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    WTB: Lian-Li accessories

    Thanks a lot for the 2yrs anniversary celebration! I already sold my Lian-Li case though. :( Plz delete :)
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    ***FS: Airsoft (AEG, GBB, 2Much), $60 Raptor HDD, 6800 PCI-e (100 Pics!)

    Nice prices! quitting airsoft? should also mention approx how many shots have been fired ;)
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    ups wnts $90 "brokerage fees" for shipping a vid card from Texas to Canada????

    It's the buyer's responsibility to pay those custom fees. It's their choice if they want to import from US. (BTW, I'm Canadian) I'm well aware when I'm buying that any package that comes through might have the chance of getting slapped by customs for taxes and other fees. But general...
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    Expensive items to canada

    Most items usually doesn't get pwned by customs, even if it does, it's usually just regular sales tax + like $4 service charge from Canada Post. (UPS Charges like $25 brokerage fees, no idea about FedEx, never got taxed from them before) If you want to completely avoid taxes for your buyer...
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    UPS Insurance

    Well, I never paid him yet. ;)
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    UPS Insurance

    So I bought a Plasma TV off someone from another forum. The price was a little too good to be true. ($1100 for a 42" Plasma HDTV ) BUT the seller was willing to shipped first. So I'm all for it. Anyway, so it arrived today, very nicely packed. (And I mean NICELY, box was full of styrofoam...
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    FS: Tokyo Marui M16A2 Airsoft Gun

    What does the 4) Hand made motorized box mag (2000 round capacity) - $70 do? Does it reload your mags?
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    Little river G5 silver water block new unused

    I think what it means by trade including buy/sell/cross-trade. On the major ones, chraging paypal fees isn't allowed. Anand, OCForum, XS, etc. If you would like to avoid the 3% fees, apply for a personal account to accept non-cc paypal. That's free. You are allowed to have 2 accounts...
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    FS: AMD A64 3200+ w/ ASUS K8V SE Deluxe

    Venice 3000+ or 3200+, forgot, and the Asus K8N-E.
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    FT or FS: Lian-Li V2000 for a Lian-Li V1100...

    Nice price....too bad I just got a stacker.
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    FT or FS: Lian-Li V2000 for a Lian-Li V1100...

    if you wanna sell, you gotta list a price. ;) otherwise, nice case bump.
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    FT: OCZ PC4400 EL Gold Ed. TCCD *NIB*

    Yeah, Gold I believe uses Hynix chips. ;)
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    baseballbat + my lappy = mad trader

    You should of asked for a picture. ( a picture is worth a thousand word) He's not really a troll, just a bad trader with poor trading practices.
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    FS: ASUS EAX800 (x800 Vanilla) with VIVO --- PCI-e

    Is this the same one? The vanilla thing is confusing me.
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    FS: Leadtek AGP – nVidia 6800nu 128mb $280cdn

    Perhaps you need to use the following: $100USD = $120.635CDN You should really keep your lowball offer to yourself or through PMs.
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    BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC PCI-E

    You could just send him a "secret" msg on the e-mail. If he's able to tell you the "secret" msg through, then the e-mail is his. bump for a nice card at a nice price, and yeah I've seen him trading on Anandtech before. ;)
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    I fell for it!! BEWARE

    File PayPal claim Contact Trollhunters Contact Local Police And prevent it next time, Check AND verify seller's reference, for expensive item, I would at least ask for phone number, home address and give him a call to work out the details. If no reference, I wouldn't get near it unless...
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    FS/FT ATI/Creative/WOW/6800GT you have a PCI-E 68GT that you wanna add $5 for a 68U, and you're looking for another 6800GT???? :confused:
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    FS: Gigabyte X850XT retail Brand NEW

    Edited -stress Nice price since GB cards are usually more expensive than Sapphire and ATi. ;)
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    FS: CoolerMaster Stacker case

    He listed as sold on another forum. ;)
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    FS: Geforce 6800 and Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra-939

    non-free e-mail ;)
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    FS: World of Warcraft Collectors Edition (no extras) - $50 Shipped

    Thats is correct but he said hes including the CDS which is the game itself, if not hten yes it will be locked Non-free e-mail (ie gmail not accepted)......And.... (8) Selling or Trading of CD-KEY(s) without the original disks is strictly prohibited. So I'm not sure by keeping the DVD...
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    FS: Creative Zen Touch 20gb

    non free e-mail btw. ;)
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    FS: Hlaf-Life 2 Collector's Edition.

    He IS a moron......but only for not reading the RULES. But then so are you, who's crapping someone's thread. ;)
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    WTS: Motorola v600 GSM and Motorola mpx220 GSM

    3rd dibs if the two deals above fall through.
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    ot: shipping computer parts from HK to USA?

    That's why importing/exporting ain't the easiest business to be in. ;)
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    ot: shipping computer parts from HK to USA?

    buy a plane ticket, and fly them over. :p
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    WTB Lian LI PC75 HDD Rack With a PC75, u should have plenty of 5.25" bays, this one takes up two, comes with 80mm fan, and ONLY $17. Last time I saw the Lian-Li internal rack, it cost $50. If you're on the cheaper side, u can get this...
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    non-free email - food for thought

    1. Those threads are consistently being deleted/locked now. 2. You get spammed on free and non-free e-mail, what's the point. 3. u confirm it's their e-mail by e-mailing it.....much like how you check for ebay references to make sure the acct is theirs 4. Mods are full time here to clean up...
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    FS: 2x512 PDP TCCD

    Mods don't have the time to respond to EVERY violation on the forum, especially for those who didn't read the rules. ;)
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    FS: Sony GDM-FW900 24'' Monitor

    Just carry the monitor and say....."Honey, will you marry me? And you better decide fast cuz this 24" is killing my back." :D And congrads.
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    FS: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard - BRAND NEW - NEVER OPENED

    His heatware has e-mail: ;)
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    FS: World of Warcraft

    You should mention how long you've played it for since the FREE trial does expire. ;)
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    FS / Crucial Ballistix 3200 / 1 Gig / Good Price

    For ram, it cost $10-13USD from Cali to Toronto with USPS and UPS. Unless you decide to put the ram in a HUGE box. :p
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    FS: eVGA 6800 ULTRA agp NEW!!!

    isp/edu e-mail before thread gets closed. ;)
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    FS: 3x X850XTPE's, $790 + Shipping EACH

    you need to post ISP e-mail before you get ur thread locked, and banned. ;)
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    64 3200 winni / Neo2 Plat / monitor- SYSTEM For Trade/Sale

    you need to post a price if you're looking to sell. and yeah, the non-free e-mail address. ;)
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    FS: X800 Pro & A64 3200

    It's 2Ghz w/ 1MB L2 cache, so it's a Clawhammer CG Stepping. Low end Winchester only has 512kb cache. ;)
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    Pocket Rocket