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    Zenimax Sues Samsung over VR Technology in Gear Goggles

    Anyone else think that they'll go after Valve and any other VR company even if the tech is not related to Oculus's tech? Isn't this how it sort of starts?
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    New Processors Are Now Blocked from Receiving Updates on Old Windows

    Linux kernel 4.4 booted up just fine with my Ryzen 1700. It didn't specifically support some stuff about it, but it worked okay. And as Chad has been trying to explain, backporting a few specific bits of the kernel to older versions is not only possible, has been done, makes sense, but needs to...
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    AMD's Ryzen Will Really Like a Newer Linux Kernel

    I don't like the sound of this. Multi threading is one of the big draws for me with Ryzen, and I really hope that various distros (I use Ubuntu 16.10) get around to releasing newer kernels damn quick. That said, I hope confirmation for this multithreading bug has been sought outside of Phoronix...