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    FoxPro v2.5 + "allt()"

    Hello all, I have been tasked with converting an old FoxPro v2.5 program to Java. Having ZERO exposure to FoxPro up until now, I have to get a handle on the very basics first. For anyone who has seen FoxPro before, what does the "allt([STRING_VALUE])" actually do? I can't seem to find...
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    Solution for those expensive cables. (Component, Composite)

    Hey everyone, I don't know if you have heard about this or not but Kevin Rose from the old Screen Savers on Tech TV has spun off and started his own show called Systm ( On the latest show he has a broadcast engineer walk through the steps of making your own high quality...
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    ? for ppl with newer dell LCDs

    For those of you with the 2001 and the 2005 or even the 19 inch models, do they have the ability to be mounted any other way than the included stand? By that I mean are there any built-in screw holes (or included mounting hardware) on the back that is designed to be used to mount the monitor...
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    cnn photochop??

    Is it just me or does the pic in this article look photochoped? And a bad one at that . . .
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    command line find/replace

    I don't do much DOS command line scripting so I figured someone here would know. What would the best way to parse a file looking for a string and then replace it or delete it from the file? Example: So if I was looking to replace the string "HELLO" with "GOODBYE" from a file with the...
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    Thoroughbred & Thorton cores

    I am in the market for a new processor and am eyeballing the 2400+. (I have to have the 266 FSB) At least on newegg's site they have them listed with two different cores. The "Thoroughbred" & the "Thorton". What is the differences because I don't see anything in thier explanations.
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    9700 pro shim

    I just took off the heatsink on my 9700 pro and first of all it was using the dreaded thermal pad. It was pretty ugly. so after a little bit of scraping and cleanding I had the pad off and a good thin layer of AS on the die. I did notice that there was a factory installed shim around the...
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    This better not be anything obvious

    Ok, I've been experiencing some wierd stuff. First off, I will start out with my specs: 1.4 Athlon T-Bird 512 MB of Crucial PC2100 DDR (2x256 ECC Registered DIMMs) Abit KG7-RAID Enermax 350 Watt Power supply 8x4x32 Plextor CDR-W drive (Secondary Master) IBM 40 Gig Deskstar HD (Primary...
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    Abit KG7-RAID northbridge

    A while back when the kg7 boards were new, I had heard of there being a problem with either the northbridge chipsets being concave or the stock heatsink being concave. I can't remember which it was. I recently had my northbridge fan start making some noise so I just took the whole thing off...