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    Does gaming off a USB3 SSD impact CPU?

    Hello. I just want to say that my assumption on this is that any performance impact is negligible, however I am not positive, and a google search result shockingly gave me no firm information. A good External USB 3 SSD (such as the Samsung T3 -...
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    Is it possible to use a Bluetooth speaker as a main PC / Gaming speaker?

    I was thinking of getting one of those Bluetooth speakers (such as the Bose Sound-link mini series) for use as a speaker for my PC. It would be convenient, as it would allow other devices to connect to it as well as the computer itself for a easy to use and centralized sound area. My concern...
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    Any reason to avoid the Nexus 5?

    The Nexus 5 doesn't appear to be sold anywhere anymore, but Im assuming its still a good hardware, properly supported phone, correct? My brother needs a new phone (he has a first generation Moto G and its having performance degradation issues, plus he would really like a better camera) and...
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    WTS - Zotac Geforce 660ti 2GB

    WTS my Zotac Geforce 660ti GPU. It is the same model linked below: I would like to sell it as I hope to upgrade to a Geforce 970 and no longer have a need for this GPU. The card is a little over 2 years old, and out of...
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    WTS - 660TI 2GB $100 shipped

    Product link: Card is in great condition, no issues. It is BIOS flashed to have its stock speeds equal its boost speeds. I have not had issues with the card, I am looking to sell it to upgrade to a GTX 970. Pictures...
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    WTS - Yoga 2 Pro (I7, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM)

    Yoga 2 Pro ive owned since last year. This is the i7 version with a full 256gb SSD drive and 8GB ram. My wife recently decided she wanted to try to make iOS apps and therefore I needed to get a Macbook. The Yoga itself is fine. There are some scuffs and scratches on the OUTSIDE shell of...
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    Broadwell K get a new chipset, or is Z97 it till Skylake?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Z97 will be broadwell K's launch chipset or if Broadwell will launch with a new chipset. I seem to find many people in the forums saying that Broadwell will def get its own chipset at launch, but then I see others saying we wont see another chipset until...
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    Warm - 2x4GB ddr3-2400 Cas 10 Usually this speed/Cas is around $95 or so from what I have seen, so this is a decent price if your looking for ram. Edit: And I forgot the price in title. Sorry about that. Cant edit the title. Price is $75 w/free shipping.
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    Corsair TX 750M good PSU

    I notice Microcenter has the Corsair TX Series TX750M for $69.99, which is by a large margin cheaper than any other place I can find. In fact, its cheaper than CX600M, which from my understanding is their "cheaper" PSU line. So, pardon my ignorance, is there something im missing here, or is...
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    Devils Canyon i7-4790K $279.99 Microcenter pre-order

    If you live close, this is the best your likely to find for a long time.
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    FS: Macbook Air 13in Late 2010.

    For Sale - used 13inch Macbook Air late 2010. 1.86 Core 2 Duo 128GB SSD Nvidia 320M 2GB DDR3 It has some wear and tear on the metal (though the screen is in good condition). Fully working. Please see pictures. Message me if you have any questions...
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    Looking for good pre-built SFF builder

    Hey Guys. Looking to upgrade my PC and im trying to just find a decent pre-built supplier I can work with. I dont mind paying a small premium for a build thats all ready for me when I recieve it :) So far I have found the IBuyPower Revolt System:
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    LFT - my PS4 Launch Edition for your Xbox One Day 1

    I have a PS4 launch edition ordered. My wife, for whatever reason, really wants to play with Kinect, and since I have a pretty good PC I dont feel too bad about getting the Xbox. Ill pay the 100 dollar price difference so its just a straight up trade, if anyone is interested.
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    Anyone heard anything about a Haswell based Surface Pro?

    I am VERY tempted to get a Surface Pro, however it seems like a Haswell variant would be a very large improvement. I hear the battery life is one of the bigger issues with the Tablet, and Haswell would hopefully improve that a lot, and the better graphics are of interest to me. I need a...
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    3DS Owners - Do you use the 3D at all?

    Some friends and I were talking about the 3DS (we have various originals and XL's) and I realized that none of us - NONE of us - use the 3D at all. I always assumed it was just me that left it off, but apparently its a very common thing with my friends. So im curious, are we a anomaly or is...
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    WTB AT&T Galaxy S 3 (any color)

    Needs to be in decent condition. No cracks on screen or anything like that. Looking to pay $350 + shipping. Dont care about original box or anything like that. Must be totally clean and able to be active on a account.
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    Brand new not used HTC FIRST FS

    Asking $300 + 12.95 flat rate shipping (USPS flat rate box). I won a HTC First during a promotional giveaway, and I have no use for it. I currently have an iPhone 5, and am a Verizon customer beyond that, so its not really use able by me in any way. Totally new in box, never opened. No...
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    Does Chase mobile app work with a jailbroken iphone?

    I heard some banking apps get blocked (by the app creators) when running on a jailbroken phone - this is a deal breaker for me if Chase is the same. Does anyone happen to know quick? Google wasnt as helpful as usual.
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    Does anyone else game with post processing ON?

    I have an LG TV I always hear that I should play with game mode on as this turns off all postprocessing effects, however I find Standard Mode properly calibrated with interpolation on produces an image that is color saturated well and makes all games look as though they're running at 60 frames...
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    Sub $120 monitor?

    Dont get me wrong guys, I realize it wont be a stunning display for the price, but its for a family member who needs one and i would like them to get the best they can for the cash. Do you guys have any recommendations for the price? Size doesn't much matter (im not expecting bigger than 20"...
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    FS: iPhone 4 AT&T GSM (clean)

    Asking $200 shipped or best offer. Screen is flawless, there are a few tiny scratches on the back side. No hardware issues at all. Upgraded to iPhone 5.
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    FS: Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI_E

    Looking to sell. Its been working fine, but Im moving to a new audio setup and I dont need the card for my PC anymore. This card fully supports Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect. Looking for $50 shipped OBO. Heatware is Cali3350.
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    Just got a free Zotac 660Ti and BIOS question

    Its the non AMP edition, running reference clocks. As far as I can tell the only difference between the AMP edition and the normal edition is clocks (PCB itself seems the same). Is it relatively safe to just go ahead and flash the AMP bios (its a pretty hefty overclock) or is there a redflag I...
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    Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus FS

    Looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5, I prefer iOS. The phone works beautifully, though there are some cosmetic scratches on the phone. Screen is fine, and everything works as it should. I will provide pictures upon requests. Bootloader is unlocked and currently is running JellyBean...
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    Unlimited LTE version iPhone 5 question

    If I buy a unsubsidized iPhone 5 from Apple, then bring it in to a Verizon store and tell them to activate this phone, I should not lose my Unlimited LTE as i wont be touching my contract. Is this correct? Want to replace my galaxy Nexus.
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    Fashionable Micro ATX Cases

    Hey guys, sorry to make a thread outright asking for a recommendation, but here I am. I am helping a good friend set up a small business and I am taking care of the technical stuff. She has a relatively small area (its a 2 person beauty salon) and needs a PC for accounting / scheduling. She...
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    FS - 2010 Macbook Pro 13"

    2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo 4Gb Ram Nvidia Geforce 320M The body has a few dents however both the screen and keyboard/palm-rest are in perfect condition. Heatware is Cali3350. I have sold multiple laptops before and have good feedback on the deals. Pics are available at the following Picassa web...
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    2010 13" Macbook Pro (320M chipset) $700 shipped

    Pics available upon request if anyone is interested. The screen is in perfect condition, the body is slightly knicked up but nothing bad at all. 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo and 4Gb of ram. $650 Shipped.
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    WTB X58 Micro ATX Board

    I need a Micro ATX mobo for a new build im doing. Needs to be X58 unfortunently as I already have the 930 sitting around and dont want a brand new build. Brand et all doesnt matter too much, though id like a board with no failings.
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    Need a Case that is great with Dust

    I am building a computer for a lab at my university. Its in the basement, lots of old rugs, dusty books, old equipment... there is gonna be a lot of dust. I need a case that literally has practically every hole covered with a dust protector. I was looking at the Corsair 550D but wasnt sure...
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    FS: GTX 470 w/ Zalman aftermarket cooler

    I have a GTX 470 with a Zalman aftermarket cooler attached: Been running it at 702 / 1808 for the last year or so, Furmark stress test temp never goes higher than 64C. Looking to sell it for ~175 OBO. Want to me a 7850. Edit: 64C is with fans...
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    Anyone have a review of a 1200mhz core 7850?

    I hear that when overclocked (which is very easy to do with the 7850) its performance is truly great, sometimes matching the GTX 580. Just looking for a review of some sort that might show this. I did some googling and didnt find much. Anyone have a good review?
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    WTB Radeon 7850

    Looking for around $220 shipped.
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    Old Adventure NES/SNES game about a family...

    You could choose the mother/father/sister or dog I think. The dog was immune to everything, so could explore anywhere, but couldnt attach or retrieve anything. The other people had specific shticks to them to get them going (like father was strongest, sister jumped best etc or something along...
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    WTB - Sound card with Dolby Digital Live!

    Need Dolby Digital Live for a new setup. I dont really care what sound card it is as long as it has capability for this and works on Windows 7. Doesnt have to be the cheapest card in existence either, Ill consider all cards. Price will vary depending on the card offered :)
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    Is there a hdmi TO hdmi + toslink adapter?

    Essentially I have everything in my house (consoles, cable box, tv, computer, etc) hooked into a amplifier + speaker system that then sends the video to my tv via a hdmi out (it ONLY has 1 HDMI out port, everything else is input). I just got some turtle beach PX5's, and would like to hook them...
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    Cheapest way to get Dolby Digital Live! ?

    I am hooking up a new HTPC and just realized my motherboard does not support Dolby Digital Live (EVGA X58 SLI). This would make my setup much easier, so any recommendations for a cheap but decent discreet card?
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    Are there any android phones with a MP3 experience that can match Apple?

    I really want to give one of the LTE verizon phones a try (id love to have LTE) but I am scared because when I had my samsung galaxy S I know that the music listening experience was vastly inferior to what I get on my iPhone. I could not control music via my headset (I couldnt even control...
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    Did AMD just forfeit its high end graphics division?

    Anand says it best: Did they throw in the towel? Are they only going to be focusing on embedded products moving forward? Im actually really frightened by all of this.
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    Looking for a comfortable wireless Mouse

    I need a comfortable wireless mouse that I can use in a business setting without looking like a ... fool :p It doesnt need to look professional, just not like a "GAMER TOY!!!!!!!!" as Logitech seems to always design their good wireless products. I will be doing some gaming on it, so good...