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    FS: Verizon Note 4 - 32GB - Black + Extras

    Fully working Verizon Note 4 32GB Black. Battery was replaced in July. Also comes with 32GB SD Card, case, tempered glass screen protector (already installed), and charger/cable in the original box. The ESN is clean. I'll post pictures shortly. $200 shipped. Thank you
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    SOLD - Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard [Cherry MX Brown]

    Selling Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown keys. It's in great condition. All keys and LEDs work. Browns have a decent tactile feel, without the loud clicking you get with blues. I no longer have the box, but will ship it with great care. The plastic peel wrap is still over the...
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    FS: EVGA x58 SLI 3, x5650, 12GB DDR3 (SOLD)

    SOLD Thanks.
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    Out of these 7 x99 Boards which would you choose?

    Leaving for Microcenter in about 1 hour and they have these open box x99 boards. Providing everything looks good on them (no damage) which would you get? I was going to get the Asus Deluxe, but the GA-X99M would be nice to go to smaller case size. The first AsRock on the list does have USB...
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    WTB The Division

    WTB The Division game code. $42 delivered via Paypal. That leaves you $40.50 after Paypal fees. Thanks
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    AOC U3477PQU (34" - 3440x1440) - $499.99

    Looks like a pretty good deal. AOC U3477PQU Black 34" 5ms UltraWide WQHD LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS Panel DC 70Million:1(1000:1) 320 cd/m2, USB3.0, Height & Pivot adjustable, Speakers -
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    Best Laptop in the $200-300 Range?

    I'm looking for a laptop in the $200-300 range. It will be used in a gym for .. Playing and storing audio Displaying form/technique, workout, etc videos on a TV Wireless surveillance system Recording videos Browsing the Internet Gaming is not my intent, but I can't help but not want...
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    970/980 on x58 Motherboard

    So, my R9 290 doesn't play as nice as I'd like with my x58 board. Specifically the 0xA0000001 BSOD which is an incompatibility issue. Many users have experienced the issue. I've done all I can to try it fix (believe me), so no need to make this into a 'fix my issue thread'. I want to swap out...
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    Corsair RGB Keyboard Profiles

    I'm getting my RGB K95 with brown switches tomorrow. Managed to get it for $159.99. I haven't seen a thread for the lighting profiles yet. So let's see them!
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    PS Vita Left Thumbstick Not Working

    My PS Vita's left thumbstick has stopped working about 2 weeks after the warranty ran out ha. Started with the thumbstick stuck moving right but now doesn't work at all. I've tried restoring the Vita twice, rebuilding the database, and restarting while moving the thumbstick but hasn't worked...
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    WTS: Intel Xeon L5639 (x58 processor)

    Sold. Thanks for the bumps everyone!
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    Galaxy Note Edge

    Galaxy Note Edge. Releasing "sometime this fall". Expected price is $349 with contract. 5.6" Quad HD (1440 x 2560-pixel) Super AMOLED display + 160 pixels on the side for extra screen Snapdragon 805 (Quad), 2.7GHz processor Metal frame 3.8mm wider and 2.2mm shorter than the Note 4 (Note 4...
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    Please help me figure out this 0xa00001 BSOD!

    I keep getting a 0xa00001 BSOD. I just can't quite to seem to fix it. It appears to mainly be caused by Hardware Acceleration. It will occur in browsers particularly when watching youtube videos or playing browser games. It will still occur when playing regular games for me though. It seems to...
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    Which used PS3 to buy?

    I want to buy a used PS3 since I skipped it and all of its exclusives for a 360. I also dont like PS Now's structuring, and I'm not very optimistic it will ever be worth it over having the games for ever and cheaper. There's quite a few revisions with various issus. Which one would be the best...
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    Forum to use with Wordpress

    I'm working on a site using the FastNews Light theme. I'm trying to set up a forum for the site, but I'm having some difficulties. I was going to use Simple Machine Forums, but there is no working bridge so that would require two separate log in's (my site and forums). I do not like that...
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    FS: Silverstone Raven RV02, NZXT Lexa S Cases

    The Silverstone RV02 is a fantastic case, especially for air cooling. All components are positioned at a 90 degree angle so it vents out of the top. It's very unique looking case, and my favorite case by far. It's in great shape. This has the USB 2.0 front ports, not the 3.0. Looking for...
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    The Forest

    There was another thread for this already but I can't find it. Anyways, I bought this tonight. It just came out a day or so ago. I had read and saw some of it previously. It looked like a good concept. Pretty much your plane crash lands on an island, there's cannibals, and you have to gather...
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    PS Now

    The PS Now beta for the PS4 starts tomorrow. Sony has begun sending out invites. I haven't gotten mine yet. Hopefully I will! Anyone got theirs? Excited to see how it is on the PS4.
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    WTB Watercooling Parts

    Hi, Looking to buy a few pieces of the following here and there over the next month or so. So, if I turn you down it's only temporary. Please send me an offer + shipping. Will be paying with Paypal/bank account. Note I do not need the things marked off. The prices are just the prices from...
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    Any new non reference 290s can be watercooled?

    Or is there some aftermarket air cooled reference 290s I should be looking at? As far as I know the EK blocks will work withe Asus DirectCU II, but wondering if there is anything else now. Story: I have a reference 290 coming that will be cooled with the a G10 + H55. I'm using it on a 5850...
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    Capacitor aging?

    I tried searching and I didn't find much. I have a 4+ year old Corsair TX850. I want to get a second R9 290. I read that, Am I really down approximately 170+ watts at 20%? I did run two 5850s for 3ish years. Specs of my computer: Intel Xeon L5639 @ 3.2ghz (is a 60W TDP processor at stock...
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    Powercolor 290x - $384.99 - Openbox

    Anyone wants to buy me one, I'll pay you back in 2 weeks! Ha. :D It's an open box, but I think most of us have more than enough DVI cables anyways. Grab it while you can! PowerColor AXR9 290X - $384.99
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    Quiestest Case 2014 Recommendation (NZXT G10 did not work out great with mine!)

    I guess it does work with NZXT G10, but I'm not a fan. It's cramped, and I had to move my AIO for the processor down to the bottom. And yes, that's right, that radiator IS in fact mounted with 4 PCI brackets to the bottom fan. :cool: My wire job looks horrendous as usual. Anyways, as...
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    The Last of Us is coming to PS4 'sometime' this summer!

    I haven't gotten to play much of it since I don't have a PS3. Mostly just watched some friends and few streams, and tried the multiplayer a few times. Everyone always raves about, so I'm excited to experience it myself. Graphics will be increased and it will contain the Left Behind...
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    Pair two QNIX QX2710 with Viewsonic VP2770?

    What do you think? They are all Samsung PLS panels. I have the VP2770 now and it's awesome. It is paired with two 22" Dell displays. Previously, I had three 22" displays for Eyefinity, but gave it up for the VP2770. I'd like to get Eyefinity back, and I'm a little OCD about non matching...
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    All Kindles - %20 down + 4 monthly payments. No interest/fees.

    Not sure if this was just exclusive to me, but the ad popped up on the main page of Amazon. I have no idea how long the offer will last. It's like buying a car, minus the extra fees. :D
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    ShopBLT - Is it a legit place?

    They have the Visiontek R9 290 for $414.95. I don't care about the wait time. I was planning on using the G10 bracket with a AIO cooler if it ends up being real loud or throttling. So that's not really important. I just want to know if ShopBLT is a legitimate place for video cards? It seems a...
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    Dualshock 4 Light Bar Decals

    These were mentioned in an XB1 thread, but I though I'd share here. You can get your own custom design, or just select some already made designs for the lightbar on the DS4. You can even get just straight black. I'm not entirely sure, but someone made mention that they may mess with the camera...
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    The Order 1886 - No Multiplayer - only 30FPS @ 1080p

    Good, or bad? Infamous Second Son won't be getting multiplayer either. I'd rather see it in 1886 though. They could have at least allowed for local multiplayer since it's a squad type game. Hopefully the single player really will be nicely done not 'half assed' ha. Link.
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    My SSD is a magician..

    It first started a couple months ago when Windows started loading ridiculously slow, like 30 mins to get to the login screen, and eventually it just told me that there was no OS to load. Now, for the second time the Windows partition has 'disappeared' from my Crucial M4. Its still there as far...
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    'Verified insider' gives out massive leak of XB1 info

    Found the article here. Complementary picture: [IMG][/ Really like the white XB1. I'd trade in my PS4 for a white with black accents one if I could. I don't know about the no optical drive though. I'd rather it...
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    Aftermarket Northbridge Heatsink - High temps

    The North Bridge on my EVGA x58 SLI 3 is hitting 105C or so. I don't think that's good. I also think that it might be limiting the OC on my Xeon L5639. For the time being I have a 40mm fan, and some new thermal paste I'm going to put on jerry-rig on there. I bought this motherboard 2/28/2012...
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    LED Accent Lighting

    What do you recommend for LED lighting? I want to be able to use my computer at night without having to turn the ceiling light on. Using three monitors +/- a TV in the dark makes my head very upset. Previously I had this set of 5 halogen accent lighting positioned behind my monitors. They...
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    42 Big PS4 Games of 2014 [Video]

    Buh bye wallet! Video. Looking forward to, Destiny Dragon Age: Inquisition Drive Club Infamous Second Son Lords of the Fallen Mad Max Sniper Elite 3 The Crew The Division The Elder Scrolls Online The Evil Within The Order 1886 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Thief Watch Dogs (might have missed...
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    %20 off

    Probably not the [H]ottest deal, but use money20 at to get %20 off shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Goo until Jan 14th. Grado Labs was what led me to the deal, so bought a shirt! Grado t-shirt.
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    PS Vita Games for $9.99 on Amazon

    Playstation All Stars Battle Royale: Resistance: Burning Skies...
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    Return of physical copies and blu-ray requirement?

    With the upcoming new consoles requiring 50GB or so installs do you think we might see a lot more people going back to buying physical copies of games rather than downloading? This would require a lot of us to upgrade to a blu-ray drive from DVD. I know some people don't even put drives in their...
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    100 degree North Bridge temp on 1366 board a bit high?

    Maybe it is just inaccurately reading the temperature? Resetting the motherboard to default settings only decreased the temperature by about 5 degrees. The temp fluctuated between 98-103C. This is on a EVGA SLI3 x58 board in a Raven RV02 case. I have no idea how long it has been running like...