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    Anyone else got a 6700XT?

    Just seems hardly anyone has one or admits to having one. I have one! Yes I know when it came out people were like "where does it fit?" and later on that is still the case. But a lot of reviewers seem to forget that whilst it wasn't much of an upgrade from previous gen...for those of us on a...
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    WD RED SN700 NVMe for general use.

    Just wanted to rebuild my 5960X rig and when I do I can never be bothered to over write the existing SSD I just buy a new one. Thought I'd try something a little different so out came the 500GB Corsair MP510 and in went a 500GB WD RED SN700. Mainly designed to use in NAS boxes for cache...
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    iFi Nano iDSD Black label DAC/Headphone unit

    I wanted to upgrade the $30 Fiio Taishan DAC that was feeling my modded (the cheapy opamp in the amp section was upgraded to a OPA2777) Creative 2:1 speaker setup and maybe give a boost to headphone output too. Had some inheritance cash sloshing about so went looking for something interesting...
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    Opinion required to give up on Ryzen 3000/MSI X470 Gaming Pro

    Okay had a customer drop their new build into me yesterday. Its a Ryzen 3000 series CPU with approved Corsair ram and a MSI X470 Gaming Pro MB. It has a Nvidia 2060 too. It just keeps crashing and BSOD. Will crash/reboot during Windows installation/setup will crash once installed, will just...
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    Win10 PC shares accessible but doesnt appear in the Network List/Explorer

    Guys, Looking for some guidance here. Got a setup with around 6 laptops and PCs. All Windows 10. They all sit on the same wired network. 5 Machines appear on each others network page including all the printers and settop boxes/NAS etc. But one machine sees all the others but isn't seen by...
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    16GB Optane as Pagefile in AMD rig.

    Okay been wanting to try an Optane as a Pagefile SSD for a while. Managed to pick up a 16GB on Amazon for £18 this week. It's for my other half's rig and I had installed a 32GB Transcend M.2 SATA SSD in there. So how do they compare? Here is the 32GB Transcend - And the 16GB Optane -...
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    ADATA SX6000 NVME 128GB

    Picked one of these up for £43 last week. As gear usually goes £1 to $1 that's the equivalent of probably getting it for $43. I was looking for a small cheap SSD for cache and some software that creates a lot of small files etc. and this seemed a good buy. Fitted it into a ASUS PCI-e adapter...
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    Intel NIC settings...a tweak too far?

    Okay I've been using Intel NICs for ages. They work fine and have plenty of configuration settings. Now I like to tinker a little and I've gone through all the advanced settings switching them on and off, putting the buffers to max etc. Results seem to vary here and there. Plus I'm just not...
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    Which VPN?

    Okay so many lifetime offers on VPNs at the moment. So which ones are people using? What have you found? Good? Bad? Pushing your data where you don't want it? Keeping track? Ease of use?
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    What would I need to...

    ...get say a 25% improvement (at least) over my current CPU setup? I currently have a dual Xeon X5470 setup at 3.33GHz (8 real cores total). I picked it up real cheap and whilst it has plenty of straight line grunt it loses out in power efficiency and memory bandwidth (16 GB of DDR2 ECC). Not...
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    oops! Windows 10 Build 10074 now being a full update!

    Just now started getting a nag windows telling me that I can install preview a main system update on my 7 pro box! Not to reserve the full version but install the preview as an update (and not an optional update). We support guys will have a busy week next week! Not good.:mad:
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    Any Corsair reps? CMFSL3B-32GB USB3.0 stick

    I know some Corsair tech folks used to hang around here so I have a question regarding - Corsair CMFSL3B-32GB 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Voyager Slider Any reason why this USB3.0 stick is limited to 18MBps write speeds? Not very good is it? Read speeds are 80MBps which is fine for a stick of...
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    Anyone using ot tried EMET 3.0? I've been using it for the past 8 months or so with no apparent ill effect. In fact I've started to install it on customers builds to add that extra bit of protection. So far no issues. I find it strange that MS doesn't...
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    Raw RMA deal from OCZ?

    Got a 4GB kit of DDR3 1333 OCZ ram (the nice stuff with the fancy spreaders, not the standard stuff) that was purchased about two years ago when ram prices were crazy. The ram cost £85 ($136) at the time but one stick has now failed. I contacted OCZ due to the warranty and they apparently no...
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    Windows 8 font quality in Desktop mode

    Anyone noticed any differences with font quality in Desktop mode? We had a brief discussion on Metro mode but I wonder if anyone has anything unusual to report in Desktop?
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    Windows 8 - How are you using/configuring it?

    Okay now installed Windows 8 on one of my desktop machines. I've finally settled down with how I use it. In order to reduce the switching back and forth I've just added the Control Panel and System icons to the Taskbar (plus my other usual apps), switched any program defaults to the desktop...
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    Really bad font rendering in Metro!

    Fixed! Nothing to see here.
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    Windows 7 suddenly doesnt liek new drives but still likes old ones?

    Okay bit of an odd problem that I've never seen before. I have a eSATA docker that I use for scanning and fixing HDDs/SSDs on. Recently I have noticed that if I plug a new drive into the dock it doesn't detect and install. It doesnt get given a drive letter. It shows up in Drive Manager...
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    Wireless - Cant see them - One of those Doh! problems

    I'm sure this is one of those silly tick in a box moments but I've lost focus on this one. Basically I have my work PC connected to my network with a 300Mbps USB Wireless dongle. It works great, no problems. Connects every time and gives good throughput. It's all you could ever want...
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    I scored an XPS!

    They say the early bird..... I had to get up to meet a customer at 8am this morning for him to drop a laptop off with me. As I was going out I took the trash out to the binstore. Inside the binstore with a note stuck on it "for rubbish collection" was a PC. Hmm okay, but on closer...
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    Windows 8 helping me sell sell sell.

    Having tried Windows 8 and being quite unimpressed by it as a desktop/laptop user. I've been showing it to some of my customers that have yet to upgrade from XP. Just told them to have a 'play with the near future!" I then walk away for 15 minutes. I now have orders for Windows 7 machines...
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    Test results for cleaning the power before the PSU?

    I was wondering the the other day while looking at the test results for several PSUs with regards to noise/ripple on the power if running the mains supply through some form of mains filter before the PCs PSU would make any difference? For the past 6-7 years I've been running my main rig off of...
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    Man leaves AMD after doing very little for some time.
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    Lost video enhancements with 11.10

    Just installed the latest 11.10 drivers for the 6450 in my work PC. All the previous drivers have given me access to all the video options such as edge enhancement/De Noise and even the Steady video. They all worked fine. Now though all those options are greyed out and not able to...
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    DivX8 experience.

    Now before I get deluged with repsonses of "Man you dont want to be using DivX, you should use.........!" I just want to know if anyone has been using it and what the experience was. I dont care about other products, I am aware of them but I use this one. Thanks. I've paid for and used...
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    UK Xbox owners - Is Xbox Live value for money?

    Just a question for folks in the UK. I keep wondering whether to renew my yearly subscription and the more I look at Live the less I see. In the UK we have no - Netflix or any commercial movie streaming. No BBC iPlayer access, no 4OD no ITV catchup ability. I can pay an extra £15...
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    Your H50? Suck in or blow out?

    Just curious to know how folks are running their H50s. Does your suck air in or blow air out? You can just reply either - Suck in or Blow out
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    Blown it covered?

    My brothers PC is equipped with 4GB of Cosair DDR3 ram. Its been running fine since it was built about 2 months ago. However, he was using it a couple of days ago when what only can be described as a 'brown out' happend and the power dipped bigtime in the house. Since then the PC has been...
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    Office 2007 changes dont stick??

    Having an issue with Office 2007. Trying to get it to default to 2003 settings. I set new docs to use 2003 setup in the advanced menu and set 2003 mode as the default style but every time I restart 2007 it reverts back to 2007 settings for everything but the font. Is this a bug or a value...
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    Gigabit network terrible to variable performance.

    Chaps, I have the following setup - Two laptops, two PCs, QNAP NAS, NETGEAR Prosafe Gigabit switch, CAT6 cable all round. The laptops, PCs and NAS all have their ethernet ports set to gigabit and full 9k Jumbo frames. Trouble is the data transfer is awful. The highest I've ever got...
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    WMV video to a playable DVD

    Folks, Can any of you kindly advise me of a cheap or free way to turn a standard 30 minutes WMV movie file into a standard playable DVD that can just play in pretty much any DVD player? Seems to be a huge mass of options and apps but just really want to cut to the chase from folks that...
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    Windows 7 search..not as good as XP?

    Got an issue with a friend that is claiming Windows 7 serch doesnt find his documents like XP search could. He has all his word docs named after the date it was typed so a document would be called - April102009.doc Now he says with XP if he searched for a letter to a Mr Ryan he could...
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    DVD drive in laptop wont 'see' certain DVDs

    Just want to confirm my thoughts on a laptop DVD drive issue a friend has. The DVD drive in the laptop is a couple of years old. It will read 99.9% of DVDs just fine but certain ones (originals, not copies) it just doesnt see them so they dont even register under the DVD drive icon in My...
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    Modular Case to Motherboard plug.

    I mentioned this in another post re modular motherboards. Its been a bugbear of mine for years. I see motherboards nowadays come with highly advanced power regulation, efficient cooling, the lastest and greatest storage controllers, HD audio and video etc. etc. But what actually hooks this...
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    DVD Music Discs - No music

    Guys, Wonder if you can help with a wired situation my brother and I are having. My brother buys a lot of CDs and music DVD's. Anyway he phoned mw to say he tried playing one of his U2 Live in concert DVDs and he got no audio. He tried another musics DVD (a Bowie collection) and no audio...
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    I have the option...

    I have taken out an offer to get a computer through a Govt scheme which gives tax breaks. Now I have signed up for £900 worth of allowance (I can top it up with my own cash at the time too) which I pay back over 3 years. Essentailly I get to buy a laptop/PC without the large initial expense plus...
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    Good quality cooler...but easy to install?

    Wonder if any of you guys can help? Been wanting to upgrade my stock cooler for something a tad more efficient. Now I have a DFI NF4 and the problem is its all running nicely (though a little warm). Therefore, I don't want to have to take the system apart to install any backplates as that...