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    BIOS maybe?

    Tried to replace the wife's Phenom chip with a Phenom II 940 BE, it went into an Asrock A780LM. Everything is on and spinning except there is no signal to the monitor. Stuck her old chip back in and it's working fine. Thought that maybe needs a BIOS update so I check the Asrock site. It said...
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    Palit, what???

    I often cruise the Newgg website just to see what they are offering and what people have to say about their products. Anyway, I don't know why but their sale on the 1GB Palit GeForce 210 GPU caught my eye, can't explain why because I have no need for a low end card. The card had 1 review with a...
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    Win 7 OEM Pricing

    So has anyone heard when MS is going to announce the pricing on OEM versions of Win 7?
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    I should have said no!

    About two months ago My Nephew's computer got infected with the dreaded antivirus xp 2009. Being the resident family geek he asked me to clean it up, which I did with the usual hassle connected with this bug. Anyway, I get a call yesterday, and his girlfriend family's laptop is infected with...
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    Newegg, Asus, and Me

    Just got a some ranting due to a bad MB. Got a bad Asus MB from the egg, left less than a glowing review and they didn't approve it, so again it seems like we are getting selective reviews from the egg - BIG SURPRISE! Also I know that it is common for resellers to expect the buyers to pay for...