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    FS: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200w Power Supply

    I have a spare 1200w Thermaltake Tough Power Grand power supply with additional braided Thermaltake extender cables (24pin, 8pin, pci-express etc) laying around. The main 24pin is attached but the rest is modular. $100 shipped I accept PayPal Heatware: Nirad9er
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    Upgrade 7820x to 10900x?

    I've had the 7820x (@ 4.7ghz) for several years now and was wondering if the 10900x would be worth upgrading to. I'd overclock the 10900x of course (4.9ghz ?) I recently upgraded to the Asus ROG Strix XG438Q 43" 4K 120Hz monitor and I primarily game on the following types of games using a...
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    FS: 1TB Western Digital Black SN700 NVME M.2 SSD

    I just upgraded to a 2tb SSD so this drive is for sale. 1TB WD Black SN700 NVMe M.2 2280 SSD The WD Toolbox software still showed 99% life and the drive ran flawlessly. It's been securely erased. $110 shipped I accept PayPal Heatware: Nirad9er
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    FS: Netgear Nighthawk A7000 AC1900 Adapter

    I have this adapter laying around since I've been hardwired for a while. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 A7000 WiFi Adapter including base / stand. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi USB Adapter (A7000-10000S) $50 -> $45 shipped I...
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    FS: Power Supply, Radiator, Bits Power Pump Top

    I have a spare radiator, pump top, and power supply laying around after a recent build / case swap. I accept Paypal. Heatware: Nirad9er [ Power Supply ] 1200w Thermaltake Tough Power Grand power supply with additional braided Thermaltake extender cables (24pin, 8pin, pci-express etc) $110...
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    FS: 1200w power supplies

    Viceo Cards: My brother and I are moving away from SLI so we have 2 x reference 1080ti's with Heatkiller water blocks and back plates for sale. Original packaging and stock air cooler included. $old Power Supplies: My brother and I also have 2x Thermaltake Tough power Grand power supplies...
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    WTB: The Division 2 PC codes

    Hi I'm looking for (2) The Division 2 PC codes. I don't have AMD hardware so would need you to activate for me. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks
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    ≥32" 4k 144hz in 2019?

    Does anyone know what's on the horizon for ≥32" 4k 144hz monitors in 2019? I'm not getting 28" which is way too small for 4k and not paying $2k for gen1 garbage from Asus and Acer. Anything from Samsung, Dell, LG, BenQ etc? Thanks!
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ - $1450

    Seems like a good deal on this monitor considering it's normally $2000.
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    Slow file transfer 5Ghz Wifi

    I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting slow file transfer speeds from my NAS. I have a 1300mbps WIFI adaptor (Netgear A7000) and I'm running on 5Ghz. I confirmed my connection speed is indeed running at 1300mbps. Only my desktop is connected to the 5Ghz band. The TV's, Firestick/Roku is on...
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    FS: Water cooling galore!! Radiators, Fans, and D5 Pump Top

    I have a spare radiator, pump top, and power supply laying around after a recent build / case swap. I accept Paypal. Heatware: Nirad9er [ Power Supply ] 1200w Thermaltake Tough Power Grand power supply with additional braided Thermaltake extender cables (24pin, 8pin, pci-express etc) $120...
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    Downsize radiators for new Evolv X?

    So I have a Alphacool Nexxxos XT45 420mm and EK coolstream XE 360 both on push pull at around 1300rpm. This so cooling my 7820x (4.7ghz) and 1080ti SLI over clocked. This is in my Thermaltake View 71 but I really want to get the Evolv X which would force me to use my 420mm push pull and a 280...
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    LGA 2066 refresh soon?

    Is there a refresh coming soon for LGA 2066? Seems like the mainstream is getting all the love with the 6 core 8700k and now the 8 core 9700k. Not that I'm hurting with my 7820x but it would be nice to have something new to play with however I always have the option of a 7900x but I'm mainly a...
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    FS: Dell Venue 11 pro 7140 tablet - m5y10 4GB RAM 256GB SSD

    Hello I'm selling my Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 Windows 10 tablet. Comes with the Dell folio case, which also converts to a stand, as well as the Dell Stylus. Im selling since it doesnt get much use as I primarily use my desktop. The tablet is in good condition including the body and the screen...
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    AC router recommendation

    I have an AC1900 router and was considering an upgrade to an AC3200 for future proof and improved range, signal, and features. What's the best router around the $200-$250 price point? Netgear Nighthawk X6, Asus AC3100, Linksys WRT32x, D-link DIR-890L or other? Or should I keep my current...
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    Wifi Issues - Gaming Lag

    So I've been in the same apartment complex for 10 months with no wifi issues. I have an AC1900 router and adapter and the last couple days I've been getting bad lag in gaming and inconsistent internet speed. For example, playing a RTS strategy game, company of heroes 2, there is pausing and...
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    FS: Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 router, Asus AC1900 adapter

    Hello, I'm selling a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 router and an Asus USB AC1900 adapter. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Router model # R6900v2 $80 shipped Firmware updated to the latest Asus AC1900 adapter model # USB-AC68 $50 shipped Comes with USB cradle. I accept PayPal Heatware: nirad9er...
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    FS: SSD's - 1TB Sandisk X400 SSD, 1TB Samsung 960 EVO M.2

    I have a couple SSD's for sale. I upgraded to an M.2 so my 1TB Sandisk X400 is for sale. Also, I had bought a 1TB 960 EVO but ended up going with the WB Black instead. The 960 EVO is Brand New in Box (Sealed)! 1TB Sandisk X400 - $old About a year old. Sandisk Dashboard app said 99% life...
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    M.2 NVME not getting rated speed

    I just got a 1TB WD Black M.2 drive to try out which is rated at 3400/2800MB/s read and write. I cloned my drive and ran a benchmark with AS SSD benchmark and only get 2500MB/s read/write. I have 3 m.2 slots on my Gigabyte X299 gaming 7 motherboard and put it in the very bottom one. What...
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    FS: Verizon Galaxy S8+ with Extras (Mint)

    I just switched to a Pixel to try something different so my mint condition Verizon Galaxy S8+ is for sale. Comes with retail box and accessories Glass Screen Protector (Full Adhesive coverage, not a cheap version) 2 Caseology Cases Extra 64GB micro SD and reader. (Total 128GB) $525 shipped...
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    FS: Amcrest 1080p IP Security Camera

    I bought this security camera, used it for a week however no longer in need of it. I still have all the retail packaging and still looks brand new. $60 shipped firm (US only) I accept PayPal. Heatware: Nirad9er
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    Water cooling case recommendation

    So I currently have a Corsair 900D with a 480, 280, and 420mm radiator and I'm starting to not like the size. It's too big to fit under a desk and it's super heavy with everything in it. I realized this in a recent move plus everyone that comes over to my place is like WTF is that thing lol!? I...
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    FS: 4790K CPU/Mobo/RAM Combos, Corsair K70 Keyboard, 980TI waterblocks & more

    My brother and I just did some upgrades and have a lot of good stuff for sale. I accept Paypal All pricing includes shipping. Heatware: Nirad9er < CPU/Mobo/RAM Combos > Qty available: 0 Price: SOLD! 4790k - Will do 4.7 - 4.8Ghz depending on cooling. Gigabyte Z87x-UD5H Motherboard 16gb (2 x...
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    Skylake-X Post your overclocking results

    I wanted to start a thread for everyone to post their overclocking results and how they achieved it. I got my 7820x / Gigabyte Gaming 7 up and running last night and is currently under my custom water loop but haven't messed around with it yet. Could you please post your: Processor and...
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    Which would be better for gaming on x299?

    Which memory would be better for gaming on x299? DDR4 3200 CL 14-14-14-34 DDR4 3600 CL 17-18-18-38 DDR4 4000 CL 19-21-21-41 Thanks
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    X299 - 16gb or 32gb - DDR4 4000?

    Hi, I wanted to get everyone's opinion on RAM. I'm planning to upgrade to x299 / 7820x in the coming week and was wondering if 16gb (4x4gb) would be the best move right for primary gaming. I'm eye balling DDR4 4000 which is quite expensive so I'm limiting to 16gb or would it be better to drop to...
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    CPU Blocks for Thread ripper?

    Anyone heard of any news on CPU water blocks for Thread ripper? The CPU surface area IHS is so big it seems like any current water blocks wouldn't work.
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    New Ryzen Benchmarks?

    Could someone please post the latest Ryzen gaming benchmarks? When I google it, everything seems to be old stuff. Now that there has been lots of bios updates and improved memory speed, how is Ryzen looking for gaming? I'm looking to upgrade to something within the next month or so and wanted...
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    FS: 4 x 980Ti's / Blocks, Hard line fittings/tubing, EK CPU Blocks, XSPC Dual D5 Reservoirs

    My brother and I recently upgraded to 1080Ti's and also made some changes to our loops so we have a lot of water cooling stuff for sale. All prices are shipped within the U.S. I accept Paypal Heatware: Nirad9er Aquacomputer 980Ti Water Blocks (Reference) Qty available: 4 $65 shipped each...
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    My New Loop

    ust wanted to share my new loop in the 900D. I went from a dual pump / dual bay reservoir to a Bitspower dual pump and tube reservoir along with black chrome compression fittings and Corsair ML120/140 fans on top and bottom near side rad. I went with a red theme for LED's, pump covers, and...
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    1080Ti Water Blocks

    Where is everyone getting their Water Blocks for their 1080Ti? There seems be low inventory or out of stock on the popular blocks everywhere. What's up with the shortage? I'm looking for nickel plated aquacomputer or heatkiller.
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    Titan X / 1080Ti Water Block Stock

    Has anyone else noticed this but what's up with the stock of the Titan X / 1080Ti water blocks? All the online retailers are sold out of the heatkiller and aquacomputer blocks. (My preference) Is the demand that much higher than the supply? I've never really had this hard of a time getting my...
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    1080Ti SLI splurge

    So I snagged 2 1080ti's on the Nvidia website this morning. I'm running 1440p 144hz monitor and usually play all the latest AAA titles with max detail and high antialiasing. Considering this and playing games like BF1 (ultra with TAA), the Division, will play the new Mass Effect, and anything...
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    1080Ti voltage locked?

    I was curious if the 1080Ti is voltage locked meaning a BIOS flash can't unlock additional voltage to overclock more if cooling can support such as water cooling. If this is the case, then does it mean the custom AIB cards would have the same issue? If I got a 1080Ti and planned to water cool...
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    FS: Seagate 1TB / 2TB, NZXT Sentry Mixx 2 Fan Controller, 120mm Fans

    I have a bunch of stuff I'm looking to get rid of. I just changed out to some LED fans, a different fan controller, and a consolidated everything to a larger hard drive. I accept Paypal Heatware: Nirad9er [ Hard Drives ] I used these purely as storage drives and have worked great for the...
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    Seagate 3TB Slow Write Speeds, Drive Failing?

    So I have a Seagate 3TB Drive (ST3000DM001) for less than 2 years that I pulled from an Expansion external USB drive because the USB adaptor went bad (windows wouldn't detect the drive). I recently upgraded to a 6tb WD blue drive as my main storage / backup drive however (got it for $110 brand...
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    Vega 10 beats 1080ti in RRA GPU certification

    I actually just googled 1080ti and this article came up suggesting that the Vega 10 beat the 1080ti in the RRA GPU certification. I'm not sure what that means besides Vega 10 competing directly with 1080ti. Looking forward to both releases before I buy...
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    Acer Aspire E5-575 6200u, 8GB, 256SSD, 1080P $420

    Just picked up this laptop for the fiancé for Christmas. Deal is good until 12/17. Highlights 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5-6200U Dual-Core 8GB of DDR4 RAM 15.6" ComfyView Display FHD 1920 x 1080 Screen...
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    Laptop for the fiancé

    Looking for a laptop for my fiance for Christmas. Looking in the $400-500 or less with a 15" screen. She'll mainly use for internet browsing and work (teacher), but I'd use occasionally. I'd like the fastest possible for the money as she gets frustrated with slow computers (hence why she...
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    How long will Z170/LGA-1151 last? or go Skylake-X in 2H 2017?

    I was curious how long socket Z170/LGA-1151 socket will last? For example, say I upgraded now to z170 for sh*ts and gigs, how long would it support new processors before requiring another upgrade? Kaby lake -> Cannon Lake? so a couple years? or should I wait for an upgrade on the new...