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    New Laptop - Sager 5960

    I finally got my new beast in. Sager 5960 AMD turion x2 tl-56 proc 20.1" wide screen 2x go 7950gtx (sli) 2x 1gb corsair DDR2 667 2x 100gb 7200rpm hds (raid 0) First off, this thing is huge, over 15lbs by itself and has to be over 20lbs in the backpack with the power supply. This thing...
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    online TV/Movie downloads to the 360 sounds pretty cool so far, just hope the increase the library
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    gen-x-pc laptops?

    Ive been thinking about getting rid of my desktop and upgrading my laptop (all i ever use) and going with something like this is anyone familiar with gen-x-pc? I know this is the same model as the alienware mALX (although its $1500 cheaper) but, i have...
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    Oblivion - cant find low level mysticism spell

    My mysticism skill is less than 10 and i cant find anyone selling a low level mysticism spell that i can use to increase the ability. (i really dont want to wait another 5 levels of using trainers so i can start using soul trap to do it) So... can anyone tell me where there is someone selling...
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    Oblivion - Someone murdering in Skingrad-not me

    I just went back to skingrad to finish up a couple of quests and there is someone in the town running around murdering people (and its not me), ive found a couple of bodies laying in the road. and when i went into one of the inns (to get rid of the vampire hunters) i heard talking someone bumped...
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    Oblivion: increasing armor skills

    First a question, If you mix and match armor types, how do they level up? My char specializes in heavy armor, but I found a good light (or medium) armor piece that has the same armor value as a heavier orc piece but weighs a 3rd of it. Spoiler alert: how to easily increase armor skills...
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    Cisco possibly buying Nintendo? " Another possible acquisition candidate for Cisco is Nintendo, the No. 3 game console maker in the U.S. A stretch? Not really. Microsoft, which is emerging as a key competitor to Cisco in the home...
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    Xbox 360 availability?

    I have yet to see or hear of an actual store around me that has recieved a 2nd shipment nor do any admit to even knowing when they will receive a shipment. the local best buy states that they have never heard of anything happening on the 18th. gamestop where i have one reserved at and have a...
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    linksys 802.11b wifi notebook card 9.99 hurry get them while they last
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    Do games cheat?

    I'm wondering if games can cheat? Sometimes when im bored i play atomic cannon, its a re-hash of the old artillery game where you try to kill the ai tanks with your tanks. i usually play against 3-4 computer opponents, and when i start to win i swear they all gang up on me. they stop shooting...
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    Waterpath question

    My current setup is a DDC-12v pump, RBX cpu block and a Maze4 chipset. I just ordered a maze4 gpu block. My question is is there a large flow difference between the gpu and chipset block? if they are equal or if the chipset has a higher restriction, id like to have one output on the rbx go to...
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    WoW - highend solo content?

    Ive been getting bored with WoW lately, I dont have as much time to play it as during the winter months and now that my character is lvl60 and im finding it really hard to find anything that i can solo and still have fun because I usually dont have 3-4 hrs to do the highend raids. Is there any...
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    Chipset block + artic cooler?

    Is anyone watercooling thier chipset who is using an artic cooler for thier video card? If so what block are you using or did you modify the artic cooler? there is no way my maze4 will fit with the artic cooler so I just ordered a polar flow chipset cooler, but its still to big to use without...
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    X850xt + Artic Cooling + chipset water cooling

    Is anyone watercooling thier chipset who is using an artic cooler? If so what block are you using or did you modify the artic cooler? I just ordered a polar flow chipset cooler, but its still to big to use without cuting into the artic cooler, just wondering if anyone else has attempted this
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    ATI x850xt - yellow plug?

    What is the yellow plug for on the ati x850 used for? I looks like one of the sound cables would fit (type that attaches to cd drives), but i can find nothing in the book to say that is what it is or if it is something else. and if sound why on the vid card?
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    BattleField Vietnam Redux?

    Just saw this yesterday at the store, but i cant seem to find out much info about it (at work behind firewall). I know it has some of the patches in it, but is it also an expansion pack? I also know it has some packaged mods in it,but those are available for download for free i believe. Anyone...
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    K8N Neo2 platinum sata problems

    Has anyone found a fix for the Neo2 Platinum problems where it hangs at boot trying to detect the drives or not loads on certain channels? My system just died on me, system rebooted repeatedly at startup as soon as it started loading windows, safe mode would get to mup.sys(?) and reboot. So i...
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    WoW vs. EQ2

    This isnt a which one is better, but more of a "if they could" type of question. How would they fare against each other (ie. capcom vs snk, type thing). I dont know if it would match up more evenly going equal lvl vs lvl or equal hp vs hp. i would think that EQ2 would more favor the magic...
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    WoW - post your profile - more content/longer updates - less content/ more up to date I use wowrankings ( This is the best profile/ranking program that i have found as far as content goes, although...
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    WoW - AH rant

    This is just a rant about the ah in wow, three times over the weekend people pulled thier auctions on stuff i was bidding on when the time got down to short. One of those times i saw it reposted again by the same seller almost immediatly. Some of my guild mates have also said they have seen...
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    WoW - Why are Paladins KOS?

    Why is it that everytime a person playing a horde posts he says that paladins are kos? Im just curious as to why. Do you always lose at 1on1 fights against them but beat every other class? Is it that you really dont know what a paladin is? Heres the best link I could find that describes what...
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    WOW Duels, do you use potions

    I just fought a duel last night and lost by a hair, one hit either way would have done it. Then the guy says, "wow, that was tough, ive never had to use 4 potions before in a duel". Granted we were both palidins and our duels last alot longer but i always thought using potions during a duel was...
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    Danger Den DDC-12V anyone use it?

    The only thing left from my asetek waterchill is the hydor L20 pump and i think id like to replace it with the Danger Den DDC-12V, I know that madshrimps gave it a good review but id like to hear from someone who actually uses it. I also know that it has a lower flow rate than the L20 @700 LPH...
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    Personal file sharing/p2p/virtual network sotware

    Some friends and i are looking for some type of file sharing/p2p software where we can setup a virtual network of sorts. we want to be able to easily and securely share files and needs to be able to do this thru a firewall/authentication server. we dont want anything like emule, kazaa, etc...
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    Radiators: single 120mm or dual 80mm

    Ive been having trouble finding a case (relativly cheap) that i can mount my 120mm radiator in, but ive found lots of cases where i could mount a dual 80mm. what would the performance difference be? I know that a single 120 would outperform a dual 80 but by how much (actual #s) and im not...
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    WoW Paladin or Warrior help me decide

    Just got WoW and trying to decide on a character, either Paladin or Warrior (dont want to do 2 at the same time). So id like some input if i can get it on both of them from people who have played either or both. ie. pros/cons; strengths/weaknesses; best upgrade path; etc.. Wont have a chance...
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    Bad luck going Good

    Talk about bad luck going good, I just RMA'd my new system. Mobo, PSU and HD's (psu killed the drives but sent the mobo back before i figured out it was the new antec psu). tested the system for 12+ hrs w/just pump when i set it up. ran for 1+ week before the hds died. sent it all out last...
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    K8N NEO2 Plat, raid 0 dead?

    System was working good for 1+week, then i go to boot it today and it hangs right at the point where it looks for the hd. reboot, check all settings in bios and raid config, everything correct in both. reboot: same (starting to get angry); change out psu: same; change to sata 1-2 from 3-4 (for...
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    MSI NEO2 - CPU voltage not increasing?

    I just noticed that as i try to up my cpu voltage in the bios that it dosent register in windows - when i check it with cpu-z or the msi tool it is still showing 1.4xx even when i push it to 1.6 or 1.7 in the bios. I swapped my new psu with my old one and its the same. Is there something on...
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    A64 .9 question

    Is the top of the processor (where the verbage is written) the actual core itself or is it a heatspreader? (i think i remenber reading where someone pried one off and underneath it looked similar to the XPs). Im asking because im going to be using a danger den RBX waterblock and it misses...
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    K8N Neo2 Watercooling

    For anyone watercooling thier neo2, what chipset cooler are you using? my asetek waterchill chipset cooler will not fit. if no waterblocks fit what aftermarket cooling are you using? ive heard the vantec iceberg works, but is there anything better is is that the best? Also a side question...