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    WTB: Windows XP Pro

    Looking to buy Windows XP Pro. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks.
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    FS: 3 intercoolers turbo fords turbo prosche turbo GMs.. etc..
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    So, instead of the TV, you want to use your computer monitor to display your PS 2?
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    3dmark 03..........How low can you go?

    Is, "your system can't run this program" lower than 0?
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    Does ANYONE make a dual-card solution that WORKS?

    Yes, it's call 3dfx.
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    19" LCD BenQ $146 !!!! Quickly!

    Closest Office Depot is 88miles away...
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    WTB: Several low end Socket A CPU

    I need several low end socket A cpu. 750+ duron/athlon are fine, if price is right, i wouldn't mind some XPs either. PM me or post here what you have with SHIPPED prrice. (85203) Thanks.
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    93 Civic lx

    It's twin engine or what?
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    WTB: Dead Processors Old & New!

    I think I have 1 P200 MMX, 2x P233MMX, and one AMD K6 266. $8 and they're yours.
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    Item not as listed ATI 9800 Pro All in wonder

    Negative Heatware. ATI have 3 yrs warranty on their products, you'll be fine. :)
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    WTB! Old PC hardware to build a passive 486 system

    Good luck finding a 486 m/b with PCI.
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    WTB: TV tuner PCI card

    I need a TV tuner PCI card. Must work with XP, PM or post here for your offer. Thanks!
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    WTB Non SB Soundcard

    I have a Philips Acoustic Edge PSC 706 5.1 sound card. I have the box, manual, driver cd, cords... etc. I'm looking for $18 + whatever shipping cost. PM me.
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    Powercolor RADEON 9200 for video capture?

    I have an AIW Radeon 32DDR and it capture video just fine.