Trade: ASUS GTX 960 for cash or something else

    glad u were able to fix it
  9. Pkirk618

    Blind Test - RX Vega FreeSync vs. GTX 1080 TI G-Sync

    perhaps if you had a monitor that could drive more than 60hz you'd notice something. I get frameskipping on my 34" 1440p freesynce monitor @ above 60hz and the monitor is rated at 75. Just my thoughts on that.
  10. Pkirk618

    vega @ bb

    I'm currently stuck with a 1000 dollar freesync (75hz) monitor that frame-skips w/nvidia cards limiting me to 60hz. My fury card couldn't drive it like I wanted.
  11. Pkirk618

    vega @ bb

    thanks bud -- not sure how to edit title, not that this will last though :(
  12. Pkirk618

    vega @ bb

    For the time being, they have their xfx air for $599. Not sure when it ships but at least you can order it. I know it's not a hot deal.
  13. Pkirk618

    WiFi Enabled Light Bulbs and other household stuff

    Unfamiliar with that device.... But to your original question, the RGB bulbs are cool and you can find them cheap, even working with Alexa though on/off fn is your best bet. Even without voice command the options in app are suffice pretty much across the board. The Dot is so cheap, about the...
  14. Pkirk618

    WiFi Enabled Light Bulbs and other household stuff

    Using them in lamps across the house. Grouping them is easy enough and works pretty great w/Alexa. I don't think you'll be able to dim lights through Alexa though, just on/off functionality currently. I use mostly LIFX and those TP 50w bulbs. Can't beat the price on those TP link bulbs.
  15. Pkirk618

    Wanting to get a 1060 for 1440p instead of a 1070, a lot of naysayers though.

    running two 980 sli for 3440 * 1440 gaming. Most games 60FPS+ (high to ultra) But I'm moving to vega to cover my 1440p gaming. Mainly, my monitor is freesync and hates nvidia -- wont even game at the monitors 75Mhz RR without severe frame-skipping. Only at 60 does it game well which is...
  16. Pkirk618

    Your GPU progression?

    you went back to cpu instructions for gaming :) cool
  17. Pkirk618

    290X to R9 Nano?

    I had a nano in my system and let's just say I loved the performance for the size but the heat and throttling were notable. I was able to remedy the throttling but I could never really keep that side case cover on due to the heat or at the expense of noise.
  18. Pkirk618

    Installed 1080Ti & now comp keeps shutting down

    lots of good advice in this thread. I too had a pcie slot go bad some time ago -- though we know that's not your problem. Enjoy that beast of a card.
  19. Pkirk618

    AOC Monitor 34" 3440x1440 Res 21:9 - $499.98 Walmart + Free Shipping

    Nice find. 60hz isn't the best but works.
  20. Pkirk618

    Surgeon Wears Snapchat Sunglasses While Operating

    yeah, those glasses are too dark for surgery....superficial surgery or not. Really, Idk who'd let a surgeon touch them when glasses like these interfere with depth, color and produce glare. :yawn: You think?
  21. Pkirk618

    Surgeon Wears Snapchat Sunglasses While Operating

    Eff that. I didn't read the whole story but if he's doing anything invasive, I'd pass. Not because of the ethical side of things either. The dude's sight is compromised. I don't think I need to break it down further.
  22. Pkirk618

    WTB Xeon CPU...

    that's a bad ass chip. You're right though, hardly a need lol.
  23. Pkirk618

    addicting and i've only a 980ti

    show me this cheap 980ti you speak of. ...apart from that isolated sale on amazon not too long ago :)
  24. Pkirk618

    First overclock in years

    good for you. you got 4.7? (sig)
  25. Pkirk618

    First overclock in years

    roger, pretty sound oc...what you going to do now?
  26. Pkirk618

    First overclock in years

    small payoff from this point....think u got a good oc. this air right?
  27. Pkirk618

    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    right now I'm using a fury nano.....and it runs great. I thought about what you said w/gync. My son has a 680 which i might replace......with my nano lol. I kid. I've been satisfied with gaming on the nano (it was supposed to go in a ITX-mATX box but I had to skimp on too many goodies.)...
  28. Pkirk618

    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    yeah, around that price.
  29. Pkirk618

    980 Ti's cheap on Prime Now in Texas

    well here in chicago burb, I purchased what I think was there last two 980s. Non Ti but for 270 bucks, I bit. Is that a good deal SLI'd? Haven't researched it yet and the cards are still in bag lol. My problem is and will always be my monitor who is married to amd, seemingly. If I use...
  30. Pkirk618

    Dynamic Projection Mapping Onto Deforming Non-Rigid Surfaces

    adverts will be interesting.
  31. Pkirk618

    What got you into PCs and PC gaming? What year and why?

    1993, a friend lent me a word processor (typewriter like w/3 line digital screen). Hooked. 486-most recently x5690. I remember faxing my friend like texting today :) First build 1997. Build to game but hardly gamed. My most recent upgrade was coming off the x58 trail which I loved...
  32. Pkirk618

    6600k brand new has scratch...

    this was retail in box?
  33. Pkirk618

    [FS or FT] Arrow Leather Canvas Laptop Tote Bag Carry-on Briefcase New

    have one of these....sad knowing it's the end of the line for x58 if you have on of these. I've ramped my voltage up to 1.45 on my old big bang up to 4.7 but clocked it down, not because it wouldn't do it but the heat. I need a more efficient setup to make any more gains...
  34. Pkirk618

    DARPA’s Fast Lightweight Autonomy Program Takes Flight

    felt like i was watching an elderly person negotiate those corners. Nerve-racking. :)
  35. Pkirk618

    FS: Zotac 970 4GB

    good price.
  36. Pkirk618

    FS: i5 4690K and EVGA 780

    received and back. Probably last bump is lordo wants it.
  37. Pkirk618

    FS: i5 4690K and EVGA 780

    Heatware: ****The CPU is SOLD****
  38. Pkirk618

    What was the fastest AGP card ever released?

    7800gs bfg?