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  1. rudy

    Grey - PBT DSA Profile Dye Sub key caps

    I have a full set of these that I pulled off a vortex race 3 keyboard. There are some extra colors to work with, you can see an example of they keyboard and color options to work with here. I would like $15 , the shipping...
  2. rudy

    3 port usb kvm with hot keys

    I am trying to find a kvm switch. Ideally I want to switch inputs fast with a foot pedal. I have a foot pedal that I can program to different keys. Big It now I need to find a usb kvm that can switch outputs by a keyboard hotkey.
  3. rudy

    FSFT Keyboards, mice, mouse pads

    $50 Gskill KM570 RGB mechanical keyboard with cherry mx speed (silver). $65 Corsair K70 RGB Cherry MX speed (silver) $10 Zowie Gear Large Gaming Mouse Pad (G-SR) $10 RGB MSI Clutch GM11 $25 Logitech G502 Hero RGB mouse Shipping is extra. Might trade plus minus cash for G pro...
  4. rudy

    Turn off laptop display to save GPU enable 2 other displays?

    I am wondering if this is possible, can I turn off the display on my laptop, then hook my laptop up to two other displays. And will this save any GPU load / increase FPS in games? I have recently had to purchase a laptop and theres just no good way to make this work on my desk, it's annoying...
  5. rudy

    Mouse pad surfaces?

    I am looking for some information or any places where there is alot of info about mouse pad surfaces. Specifically my problem is that it is extremely hard to choose mouse pads because their descriptions really dont tell you much. If there was anything close to descriptions of mouse pad surfaces...
  6. rudy

    Best cpu for apex legends.

    What is the best cpu for getting the highest fps in apex legends. I am fine with doing overclocking on unlocked cpus.
  7. rudy

    Install windows 10 without disk or usb?

    Is there any way to install windows 10 over the internet or off an installed ssd? I ask because it's getting to the point where none of my usb sticks work and the same for optical drives. And I literally never use any of these things anymore so I hate to even bother buying any disks or drives...
  8. rudy

    g502 lightspeed

    This mouse looks amazing, and let me tell you why. Many many years ago in the days of the MX mice like the 510 Logitech used to make mice that were wired and wireless and they were pretty much the same mouse. Except the wireless one was much heavier and no one would game with wireless due to...
  9. rudy

    An annoying downside to PC building.

    I am just throwing this out there for discussion. I personally find one of the most annoying parts of PC building is boxes. One of the great things about building your own computers is that most of the modular parts we buy come with a warranty that is better in itself than a prebuilt system...
  10. rudy

    WTT: Plants for Parts heatsink, fingerprint reader

    Yep this is an odd one. However if you may be interested in some rare tropical plants I have quite the collection. These plants are used in tropical vivariums or many can be grown as house plants. I use them with poison dart frogs and geckos. I am looking to trade someone for a nicer heat sink...
  11. rudy

    Music player

    So I had a good setup with onedrive and groove, I could drop my songs into a folder in onedrive, and groove would automatically detect them, I could build playlists and it would all sync seamlessly with my android phone. Now MS has shut down groove on android and I cant do that any more so I am...
  12. rudy

    Keyboard split between arrows and control?

    I am wondering if there are any keyboards that are split such that all the main keys are on one board and all the accessory keys to the left including arrow keys, delete, and numpad are on a separate board that can be moved out of the way. The idea is to have a compact keyboard for gaming and...
  13. rudy

    Biometrics in mice

    I am posting this in part as a hint and in part as a discussion. I would like to see more gaming mice, and one day nearly all of them ship with fingerprint readers. I think its a really good fit. Biometrics have finally become nearly universal in phones and the hardware to get it going is cheap...
  14. rudy

    USB sound card with unified mic and sound jack option

    I am wondering if I can find a USB sound card that is decent that allows you to plug in headphones that contain a microphone that are typically made for phones and for that sound card to be able to utilize the mic. I am trying to avoid those Y adapters that do something similar.
  15. rudy

    Amazon WD black 500 GB NVME SSD $170

    $170 This is the new one that trades blows with samsungs top consumer SSDs. It mark...
  16. rudy

    Cherry MX Speed RGB NKRO $63 In general its a good deal for any name brand cherry mx keyboard, at $63, throw in per key RGB lighting and its icing on the cake. Cherry MX speed switches are non tactile, and have a shorter travel targeted for gamers good for...
  17. rudy

    Cheap mechanical keyboard

    For a special someone that always spills stuff and ruins keyboards I am looking for a cheaper mechanical keyboard, just destroyed a k68 mx silent. Keys with similar feel and features to cherry mx, in order of desire Silent, Speed, Red, Brown Must be NKRO and compatible with cherry mx key caps...
  18. rudy

    windows 10 ultra slow boot

    I have a windows 10 machine running on a Z68 platform with a 2500k Windows runs fine and fast when its running. However boot it very slow. Right after the UEFI says loading OS it goes to a black screen (no cursor), this black screen sits around for about 60 seconds sometimes longer. I have...
  19. rudy

    Why are X58 cpus so expensive?

    I actually have a couple of old X58 motherboard and CPUs laying around and was going to put one up for sale on craigslist, I went to ebay and was flabbergasted to see that people had bid an i7 950 / mobo up to $100+15 shipping, I see people asking $200 for combos. Cant you just go buy a bottom...
  20. rudy

    Mechanical reccomendations

    I am looking for a couple RGB keyboards and there are a lot of options now and not a ton of clear ways to filter through all of them. I want the RGB that can be set to any color and preferably ones where the keys can be individually controlled. Also they must all have full NKRO 1 I would be...
  21. rudy

    Heatsink compatibility

    OK I bought an i5 8600k and I didn't realize that what appeared to be a retail cpu didn't come with a heatsink. So the question is, what heatsink standard are these CPUs using? Is there any possibility any of my 1366 socket or i5 2600k heatsinks will work? What other CPU sockets have compatible...
  22. rudy

    SMS, MMS, RCS cross platform use phone number

    Is there any decent ways to use do texting one windows 10 and android using my android phone number. Ideally the software would keep messages backed up online and accessible should all of my devices be destroyed. But I would settle for just a good client that would work on windows 10 and sync...
  23. rudy

    Virtual displays

    I am looking for what it is that one can use to divide up a monitor into virtual monitors for windows 10. Back in the day when eyefinity / surround hit the whole idea was GPUs are powerful enough to run multiple monitors so lets give games the ability to use them. At the time ultra high...
  24. rudy

    New case format for m.2 SSDs

    So over the years we have pretty much seen the need for optical drives diminish to nearly nothing. And hard drives have slowly shifted from 3.5 to 2.5 and now m.2 which just resides on the motherboard. So the question is are case makers designing a case format that works well for power users...
  25. rudy

    How to test SSD health

    I am looking for a free tool, I have a computer that is getting alot of errors that suggest either a virus is messing up files or the ssd is failing and pieces of data are being corrupted.
  26. rudy

    Lantern battery charger etc....

    I am looking for a light, like a lantern but any flashlight might work. I would like to know if anyone knows of such a product. I would like it to be chargeable via USB. So I could charge it with anything, like in the car with a cell phone charger, or even out camping with a solar charger...
  27. rudy

    Virtual machines

    Can you run your current license of windows in a VM, IE I want run a windows 10 vm inside windows 10 without paying for anything.
  28. rudy

    Silverstone LC13B case

    Black case $25 + Shipping Great HTPC case, but I no longer keep my HTPC in the HT room, its remote so I don't need an HTPC case. This case can fit full sized GPUs, and ATX motherboards. Which is the main reason I got it, no need for special ITX mobos.
  29. rudy

    RAM chaos

    Can anyone explain to me why windows can see ram is installed but cannot use it? I am using windows 10 with an X58 mobo it has 6 slots of ram. BIOS posts, windows loads, CPUZ always detects all the sticks of ram and windows shows all the ram is there in settings, system, about. However in most...
  30. rudy

    partail year domain registration.

    partial year domain registration. I have some domains which expire very close to the new year. With the holidays and all I hate managing them. Is there a way to extend or change the time at which you register? Basically it would be really nice if I could push the renewal off into February.
  31. rudy

    hybrid laptops with active digitizer

    I am wondering if I am missing anything. Been looking at the surface but cant get over the sealed battery, also the floppy keyboard is not that great. Are there any tablets with an active digitizer and a removable or pivotable keyboard. And how about a removable battery?
  32. rudy

    Windows 10 blurry text and scaling

    I cannot seem to get this right. Windows 10 x64 NVidia GTX780 If I try to increase the scaling on my 2560x1440 display to make it closer in size to my 1920x1080 display the text just gets blurry. What is most disturbing is that some text is very clear and others is junk, and the this...
  33. rudy

    x58 drivers for windows 10?

    I have an X58 evga mobo and I had upgraded to the preview of windows 10 from windows 7 with no problem. However at some point the system became stuck on an older build and did not continue to update. because I was busy I ignored it. However now I have tried to install windows 10 via USB key, the...
  34. rudy

    routerOS port forwarding.

    lol so I don't know whats wrong with me but I have been trying to get port forwarding working on routerOS and I cant do it. I want to run a Halflife server, I can run the server and people can connect through the LAN but no one can see it from the valve master servers outside the network. Like I...
  35. rudy

    is heatware dead?

    Its not that people don't use it but I have seen multiple people say they cannot sign up to create accounts, and it seems to be a major barrier to using it.
  36. rudy

    is heatware dead?

  37. rudy

    laptop choices 120hz, lightboost etc....

    What choices do I have no days for a laptop with a large screen, 120hz and lightboost. Probably going to look the 980M, not interested in SLI configurations.
  38. rudy

    Warranty and boxes

    You know what bothers me, how almost every warranty says they want the product back in the original box. I personally think a service companies should start making obvious is they don't care about the box. I am digging through my computer parts closet and realizing that 90% of my space isn't...
  39. rudy

    Broken keyboards and mice

    1 das keyboard cherry brown (some rust) 1 rosewill keyboard cherry red 1 rosewill keyboard cherry black 1 Logitech G9 mouse 1 Logitech G500 mouse all of these have something wrong with them and I had saved them to fix them but I just don't have the time. If you like fixing stuff I am...
  40. rudy

    Blue Snowball picking up keyboard.

    So I bought this microphone because I heard it had some setting that would let you focus the sound it caught and my goal was to set it somewhere and point it at my head so when I talk it picks it up. However I don't want it to hear my mechanical keyboard. Sadly nothing I have tried so far works...