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    which raid will be faster

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    which raid will be faster

    2X 500gb 16mb cache 7200rpm or 4X 80gb 8mb cache 7200rpm Anyone?
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    temp and fan display

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    microphone help please

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    9800 Pro and 250WATT Power Supply

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    Whats wrong with this picture

    HOLY WHITE DOTS! The card idles at 70*.. The card shoots up to about 80* after 3 mins of play (which I think is normal)... I also get these dots even b4 it heats up to 80* at 71* I still have the issue..... the white dots also get worse as th e card heats.... what gives...? It mostly does it...
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    Just wondering...

    How much overclocking can an Athlon64 3200+ and an ATi 9600xt withstand with stock cooling on both? Just looking for rough estimates here. How much of an FPS increase am I looking at in a game like Battlefield 2 after OCing?
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    Computer won't boot up, just a black screen. Help very much appreciated

    When I overclocked my 3200+, it would shut down and i'd have to reset the BIOS. I finally came to the conclusion that the PSU couldn't handle the extra power (I think its 350W). I've been at stock settings for a little while and now I get a blue screen after my computer has been on for about...
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    laptop battery

    I set everything to the lowest, so my battery will last long, but when I put the monitor brightness at the max it doesn't look any different and when its put all the lowest monitor brightness it doesn't look any different either. I don't know if this battery setting thing is even working. Does...
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    change windows xp register name

    I bought a used computer and I just want to change the regieter name for windows, i went to, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows NT>CurrentVersion and i changed it to my name but the folder in C: documents and settings is still the old owners name. How else can i change it so that...
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    default media player won't open file types

    When I try to open a video set with window media player it always asks me what I would like to use to play this file type. I have told it over and over that i would and always would like to use windows media player for my default player, but it just wont remeber. The only video file type that...
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    delete usb content

    I removed this rio software a while ago, but now i noticed that everytime i use my usb it shows me this normal menu but the rio manager is still here, i went into safe mode and went to find file and searched rio and removed all the drivers and other rio files that were in windows. But i'm still...
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    local network help.

    You can see in the picture i'm sharing my photo folder to the network, but it doesn't show up in the local network, whats weird is if i search the entire network i can get to it, as shown in the 2nd image. How can i get it to show up in my local network. I edited my first post to explain...
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    operating system not found please help

    On my old computer when i go to start it up, i get the message "operating system not found" what could this be? I was told maybe a loose cable? I can get into the bios, and all the boot up set up so i know this pc is not doomed. I got to formating and it shuts down at 30%
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    x-fi extreme music :help:

    I passed all the diagnos test all my 5.1 speakers work fine, the sound comes from the correct spakers, but when any audio comes from my pc like windows start up/music/sound files/ nothing comes from the backs its not 5.1 sound. Games work but anything else doesn't. Everything is connected...
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    windows xp error sound

    I'm using my brothers computer and when I log on to the desktop, I hear the windows xp error sound, something must be crashing at start up or failing, how can I figure out whats making this sound go off and how to get rid of it? :) I have all the latest drivers. ASUS K8V SE DELUXE CORSAIR...
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    HELP!! I think I overclocked too much!

    I finally got my cpu to overclock. All was going good until I OC'ed too much. The system wouldn't let me get past the boot screen and told me to change the settings in BIOS. This is absolutely normal when I try to OC too much, so I went in a put it down about 3mhz. I restarted and now my monitor...
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    ATI SmartGart not letting me choose 8x AGP??

    Anytime I change the AGP Settings in SmartGart from Off (0x AGP) to 8x AGP, it asks me to restart. When I restart and go back into SmartGart, it is reset to 0x AGP. I set my AGP settings in BIOS to 4x/8x AGP (So you know, the options presented in BIOS are Off, 4x, and 4x/8x). System...
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    Problem with overclocking my Athlon64 3200+ --Extremely low OCing capability

    My specs: K8N Neo2 Platinum Athlon 64 3200+ Venice 1024mb pc2700 The problem is: I can only overclock an extremely tiny bit. I have the CPU Frequency at 207mhz, making my total speed 2070mhz. If I go any higher, it wont let me go past the inital load up screen in BIOS. It says "System...
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    LCD moire help!

    My LCD monitor moires, I use the VGA cord. I want to know if this is a graphic card or VGA cord. On dark backrounds like dark grey, I get wavy lines on my lcd monitor. I'm wondering what i can do to get rid of those waves.
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    Dual screens...

    How can i get my games on both screens?
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    log in error

    When i restart my computer it stops at the log in menu and my pc makes a beep sound and just stops there untill I click my log in name. I have my log in set so I never have to log in manualy. But now it stops at the log in menu and beeps. Why is this happening?
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    How can i hide these LCD cables?

    :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    sony vaio PCV-220 (need disk)

    i'm working on someones computer and they dont have the disk that the computer came with and i looked on sonys drivers page for PCV-220 thats the model of the sony vaio computer he has. But they dont have anything. I need the sound drivers and the ethernet drivers. But the web site doesn't...
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    deleting open with recommended progs

    is there a way to delete programs that i dont want to use for a file, i was trying to open a file yesterday and i coudn't figure out what to use and i clicked the wrong file and now its still in there, is there a way to delete it? i circled it in red.
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    mouse cursors

    my mouse cursors have a long line next time them it gets anoying when i'm typing and i have the writing curser on areas where i can type and this long line next to it. Anyone know why this is here?
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    two Network Connections

    Why do i have two Network Connections when i try to unistall the one 1394 host after a restart it just comes back. I never installed it and its always there how can i get rid of this with out it coming back all the time. It says on the location that its on VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host...
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    drive space question

    when i right click my C drive it says that i'm using 19.0 gig but when i open C drive and highlight all the folders and files in it, it says its only 16.6 gigs where are those extra 2.4 gigs that it says i'm using? And i dont have system restore on.
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    Which is the better CPU for the money/overclockability?

    Intel Pentium 4 2.53 Northwood 533MHz FSB 512KB L2 Cach or Intel Pentium 4 2.66 Northwood 533MHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache Is the 2.66 worth the extra $23 and will...
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    The map took about 3 weeks to make. There are some FPS issues in some places. They are fixed with AA being lowered. I hope you guys enjoy it. I wanna see it on some servers :P
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    What do you guys think of this cpu/mobo combo? Good OCing capabilities? Chaintech S1689 ULi Socket 939 ATX Motherboard AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Processor the price seems pretty good and the reviews for the motherboard seem fine, but when i click the processor, its no...
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    microphone help please

    i know my microphone works, i have all my settings set to high and still is not picking my voice or anything else good. Its picking it up as if it was on really low. I know its not the microphone because i went out and bought a brand new one for 30 bucks. It works on my other computer but not...
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    microphone help

    i'v been having a sound problem with my mic, seems like its having a hard time picking up what every it should be picking up. I set up all the microphone to the max and still wont pick my vioce up. I thought it was my mic so i just went out to buy a new one and its still not the mic. I don't...
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    start up sound

    when i turn on or restart my computer while windows is loading, at the windows logo part. My speakers go nuts and a huge buzzing sound and alot of bass comes from my sub. This is VERY anoying can someone help me or tell me why this is doing this?
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    crackling sound help

    this is really weird after my pc is on for a while like after i turn it back on from standby. My sound will be crackling when opening a file,program,website anything that uses cpu usage. Its more of a crackling sound like if i was moving around the plugs or something from the speakers. I know...
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    testing hardware program

    is there any program that can test my hardware to make sure they are still working the way they were when i first got them?
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    my sound card dying?

    i think my sound card is dying, i'm hearing a crackling noise in my music and videos any audio when doing anything on the pc, like searching the web opening a file, or anything thats loading.
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    static problem

    i have a static problem with my pc, when i come home somedays when i touch the case of the pc i get a static shock and the pc restarts, i know this is really bad and i want to know what i should do, my pc is on a carpet and i'm looking to get something to put it ontop of like a peace of wood or...
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    my pc restarts, mystery ???

    My pc will sometimes restart on its own when going to open the cd drive, this has happened to me 2 times and once to a friend when he tried to open the cd drive. Its not that we even touch the cd drive button, we are like just about to and the pc just restarts. I have no idea wth is going on...