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    So lost with VLC and iOS

    I have no idea what I am doing. I've had VLC for ages, and an iPhone since they first came out. I used to be able to highlight VLC as an app in iTunes and add files. When iTunes switched to "Music" it completely lost me. How do I add files to specific apps now? I really am that lost...
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    New house intranet wiring

    Going to build a 4000 square foot home, hopefully my last. What networking cabling should I use? I don't think I need fiber optic, and all the associated costs are high. So I'm thinking of cat6 or cat6e. Now I learned there is cat7 and cat8. Want wiring for this year and hopefully for...
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    Power Watch 2, Luxe Edition

    I don’t even know why I bought this watch. I wear automatics (self winding) watches. Any rate, I bought the watch on Indiegogo (like Kickstarter) and then paid for a couple of upgrades. I just want my investment back with shipping. I took of the shrink wrapping, in full anticipation of...
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    WTB Nintendo Switch console package (2)

    Looking to buy a couple of Nintendo Switches with games. Prefer excellent condition with boxes (but not having the box isn’t a deal breaker). However all accessories are needed. I have PayPal. EDIT: Wife wants an Oculus for the kids. No longer wants a Nintendo.
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    Looking for a new all-in-one printer

    I have an HP that’s dying slowly. I need to get a new one. Which major manufacture has the best IOS and OSX support? HP has gotten better, but the OSX and IOS programs “break” routinely. Any one satisfied with any other major brand IOS and OSX printer / scanner support?
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    SD cards and OSX

    I need to clone an SD card (Pi hole application). How do I do that with a 2018 MBP? Thanks.
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    Apple TV 4K vs Amazon 4K Fire Stick and Netflix

    This is by no means a scientific study, just an observation and I have questions. I live in the country and I have very limited bandwidth. Briefly, I have 2 DSL lines (load balanced, not bonded) and each line is about 5/1. Quite consistently, when I use the Apple TV 4K to watch Netflix, it...
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    Ubiquiti AP Pro reset

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’ve read online manual and still don’t know what I am doing. I have 2 Ubiquiti AP Pro and I never had a controller, just set them up via my computer. Recently I got a Raspberry Pi 4 and I want to make that the Unifi controller. I have that all set up and...
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    Virtually new MacBook Pro (June 2017) A1708

    Through a long and boring chain of events, I have a virtually new A1708 MBP. It has been opened and turned on and that’s about it. Of course I am listing it as used, but virtually blemish free. Because it hasn’t been handled. I am open to all sorts of payment options. PayPal is great and...
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    I need a 4G cell antenna

    This is for a static home set up. Way out in rural America. Antenna wired (300 feet) to modem. Currently I have a consumer grade antenna, and it really works. I’m wondering what a much larger antenna will be able to pull in. Are they available to peons like me? Are they legal? I cant find...
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    Gaming and upload speed in 2019

    How important is upload speed in 2019 using a console? Asking because mine is abysmal. I’m looking at getting a PlayStation.
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    Looking for specific and esoteric advice on an iPhone

    Our house hold has 1. 1 Gen 2 iPad Pro 2. 2 latest gen iPads (32GB) 3. 2 latest gen MBP 4. 2 iPhones Xs Max I have shitty internet speed at my location so I have 2 DSL lines and a single LTE modem feeding into a PepLink load balancing router, which then goes to Ubiquiti Pro AP. I've...
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    Bandwidth monitoring

    I don't know how to search for this. I don't have a very good internet connection and every little bit counts when I want to stream a show. How can I monitor what device is using bandwidth in real time and over 24 hours? Currently I have 2 DSL lines connected to a PepLink load balancing...
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    Xs Max issue.

    I’m on Verizon and it seems like I am restarting or restarting my connections (going airplane mode and then back) to keep connection. Heard of any prevalent issues, or just my phone?
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    Older Apple MBP, 2 iPhones, extras

    SOLD Selling my older Apple gear as a unit. I'm not interested in breaking it up, because I don't want to ship multiple times. I'm selling it ALL for $575, PayPal only. That includes shipping to the lower 48. After shipping and PayPal fees, I'd like to have a hair over $500 for the package...
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    How would I do this?

    i recently upgraded my phone and I have a 6 plus sitting here. My kids (3 and 5) have really old iPads. Cracked screens, out of memory, battery life is degrading, you get the idea. I’d like to give them my old phone to use in place of an iPad. No SIM, just WiFi. Financially it makes...
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    Lifetime Tivo Roamio Plus and 2 Tivo Minis

    I've owned a Tivo since 2007 and I absolutely love their devices. However, I finally moved to a location without cable TV (satellite only) and I will be here forever. At any rate its for sale. I have a Tivo Roamio Plus completely stock and 2 Tivo Minis. All three devices are lifetime...
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    VModa Crossfade Wireless headphones and extras

    Vmoda Crossfade Wireless headphones for sale. I bought these headphones to watch movies on my iPad (generally on the airplane). I don't use them anymore. I bought them used and the graphic on the side plate wasn't to my liking so I spray paint them. They can be easily replaced and / or...
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    VModa Crossfire Wireless headphones

    PayPal only and $80 to your door in the USA. I bought these used years ago and I have used them mainly for movie watching on my iPad and for airplanes. I don’t use them anymore. The side plates had a design I didn’t care for so I spray painted them black. A total of 4 plates are in the...
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    Laptops, energy savings and SSD

    Does putting an SSD drive to sleep help with energy savings? SSD or whatever built in thing Apple does. I know it really doesn't make much of a "start up" difference, I'm just curious. Nothing more. Since its still an option on new MacBooks.
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    New MBP coming today

    So I’m getting my new computer today, and the last time I got a new MBP was 2011. I want it set up very very similar to what I have right now, but I don’t want to use the migration tool. I feel like I am having certain software issues, and I don’t want to propogate them. Do you have any...
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    Logitech 900 (2) and Roku 3 for cheap

    I can’t bring myself to toss them without trying to sell them. Logitech 900 remotes. These are the ones with IR and RF. What you see in the pictures is what you’ll get. The batteries are 10 years old and work, just don’t expect it to be new. Roku 3 with remote. I was cutting zip...
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    Yamaha 483 receiver

    i don’t know much about this, not my forte. I would like the Bluetooth to be better. The receiver is located in a different room and it cuts out with my Bluetooth headphones. I would only use the receiver to transmit, never to transmit to the 483. It has an antenna, but I can find out...
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    What is this error message?

    My mother in law sent a picture of this. It comes up after she has been using the computer for a bit. I’ve updated it. I’ve run Sophos, no errors.
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    C2D Macbook Pro

    I have a very old C2D MBP that I would like to repurpose. Years and years of software shenanigans has resulted in so many software based issues. I'd like to start fresh install with it but I no longer have any disks. I have another MBP that I can use. The battery gave up the ghost last night...
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    Looking for new universal remote

    Please recommend a remote for me. TV is in one room and all the components are in a closet, that is in a different room. All wiring through the walls. So I need a IR remote to control the TV and an RF remote to control everything else (satellite, receiver and Apple TV). The latest Harmony...
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    Cisco switch and router question

    From the many questions I ask on this forum, you know that I'm not a pro or even a skilled amateur. So I have a Cisco 26 port switch and a PepLink load balancing router. I needed more ports so I got the Cisco. I have a single ethernet cable going from the router to the switch. What'll...
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    Ubiquiti UniFi AP Pro question

    Most likely a very stupid question for you guys in the business. I gotta ask it because I don't want to do this the hard way. I need to install a second Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Pro. The first one I installed is inside the house and in a very accessible location. The second one I need to...
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    Photos and movies

    I am not a power user at all. I have a MBP, iPad Pro, iPhone and Mac Mini (kinda useless) and a ton of pictures. Im the typical parent who had almost zero pictures before kids and now I have a lot. To the best I can, I'd like to arrange, delete some and make some movies that takes pictures...
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    Another what console should I get?

    long time PC gamer, no longer have the time and space for PC gaming. I’d like to get a console but don’t know which one. I’ll play with headphones on and on a 65 inch LG OLED HDR 4K TV. The kicker is, shit for internet speed. New house and internet access is quite bad 3-5 down and 1 up...
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    Stupid question about pictures on my iPhone

    I want to transfer all the pictures to my MBP and then delete all the pictures off my phone. I don’t want to lose any pictures. Everytime I click don’t synch pictures it says it’ll says something about replacing pictures. Blah blah blah. I just want all the pictures on my computer...
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    65 inch plasma tv in Phoenix AZ $300

    I’m moving. I have a 65 inch plasma TV that is ceiling mounted that I need to sell. It’s 1080p Panasonic. $300 Terms. 1. You bring your own media to test it. Currently nothing is hooked up to it. 2. You pay me cash after you test it. 3. You and your friends will unmount it and take...
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    Disconnects with VPN at work.

    I have to semi often reset my commercial VPN when I'm at work on my iPhone. iPhone 6 Plus. With the exact same settings I almost never have to reset the VPN on my iPad. It's the latest iPad Pro, but I didn't have to reset on my previous iPad either. I'm NOT logging on to the VPN with both...
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    iBooks. How to synchronize?

    Ive downloaded many pdf articles to iBooks. These are educational articles. Problem is I opened them in safari and immediately ported them to iBooks. I've done this on my iPhone and iPad, so now I have a huge mess. I'd like to organize them and have the same content on both devices. I'd...
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    4K gaming

    i just bought a 4k tv. I haven't had a console since the very first Xbox. Which console will do 4k better? Whixh one has more 4k games? Im having a terrible time finding 4k gaming in general. Having a PC hooked up is not an option.
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    Replacing a drive in Synology

    I really have looked for this and I'm coming up empty. How do I replace a drive in the Synology? I have enough space to remove the older and smaller drive. I don't need to immediately replace it (meaning I have enough storage). The article I found from Synology said locate the drive...
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    Connecting DSL to the home

    Another thread regarding new service out in TX. The technician in coming out on Thursday to run DSL to the house. I have called Century Link, but get transferred endlessly. At any rate, hope you guys can help. Its brand new construction, and no phone lines are in the house. It is wired with...
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    Terminating ethernet cables and testing

    This thread has to do with the other 2 threads I've made in this sub forum. I had the electrician prewire the ethernet cable through out the house. He didn't want to terminate the ends. Whatever, what's done is done. So what's the easiest and most reliable way for me to terminate the...
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    Getting a new iPad Pro. The larger size. Use restore?

    It's been so long since I've upgraded my iPad. How should I transition to the new iPad? Make a save and restore? Or start fresh? If I do start fresh, I know I'll have to do everything over. So starting fresh best be worth it. Opinions on this?
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    DSL modem

    are there any dsl modems that are like the quality of surf boards for cable? A dsl modem that's simply the best?