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    ASUS STRIX 4090

    Any word on the embroidered pet casket edition?
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    Rare Apple-1 Computer Signed by Steve Wozniak Up for Auction

    We just went with the ton of wire wrapping...
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    Microcenter ESD mat exact fit for Harbor Freight's cheapest Workbench They just FIT. No trimming required. Like a conspiracy or something... Both are metric, 48" is only...
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    Frustrated Father Accidentally Takes Down Town's Internet

    Leave door off microwave. Aim slightly upwind of enemies. Let breeze do the rest.
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    ps2 converter for mechanical keyboard for nkey rollover?

    There is nothing to be found inside those PS/2 converters, all the magic (or not) is in the keyboard. Most USB keyboards retain fallback capability to PS/2 over USB, just so those converters can work. I've searched high and low for a PS/2 keyboard in good condition to connect with Pi Pico's...
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    Google replaced the White Noise on Nest speakers so people can't sleep

    I tried sleep once. Not for me...
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    Pi Pico now boots to MMBASIC I'm trying to hack a VGA cable with some resistors, as the latest beta theoretically supports. Thinking maybe I can stuff this all inside an old PS/2 keyboard. Without pins, its fairly small. By default or...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Another useless development, the "impossible" asynchronus XOR gate in 555... One input mixer simultaneously compares against different references with opposing results. References differ by about 1 vote. XOR ( A , B ) = AND ( MAJ3 ( A , B , 0 ) , MIN3 ( A , B , 1 ) ) THRS has been set just...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    The above plan was doomed. Because it allowed signal to propagate any time after reset, it doesn't hold back to one predictable forward step. Like syncronus if logic happens to tip one way, asynchronus the other. Yeah, completely broken. So what might fix this? Vote time (blue) should be...
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    I actually own a ratpad, but no clue where I've misplaced it. Also have a pair of huge cutting bords I was gonna rout, but got distracted. I know where those are stashed, looking at em right now.
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Back to Majority logic for a moment... No clue if this would actually work, only got 4 of these ICs in my junk drawer. Coincidentally, Digikey is running some sort of a most useless 555 challenge. I've got till Jan 10th to embarass myself, maybe not impossible. One very slow bit at a time here...
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    World's First "Warp Bubble" found by DARPA

    Warp bubble my eye! How would Darpa like a kick-fund-me for Ed Anger's buttache?
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    And I just had another useless revelation while staring too long at this damn borrow and magnitude chain. Invert: borrow in, borrow out, result out. Another way to mutate A-B to B-A when subtracting. Should work for other ALUs. As relates to my ALU: I've got two new subtraction functions to...
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    500TB in silica glass about the size of CD.

    Though a caption originally attatched to news photo said like 1.5GByte per 8.8mm square. How exactly that figures to 500TB? Best check the math, cause I only extrapolate 193GB from a 10cm square without gaps. Something about this article doesn't smell accurate...
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    8TB HDD completely unrecognizable by one machine, fine in others

    I had one like that, something about the external controller formatted unusual block sizes. Maybe this link explains?
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    An issue of all my prior drawings was the very thin chain of single pass gates driving cumulative fanout of inactive passages and XOR inputs. Capacitance multiplied by 16bit length could become a real problem. Main features of this drawing are parallel passages for the critical path. That won't...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Photo shows a mix of SSOP and TSOP parts on the front. For the moment, nothing but empty SOIC pads exist on back. Individual slices need some wires between those SOIC pads. Complete assembly might look like eight books on a DIP40 shelf. A floppy pigtail might bring in power better than rely on...
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    3dfx Making a Comeback?

    Proof of post #32 photofake: C46 appears twice at the far right edge. R43+R46 appear at least three times. C5242 is an NPN audio transistor. FakeStarz silkscreen at the bottom edge.
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    I found my old stash of 74S86 XORs. 5v, power hungry, faster than average, already DIP, won't need any adaptors. Fine for testing wether the plan gives correct math results. Speed of carry chain measurement won't be affected. 3relay will definately replace 5relay for the demo box with vintage...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    In you wonder how MUX logic evolves from relay logic: Keep in mind that Voltage difference across a coil performs XOR. Diode bridges aren't XOR, but to keep coils from throwing sparks. Though seems a waste to use only SPDT as the final full adder. Was more important to show same as possible...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Also reading about a strange MUX family that strengthens pass-logic by pulling up signals that are already over half. I dunno if thats a good idea or not, what keeps it from latching? One of these every byte or so might allow for a very long carry chain, but might also dumb things down to a...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Completely unchanged circuit, only better documented. 74AUC2G86 spec at 2nS per gate. A pair should be faster than 6nS 74CBT3251 they replaced. XOR XNOR are used by addition. Redundant NXOR' XOR' fix subtraction's inverted borrow. Same exact functions, slightly different control scheme. Only...
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    Malaysian authorities crush 1,069 crypto mining rigs with a steamroller

    Because a heat pump is superior use of limited power. Waste heat pumps in bonus heat from outside, even when outside is colder.
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Carry chain done. Flow is from top to bottom. Those beefy wires are scavenged from CAT5. Dunno what happened to my roll of blue Kynar, probably find it after I'm done. Kynar doesn't melt quite so easy or shrink back from where it was cut. This was an absolute mess, too tiny to get right...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Truth table side done and partially cleaned. These aren't gateless. I havn't forgot about gateless, just not what this is. FPGA do not offer transmission gates required for an instant pass-through carry chain. Header pins are way too thick for SOIC spacing, already tried. I have plenty of...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Just tried that. Wired columns are a disaster. Way too fiddly trying to hold it all straight. Even abusing the breadboard to hold the other end stationary. Need a stereo microscope and extra hands. Maybe if I superglued the chips together instead of relying entirely on tacky flux that runs...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Well, that sux. Even folded down to look like DIP, SOIC pins aren't long enough to touch the next chip underneath. What do I do to fix this? Sand bottoms and tops before bending? Or I gotta lay an actual wire down each connected column? Or I could put each on an adaptor board before stacking...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Might pile them up in stacks of four, something like this... Least significant bit on top, Most significant on bottom. Each pile would need a supporting pair of 74S86 quad XOR. Maybe later, a faster quartet of 74LVC2G86 or 74AUC2G86.
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    Malaysian authorities crush 1,069 crypto mining rigs with a steamroller

    Looks like antminers. Of no use to this world but mining bitcoin on misappropriated electricity. Would like to have salvaged the fans maybe. The supplies are 12V only.
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Ditching ALU MUX(A,B) capability, which there are several other ways to implement. This allows a greatly simplified control scheme. A single Manchester Carry chain is bent (by inverting B) to handle subtraction and magnitude. Chain wiring can happen all on one physical side of the SOIC package...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Lets talk decoding for a moment. How to reduce the number of control lines required? 4way multiplex allows lookup of 16 possible truths. Each representing a two input - one output logic function. Now I propose we separate two basic groups of those functions: The useful group and the weirdo...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Needs power, ground, decoder. Lights and switches not a priority. May skip decoding and let an arduino begin checking wether direct control even works. LSB is on the right. SUB was wired as the alternate chain, rather than ADD. Otherwise mostly per last posted drawing. Hope to piggybug at least...
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    Microchip Shortage Hits Auto Industry Too

    Speeduino doesn't quite seem ready yet, but will be nice some day to have open source ECU options.
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    240W Extended Power Range USB C

    BNC also a plenty cheap standard barrel... Survey says prolly no good beyond 500W. And thats not taking into account 50V limit might necessitate extra current. If its never going over 5A, BNC pin might handle that. Both ends should measure roughly the same voltage and exact same current. If...
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    Jeff Bezos to Shoot Himself Into Space

    And don't come back. 35,000+
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    Using sound to process radio. Not the usual other way round...

    Not saying Sandia used parametrons for latching superregenrative amplification. More likely a non-latching travelling parametric amplification that also mixes as it goes down the line. Maybe this technique that worked for Stanford...
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    Using sound to process radio. Not the usual other way round... Surface acoustic wave RF filters aren't new, but Sandia went way beyond and invented new tricks.
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    Spin hole spin! If absence of an electron can carry heat (as proven by the P blocks in a Peltier cooler), maybe could also carry information? A phonon of excited electrons around each hole may be the actual carrier. Sounds like someone got that hot mess to swirl.
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    Time Capsule: HardOCP Hardware Community Workshop Sponsored by Yamaha Multimedia. 12-20-2002

    Ian (not Anand) eventually does address electromigration. Only had to wait a decade or so... Maybe Anand didn't hear my question properly? I can't properly hear myself in that video. Went off on...
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    Time Capsule: HardOCP Hardware Community Workshop Sponsored by Yamaha Multimedia. 12-20-2002

    My fault for asking Anand a question that was over his head.