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    WTS/WTT 2x Haswell Combo's WTB Ryzen 1700/2700 ddr4

    I've got two haswell system's i'm looking to sell, would prefer as combos but am open to parting out if there is no love for the combo game. Both combo's have cooler master hyper TX3's on them currently and they stay nice and cool, can include if desired. 1. Mini itx i7: 4770k gigabyte...
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    [FS/T] 3x EVGA GTX 1080Ti SC Black Editions

    All are sold sorry to those that missed out. Thanks for the interest and sorry for any late replies, I forgot to put down I work 3rd shift! For sale are 3x EVGA GTX 1080Ti SC Black Editions, they are in immaculate condition with original boxes and accessories. Cards were purchased 12/26/2017...
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    Python: How do I do this?

    I'm making a python dnd character sheet thing to try to learn python but I've run into an issue that I can't figure out. for x in usernamelist] user = Query() class MyApplication(npyscreen.NPSAppManaged): def onStart(self): self.addForm("MAIN", startscreen, name = "Welcome!") #if...
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    FS Mining PC: 6x 1060 3GB

    This is a friends rig I helped setup and currently manage. Cards, motherboard, risers, the apevia psu, and the CPU were purchased in December. Other parts were spares. Asking $2k for entire system. You pay shipping if fiat, free shipping if crypto. There is no case included, I mounted...
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    WTS: Ryzen 5 1600

    WTS Ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler. Looking for $165 shipped OBO. The box has been opened to verify everything is in it but it has never been used. A buddy ordered it in anticipation of building a new rig around it, ended up grabbing a pre-built system and has this left over. Paypal/crypto...
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    FS: 6x EVGA 1080 Ti SC GAMING Black Edition

    ALL SPOKEN FOR $1300 shipped ea OBO Buy more than 1 and we'll work out a discount. Can ship express/overnight for actual cost. heatware under lilfiend paypal/crypto/gwallet accepted I know the prices are high for these. If you think they're too high PM me an offer. Worst I can say is no.
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    WTS .02 BTC for USD

    Want to sell .02 BTC, network fee is ~$8 (.001BTC), you either cover that or I can convert to almost any other altcoin and I'll waive the fee. Price in USD will vary with BTC price (based off price on bitcoinwisdom) Currently its worth ~$154 Asking $140 + fee (if transferred in BTC) Paypal...
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    WTS 0.025 BTC for USD $10 off!

    Looking to sell 0.025 BTC for usd. I'll cover fee's so you'll get 0.025 BTC. Google wallet and Paypal are acceptable. Paypal is only for members with high heat and/or that have been around for quite a while, this is because its so easy to get the BTC and chargeback on paypal, don't take it...
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    [WTS] The I just got fired sale!

    Got fired right after moving, need money but don't really want to sell my shit, but it is what it is. Everything is OBO unless stated otherwise. Make me an offer if you think pricing is too high, worst I can say is no! pics 6x 8tb Seagate Expansion External Hard Drives: $160/ea Shipped, buy...
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    Burstcoin mining pool for [H]

    I setup a burstcoin pool at for [H] users. I'm not announcing this server elsewhere to try to keep the eye of the ddos'ers off it. If they do catch on to it we should be fine since it's a dedicated server with ddos protection. The pool is a Lex pool and currently has 1% fees It...
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    WTB: Cheapest video card for Player Unknown

    I'm looking to get a cheap video card for a budget build for a friend. Can't spend much, looking to keep it around $50 but am willing to entertain options that are a bit more, so long as its at least a bit of a deal. Minimum system requirements for Player Unknown is a 660 2gb or a 7850 2gb but...
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    FS Water Cooled EVGA 980 SC 4GB & EVGA 670 FTW 2GB

    For sale is a couple of water cooled GPU's, I take paypal, google wallet, and bitcoin. Heatware is under lilfiend.
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    Wired chromecast alternative?

    I love the way the chromecast works but my wireless stutters just enough to annoy the crap out of me. Is there anything out there that functions the same but plugs into an ethernet port? If not I'm probably just going to go full htpc on it and give up with these low power streaming devices.
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    WTS Supermicro X7QCE 4x Xeon E7340 2.4ghz 48GB ram

    EDIT: PENDING!!! WTS my Supermicro 2U X7QCE 4x Xeon E7340 2.4ghz 48GB server for $250 OBO + actual shipping or local pickup. I live in NW OH near Defiance, I'm willing to drive some to meet/deliver. I have no idea what shipping would cost but it'd probably be steep as this thing is...
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    WTS/WTT Thread, Phones and more to come!

    All item's are OBO and I'm always open to trades! Worst I can say is no! WTS: Get all 2TB drives for $350 shipped and get the 1.5TB free! I accept paypal, bitcoin, or cash if you are near northwest OH. Heatware is under lilfiend.
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    WTS 2x AMD Radeon Gold Codes

    dead thread
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    WTB Battlefield 4 PC

    As the title says, looking to buy BF4 for the pc, physical media or just code, no real preference. Looking to spend around $25 all day. Heatware is under lilfiend, payment will be via paypal or btc, if btc it will only be after receiving the product and verifying that it works.
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    Moving Sale! Local Pickup Items for Everett/Seattle Area

    Most things listed here must go by 3/15/14 or they are going to goodwill for tax goodness or shoved into a closet until a later date. For Sale: LOCAL PICKUP ONLY 98201!!!
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    WTS/WTT 8x Antminer U1's 2GHS/Each 16GHS/Total

    Up for sale are 8x Antminer U1 USB miners, they are the same size/shape as the original ASICMINER Blocker Erupter's, but they mine at 2GH/s instead of 333mh/s. Stock these run at 1.6GHS @ 1.5w, they can be overclocked to 2.2GHS @ 3w (usb3.0 only) or 2GHS @ 2.5w, they are all currently hashing...
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    Swiftech 3/8 NTP to G1/4 adapter?

    I've got a couple swiftech rads with 3/8NTP fittings, I want to adapt them to G1/4 so they will work with my compression fittings. I bought some 3/8NTP to g1/4 adapters from koolance but their threading is too long and I cant screw them in all the way to my radiators. What does [H] recommend...
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    [FS/WTS] Verizon S3 + Otterbox Armor and 1.5TB HDD's

    For Sale: Please note everything is OBO! ***S3 IS SOLD!!!*** Heat under lilfiend, I accept paypal/amazon payments/BTC/LTC/FTC/[insert other active alt-coin here] Could be interested in trades also. looking for 280x
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    [Warm] Intel 530 240GB 2.5" SSD $160 Amazon Prime

    here Costs less than the 180GB model currently.
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    FS 1090T

    FS AMD 1090T 3.2ghz 125w 6 core AM3 CPU Used as CPU in file server/minecraft server with a noctua 92mm HS/F on it, kept ~45C under load. Asking SOLD **CPU only!** No HS/F included! Guaranteed no DOA, paypal/amazon payments accepted, heatware under lilfien
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    Hover Hound Interrupt Page Titled As NewZon

    The intercept to newegg asking to install hover hound is still titled as NewZon as seen here link to thread with newegg link i clicked through Just wanted to make sure [H] was aware of the oversight :)
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    Bluetooth Headphones

    I'm looking for a pair of decent bluetooth headphones, nothing that will break the bank but i don't want shit either, any recommendations? EDIT: to clarify i'm look at anything between $30 and $120ish, money is an issue for me just now so cheaper is nice but i do have a pair of bose ie2's and...
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    1090t Folding Woes

    I've got a 1090t that i've been trying to fold on for the past couple of days but its making less PPD on smp then my 2.2ghz c2d laptop. I had it overclocked to 3.7ghz but it wasn't stable enough for f@h, right now i've got it dialed back to stock but its just crawling. I've got windows 7...
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    Nameserver issues

    Hi, i'm trying to migrate from a plain old webhost to a vps running centos 6 x86 and while things seems to be working just fine i can't figure out my nameserver issues. is the report when i try to lookup my website idk if you need more information to be...
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    The Jupiter Cluster

    A few weeks ago a few buddies and I were having a little lan party and towards the end we starting talking about how nice it would be if we didn't have to bring all of our main computers to have a lan party, and thus the idea was born! The specs played down to this 4x amd e-350 apu's 4gb ddr3...
  29. L 50gb cloud storage Today only!

    if you signup for's free personal account and install the android application you get 50gb free cloud storage for life this is only valid for today as far as i know, i found the android application by searching for "box" in the android market (or google play, whatever it is now)
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    Drive Bender

    Drive bender is an application that takes multiple hard drives and turns them into a single mount point. It is very similar to the Drive Extender function that WHS originally had. It costs $40 for a home use license and in my opinion is worth it. It seems to have all the major functions of DE...
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    12v switching PSU to picopsu?

    Would a ac-dc (12v) switching powersupply like this: Work with 4 pico psu power supplies? 180w should be plenty for my use Pico psu's are dc-dc power supplies, input is 12v, i'm looking to...
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    Cisco Wic 1-dsu-t1 not interfacing with 1-dsu-t1-v2

    I've got three cisco 1721's and a 2610, two of the 1721's are 32f's, the other one is a bit older but is still the same model. The two cisco 1721 32f's have 1-dsu-t1-v2 wics in them, and the older 1721 has a 1-dsu-t1 wic in it. Now no matter how i have configured it the old t1 wic will not...
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    26 hours ago i installed c4d

    and this is whats come of it so far snipped because its all dead i need a job...
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    Will a Noctua NH-D14 fit on a Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard?

    Looking to build a sandy bridge computer but am worried that my heatsink (Noctua NH-D14) wont fit on the Asus Maximus IV z68. Year late edit: yes it does
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    HTC Hero CDMA and CyanogenMod

    I got a HTC Hero CDMA version a while back, it was slow and i didnt much fancy Sense. I rooted it not too long afterwards and put CyanogenMod 6 on it (at the time it was fresh from the oven). This allowed it to have Froyo on it, which is not supported, or wasnt afaik, on the hero. I used it for...
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    folding on ion says unstable machine?

    so ive been trying to fire up f@h on my ion (nvidia 9400m) and while i know its not going to give me loads of ppd every WU counts. the problem is that every time i start the client it downloads a WU, starts it, then shuts down the core and says unstable machine. this is quite annoying as the...
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    Folding on a netbook?

    I have my netbook running all the time plugged into the wall as a basic ftp server and was wondering if it would be worth the extra 2 watts or so to fold. its an atom n270 1.6ghz (overclocked 100% stable at 2008mhz) and has 2gb ram with a 40gb ssd in it. all it does is keep a routine backup of...
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    Which video card should i buy?

    taking the leap to ati, need to know which card to choose, i currently have a 9800gx2 and its not cutting it for me anymore. Heat and power consumption is an issue, dont want to dump $600 on a video card but am willing to pay for something good, preferably under $400 or so though. I do need it...
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    $1 domains till may 31, 2010

    $4 now, $1 is dead :( $4 domain name registration (not renewal) with the coupon "DOLLARDOMAIN" without quotes. just picked up a site and moved it to my own hosting no problem :D
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    mac adapter help needed

    i got a 24" mac cini display thing, with a dual core g4 mac, i know its dated but it was free, the screen uses a special dvi power and data connector, so only 1 wire, i need to find an adapter so i can use this screen on my current htpc as the mac cant handle 720p (no coreplayer as it has no ac3...