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    Anyone know what Herman Miller chair this is?

    I'm looking for a decent chair for work from home without destroying my bank account. I came across this herman miller chair on craigslist for only $700. Anyone know anything about it? I like the looks but not sure about the ergonomics.
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    FS: GPUs (6600s), AM4 Coolers (Noctua NH-D15s etc) and DDR4 Memory (non-ECC)

    All GPUs were mined on. They aren't BIOS modded. All prices are shipped (unless you live somewhere weird). Payment via zelle or crypto (Last payment cleared in Paypal so I'll be closing my account). Let me know if you want to pay some other way. Payment after receipt is fine as long as you have...
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    Ryzen 7000 Series Efficiency

    I picked up a 7950x to do some testing with. With the node shrink I was hoping for something like 20% gains in efficiency vs ryzen 5000/3000 series CPUs. So far these are my results: Bottom line up front (Should I buy this for mining?): No System info: Motherboard: Asrock x670e Lightning...
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    FS: Xilinx C1100 FPGA

    I don't have any more use for this after tomorrow. It has been repasted and I can include a 3D printed fan shroud and high speed fan as well. $1200 shipped.
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    RTX 3080 ($800 - $180 in newegg credit = $620)

    I bought one of these from newegg awhile back, unfortunately before this deal came along; no perfume smell on mine either. Above-average construction quality & packaging with average cooling. VRAM temps aren't as high as some of my other cards while mining but I haven't done any stress...
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    FS: vega56 nano, ECC Registered DDR4 (4GB modules)

    I have the following for sale: 1.) Vega 56 nano. I bought this used and have had it in a server case mining, but it also works if you ziptie a highspeed fan to it. Does not include the OEM fan / shroud. $170 shipped Sold 2.) DDR4 Registered ECC Memory (2133MHz, 4GB Modules): $10/ea shipped I...
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    Yes, you can run over your GPU with a car

    Some of you might think a 5,000lb SUV running over something like a fragile GPU would destroy it, but fear not. You too can safely run your GPUs over to your heart's content and they (*may) not be any worse for wear. The story: I bought a GPU from NobleX13 and USPS decided to throw it in the...
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    RTX 3060TIs with Hynix v2 memory @ 65MH/s+

    You can identify these cards by the "6B" in the BIOS/memory details (ie. 94.04.6B.00.A0 = hynix v2 memory). I don't know if there are specific model numbers that help correspond to this (probably not), but one of my MSI 3060TIs has it. Best case, you can probably get around 65MH/s at 140W...
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    GTX 1xxx Series GPU Liquidation (1080TI), server cables

    ------Server Stuff------ I just tore apart and old server and don't need this stuff from it. It looked like everything is in good condition but I have no way to test it. Pics are in order of the numbering below: 1.) 2 meter mini-SAS cables - $10/each (10 on hand) 2.) Mellanox MC2206130-002...
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    5800X3D Hashrates

    I just picked one of these up at microcenter today for testing purposes. I have it running in my x470 gaming plus max motherboard using a beta BIOS and CL14 3200MHz memory with a stock wraith cooler. Preliminary testing at 85W PBO limit is: randomx: 8.7khash/s (about the same as my other 5800X)...
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    1U Cases
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    CPU Mining Builds (My adventure with Epycs)

    I thought I'd share my results of exploring sketchy ebay & alibaba listings in search of higher CPU hashrates in randomx at a low cost. (These results are basically the same for raptoreum except you can save money by using slower memory / less channels) I basically narrowed things down to a few...
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    WTB SAS Drives

    Anyone have some available? Looking for sizes around 6TB - 12TB, 3.5". I can fit two per server so maybe up to 6 total. I'm running an LSI 2308 controller so I think either 4kn or 512e will both work. Price target is about $10/TB. Trying to setup some fileservers in Raid 1 so I can stop messing...
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    Home network got hacked, investigating the cause/infection?

    So somehow my home network got hacked into and I'm looking for any ideas on how to track it down and determine what to do to fix things. Last year someone also got into my email and tried resetting passwords to various sites and I got IP blacklisted from a few sites for trying logins on them too...
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    Xilinx C1100 FPGA (ETH & KASPA)

    I just picked one of these up and wanted to do a write-up since I haven't heard much about them and info is kinda scarce. Pros: -Very efficient at mining ETH (on par with an A11 Pro ASIC roughly at around 1.25W / MH) -Can be reprogrammed for RVN, etc. algorithms -Open source bitstream from...
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    AMD Epyc 7601 Engineering Samples - $350

    7601 ES CPUs: $350 each (2 available, 32 cores each) These are 7001 series CPUs and work in my supermicro h11dsi motherboards. Currently installed so no pics, but the model number reported is: 2S1405A3VIHF4_28/14_N These run at 1.4GHz and I'm not sure if there's a way to overclock them...
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    Cheap budget office build

    I'm trying to put together a cheap build for a family friend that needs a computer suddenly. It would be primarily for office work but they have two teenagers that game on xbox and probably would want to game on PC. Trying to keep things around $500 or so excluding the cost of components I...
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    GPU Mining Cases (1300W PSU + Case + CPU/mobo combo) - $550

    Not my auction but I think this is a pretty good deal...
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    CPU Version of whattomine?

    Has anyone come across something like whattomine for cpu mining? The closest I've found is One thing I kinda like about it is you can input a hashrate in one algo and I guess get a rough estimate of other algos and a profitability estimate of different coins. Not...
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    How do you manage your IPMI etc. credentials?

    Thought I'd throw this out there to see if there's a better way to do things. I've slowly been getting into server hardware and it's a completely different world in terms of complexity. IPMI and remote troubleshooting and management features are great but just adds yet another layer of...
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    1U Power Supplies for Servers?

    Anyone have experience with small PSUs (mini-ITX / 1U form factor) with enough output for about 300-400W of CPU usage? It turns out there's a computer recycling warehouse down the street from me so I have a consistent supply of $40 servers. They're all generally fully functional but are ancient...
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    FS/Free: Old Server Parts, Pico PSUs

    Server Stuff ---------------- I just ordered a pallet of 1U and 2U servers to salvage the cases for better purposes. Everything so far is looks like it's in relatively good condition and was listed as passing basic checks when I bought it. I'll try to list some of the more interesting things...
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    WTB: Cheap DDR4 ECC RDIMMs

    Trying to spend less than $20/stick of RAM so I can populate all the slots on a couple server motherboards (16 slots in one motherboard, 8 in another). Let me know what you have and how much you have. Low capacity isn't a problem.
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    My Latest creation

    I thought I'd share this. I've been researching moving everything into server racks so airflow is easier to manage. My last test with a tesla s1070 system didn't really work out. I think it's possible but I've heard you need to have at least 1 of the original GPUs inserted for it to work...
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    Safe to run GPU without VRM heatsinks?

    Normally I wouldn't do this but I'm trying to test out a build using 1U and that doesn't leave a lot of room for GPUs. I have a semi-functional MSI vega 56 but I need to remove the cover and metal fan shroud that doubles as a heatsink for the misc. parts for proper airflow. The black metal part...
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    My GPU RMA Experiences this year

    Since I handle a lot of GPUs for my er... work, I thought I'd share my experiences here. So far I have purchased AMD and nVidia GPUs from most major manufacturers and submitted RMAs with the following: Powercolor (2 cards) ASUS (1 card) Gigabyte (1 card) MSI (3 cards) Zotac (1 card) Sapphire (1...
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    Poly network / BSC $600M+ Hack

    Poly is reporting someone just hacked them and stole a small bit of loose ETH from polygon & binance smart chain. Addresses in question:
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    WTB: AMD Epyc Motherboard (SP3) / 32 Core CPU

    I'm looking for a second 32 Core AMD Epyc CPU and a motherboard, dual CPU if possible (like supermicro's H11). Looking to spend no more than $400 on a single CPU motherboard and $500 for a dual-cpu motherboard. If you have engineering samples of stuff like the 7551 or even a 64 core I'd still...
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    FS: AMD Instinct MI25 GPUs, ASUS VG27AQ 27" Monitor

    All prices are shipped, accept paypal/crypto. 1.) Valve Index - $700 (SOLD) Full set (headset, base stations, controllers) in very good condition with original packaging. Haven't used it much since my room has been taken over by other things. Icludes retail box. 2.) 2 x AMD Instinct...
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    A more advanced ebay scam

    So apparently the mechanism of the scam is this: Scammer lists some cheap items to get real feedback. Then they start listing expensive items to scam people on. Once those items are purchased, they don't use an ebay provided label but make their own for your shipment and ship a junk item to a...
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    WTT: Threadripper 1950x Build for GPU

    I bought this as an experiment from someone here but it didn't work out (temps were too high). I'm looking for a GPU for mining so let me know what you might have. What I have for trade: AMD 1950x threadripper CPU (I don't have the orange plastic shroud or the mounting tool) Noctua NH-U9...
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    GPU Pricing Trends

    I stole this from reddit but for the past couple of months some user has estimated that GPU prices have decreased by about 20% per month. This matches up with what I think everyone is seeing in the market, but since then it looks like prices might be bottoming out for now and even going back up...
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    Supermicro X8DTE-F & Linux Mining Distros

    Awhile back people were recommending this board so I bought a few because they were ridiculously cheap. I've been able to get mine running but I'm having compatibility issues with HiveOS on the 5.4 linux kernel. According to the compatibility page it seems like I could possibly get this to work...
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    WTB 5-6 Ryzen 3xxx Series CPUs

    Models I'm interested in: 3600x 3700x 3900x 3950x Let me know what you have, my regular ebay supplier it out of cheap ryzens apparently. Coolers aren't needed but are always nice. Payment would be via paypal. If you need a GPU I might be willing to trade.
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    FS: GTX 1070s

    I have two GTX 1070s left for sale, $350 each shipped. Cards are a Dell OEM 1070 and an MSI Armor 1070. Payment via paypal/crypto. MSI is sold Dell is pending a local trade but it's a craigslist buyer so they might flake out.
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    FS: Innosilicon A4+ (DOGE/LTC Mining ASICs)

    I have 5 of these, tested and running the latest firmware (4/5 tested, testing the 5th once I get more PSUs). Setup is easy on these models since they're DHCP enabled and have an updated web interface. Fan noise isn't terrible because they throttle down to about 25% typically, but still not...
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    GTX 1080 for $480

    Price is relatively good in today's market, but look at the pictures. Never seen this much corrosion on a GPU before, lol.
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    WTB Ryzen 3600, 3700 etc. CPUs, DDR4 3600 Memory

    I'm looking at buying 4-5 Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. Preferably 3600 or 3700 ones, but I could stretch for a 3800 / 3900 series if the price is good enough. Also interested in DDR4 RAM if it's 3600MHz+ and <$80 / 16GB.
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    Weird Issues with semi-working RTX 3080

    Not sure what's wrong with this card so I was wondering if anyone had ideas. It's a Zotac OEM model RTX 3080 that looks like one of these kind of: Anyway, I took a risk and bought it used from someone who said it was broken...