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  1. MGCJerry

    Itching to upgrade, but I know its a bad time and been awhile.

    I'm still rocking on my aging Intel 4790K (first Intel build since my last socket 7 intel build), but looking to go back to AMD this round (I dont have a brand loyalty). I've been looking around and seen lots of stuff that honestly seems pointless. When did boards get so bloated? The days of...
  2. MGCJerry

    WTB - RX460 passive cooler

    Looking for a compatible passive cooler for my MSI RX 460 so I can install it in a rackmount case. I don't have a heatwave, but I do have clean ebay/paypal accounts for over the last 12 years.
  3. MGCJerry

    [Video card Mod] Replacing pci-e power connector

    I've been wanting to put my computer build into a 3U rackmount case and everything will fit with the exception to my video card (RX 460). My pci-e power connector is on top edge of the card and this will prevent the build from fitting inside the case. It would fit in a 4U, but I have a 3U...
  4. MGCJerry

    4K TV & RX460 HDMI dropouts

    I have an old 23" i-INC 1080 monitor over DVI that ran fine for years on many machines but its backlight is flickering and needs to be replaced. Time to upgrade... So, lets go 4K... I have an MSI RX460 4GB card, and a new LG 43" UJ6300 4K tv I'm trying to use as a primary monitor over HDMI...
  5. MGCJerry

    Tips for working in a home cabinet..?

    This past weekend I bought a 42U cabinet for CHEAP ($150) off fleabay/craigslist (locally) to house all of my networking crap. Lets just say it juuuuuuuuust fits in a 2015 Kia Soul sideways with about 3' hanging out the back, and a 17 mile trip back home and lots of strange stares. :D The old...
  6. MGCJerry

    Browser loading slowly after LAN server change, but only for one machine

    As the title says; My browser loads slowly after LAN server change, but only for my machine. My VMs on my machine are fine as well. More information below. I had a server named "Hydra" ( which was my main web/development server. Running Server2k3 (32bit), Apache 2.2, Maria DB 10...
  7. MGCJerry

    Headless BlueIris server

    I've been wanting to setup a new security system for the house because of suspicious activity that's been going on for awhile now. I bought 2 HD IP cams, and have full intention of using Blue Iris software to manage the cameras... However, reading the requirements makes me question how well the...
  8. MGCJerry

    [server] Supermicro X7DCL & IPMI riser card?

    I have a supermicro X7DCL 1U based server with the following chassis CSE-813MTQ-350CB. The 1u case only has space for 1 riser card I currently have a flexible PCI riser for some weather monitoring hardware. However, it is a full height card, and it extends above the IPMI slot. The IPMI card is...
  9. MGCJerry

    XTM520 port forwarding (SNAT) problems

    UPDATE: Never mind... Found out what was going on. I'm using GRC "shields up" port test and the router was blocking GRC from doing its scan. I have added the GRC ip to the exclude addresses and everything seems to be fine now. I have acquired a Watchguard XTM 520 for a new router. Originally...
  10. MGCJerry

    Time to scratch the itch... Need a video card

    I'm currently using an old HD-67701 GB card. I have the itch to upgrade to something newer. Looking for a good bang for the buck that will last me Notes: • Windows 7 • i7-4790K (light OC socket 1150) • Gigabyte z97 board • 24GB RAM • 750w corsair PSU Limit: $250 [firm] Don't game with the...
  11. MGCJerry

    My small network

    Updated Diagram: June 4, 2017 & added picture While not as [H] as I used to be with 30+ old machines crunching seti classic my network is now smaller than what it used to be. But much more manageable. All my network stuff is in an old stereo stand and hardly picture worthy compared to...
  12. MGCJerry

    Put these in database, or keep as normal files?

    I used to run my homebrewed RPG using WebRPG/OpenRPG years ago. I also used to use PHP-Nuke for the gaming site and I saved all the resulting logs into the "Sections" system within PHP-Nuke. Which now begs the question... I have still have 80 or so html files that were created by OpenRPG and...
  13. MGCJerry

    Headset recommendations

    My old Creative Tactic 3D Sigma finally died. Sure, I could have fixed the enamel coated wiring *again* but that has gotten old after the nth repair and that flat wire is an *****ng nightmare to work with. After some good recommendations for my budget i7 build from [H], figure I cant go wrong...
  14. MGCJerry

    PHP & MariaDB based pageview stats best approach

    The place I used to post my code questions has degraded a lot, thus I'm going to try [H] and see how it goes. I've had lots of good advice from here. :) I've typically bounced my ideas off others for ideas to get an overall input of what others think. I've come from being a long time PHPNuke...
  15. MGCJerry

    Network switch schedule (Label)

    Being an electrician in a previous life, I kept copies of blank panel schedules (panel label chart) for me to write down what breakers control and leave it in the customer's panel. Now, I've spent probably the last half hour scouring google, bing, & yahoo looking for a switch port listing...
  16. MGCJerry

    Recommendation needed for analog capture card

    I have a couple old VHS tapes that I would like to pull the videos off. However these tapes are extremely *old* and I do expect them to break (I can splice tape, done it before). I'm told these 2 tapes are the only remaining recordings of a family member that died in 2002 and as her kid as...
  17. MGCJerry

    No nonsense firewall... & a rant.

    I've recently moved to windows 7, and the windows 7 firewall sucks as bad as the XP version did. No oversight at all. When I used XP I used the last version of Sygate Personal Firewall and it was great. No toolbars. Checked with *me* whether or not if something could talk over the wire. Didn't...
  18. MGCJerry

    Windows 7 not genuine. Then suddenly is. Thoughts?

    I've just installed a new copy of Windows 7 OEM onto my rebuild. Bought from Amazon. Sold and shipped from Amazon, paid a little more for what I thought would help eliminate getting crap. Arrived in sealed envelope, and sticker and all. I broke the seal and installed about the beginning of the...
  19. MGCJerry

    i7-4790K temp and programs. Who to believe?

    I just installed my new i7 4790K CPU onto my Gigabyte z97 board and found the temps high (as expected). Probably why they're "Devil's Canyon", as hot as his buttcrack after a Taco Bell binge. Anyway. I do have a liquid cooler (Apogee II) that is currently awaiting parts so for now I'm on the...
  20. MGCJerry

    Internal DVD drive for Aspire.

    My girlfriend recently bought an Acer Aspire V14 Touchscreen (Windows 8) from Best Buy. She was told the machine had an internal DVD drive. We have just now found that to be a lie when she wanted to watch DVD. I have a couple SATA DVD drives but they are too thick to fit into her machine so I...
  21. MGCJerry

    Need a new board & cpu. Whats hot and whats not?

    The machine I have now is a bust (about to reach 3 years old). I can't trust it to do anything important without locking up and being stupid. I'm at the end of my rope and this poor case has taken a literal beating. Wasted too many days and swapped most of the hardware (except mobo & cpu) as...
  22. MGCJerry

    Need help with older card, Sapphire 4870x2

    Go ahead and laugh, but I recently (3 days ago as of this post) built a AMD FX-8120 machine to replace the loud, hot & obnoxious DL360 rackmount server ive been using for the past year as my primary machine. Anyway, I had acquired a Sapphire HD4870x2 from a friend online several months ago...
  23. MGCJerry

    Looking for new video card [ATI] some questions

    I currently have a gForce 6600 and I extensively use the fullscreen video overlay on display 2 (s-video to my video mixer, then to my TV for video work). I bought a 9800GT last week only to find out nividia has removed the fullscreen overlay "feature" in the hardware as well as the drivers and...
  24. MGCJerry

    Need a new game, CoD4?

    Its been awhile since I've posted here, but I have a question for those in-the-know before I shell out $50 for a game. SupCom works great after manually installing the "XP only" XCat audio drivers and its been playing great for awhile.... But, I want to shoot and waste people... :D So, UT3...
  25. MGCJerry

    Sad performance with latest nivida drivers and/or cards

    I have this issue I have just been "dealing with" for quite some time now, and its getting old. Very old. There are 2 programs I used to use quite a lot and now, they are rendered almost completely useless by the latest craze of new hardware and bloated drivers. Lets start with the one...
  26. MGCJerry

    [experiment] liquid cooling to the next step using water cooling parts

    Been registered here for awhile but havent posted much. Stoopid, stupid, stupid idea.