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    The Official Test Your Badge Thread

    Second trial run...
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Yes 2. N/A 3. N/A 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Yes
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    The Official DC parts swap thread v 2.0

    Have: AMD K6-2 533 MHz CPU, no HSF Socket A HSF - Hard Texan, it would be perfect for you. It is a Thermosonic model; used on a 1700+ OC'd well past 2000+ speeds... Possibly defunct PC133 RAM stick, like 128 MB - Can't test b/c no system compatible here. Need: Some PC2100 DDR. Standard...
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    Please welcome our new DC moderator, DR_K13

    I guess since you finally passed me in the stats, I'll allow this promotion! Been gone for a bit; glad to see this happen. Just don't forget to sleep... A big congrats to my arch-rival/competitor/awesome guy/friend! Keep up the good work and don't forget us little guys in the posting ranks!
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    Is it me, or do Macs fold slow?

    Unfortunately, yes. They aren't a reliable point source, that's for sure.
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    No flags for my P-3 dualy?

    I would use -don'tfoldfasterthanNoXPert. JK. I think that the general concensus was that -forceasm wasn't necessary, as FAH utilizes SSE etc. by default. This is the flags list; I don't see anything that will help you. But then again, I know dick about Linux. Good luck, DR_K13!
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    Bow before my DC might!!

    Excellent! Soon you'll have a collection of these like mine. It needs to be updated, but you get the idea. Fold on, OldPueblo!
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    Fold from USB Pen Drive?

    I read that in Fujiwara's diskless question thread, and found it most fitting for my situation. Now what do I do to keep DR_K13 at bay...??? :eek:
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    ever feel like a kid at christmas???

    Preparing to wave as the new "father" rockets past me! Nice work, "dad"! :D
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    Fold from USB Pen Drive?

    Technically, I can run it from a pen drive, however, it requires a User ID registry entry to do so. My limitation is such that the Registry cannot be edited, added to, etc., and there is no Net access, either. The process must be fully contained within the pen drive minus the CPU/memory usage...
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    Fold from USB Pen Drive?

    OK, I wanted to renew my interest in grabbing a couple more rigs here. I need to be able to bypass the registry altogether and run fully from the USB pen drive. I cannot get this to work. Does someone have any fresh ideas? Just thinking I saw a thread somewhere about a FAH CD OS or...
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    best value cpus for folding

    The AMD Semprons (Socket A flavor) OC nicely, too, and are dirt cheap. Tough little folders, too. I have 2. I know nothing about Intel chips, but I have a lappy with a P3 1.13 Mobile that seems to do well, and I've heard here about the mobile chips doing well across the board. FWIW.
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    I thought this was funny. taken from OCAU

    Cheese. :rolleyes: It made me laugh, though. OCAU does have some nice recruitment flyers there! Someone in our fold should whip up a set. I have no skillz, as you no doubt will agree if you clicked my linkage...
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    Joke/Reason Why The Aussies Are Beating Us!

    Nah, it's already loaded with plenty of BTUs! At least mine is... Actually, it is Scoville units, but who's counting!
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    Joke/Reason Why The Aussies Are Beating Us!

    According to this article that's all it would be good for... :D Good research, though, Megadeth_Guy01 ! OT: Was Marty Friedman your favorite Megadeth guitarist? He's mine....or was, anyway.
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    Fruits of the Garden

    Just a quick pat on the back for me: I broke into the top 400 on the team today! Not bad for 3 months in the league....
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    Fruits of the Garden

    SWEET JEBUS! All mine boxen are producers again! Mwa-ha-ha! Going to break 400 WU tomorrow, and hopefully 40K by the end of next week. Personally, I am enjoying the rivalry going on in here between Hito and JasonLee... Keep it up, gents!
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    256 MB enough ram for this new boxen>?

    I should say no just so you have to wait until I get really, really far ahead of you, but yes, it will run big packets fine with 256 MB. I have a 1700+ with XP Pro and 256 MB RAM that turns frame times equally as fast (on a 600 point WU) as a rig with 512 MB RAM. Do it!
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    100 Million Folding Forcast: Coming on [H]ard!

    Megadeth_Guy01 > Get that sweet b0rg action listed in the D to ?? thread, stat!
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    How Do You Send Impomplete WU from Graphical Client?

    Mid-way down here says no. I was looking for this yesterday; and I had bad info that I posted. Anyway, if you have a USB drive, you can copy the whole FAH folder over to it and continue after your re-imaging is done right where you left off. Copy your Pandegroup registry entry, too, so your...
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    FAH Auto-start on Win98

    :D Don't underestimate that 2400+ you've got coming! Can we use the old/new/whichever H's now, too? I see yours there; looks nice! What do you think a Sempron 2200+ would OC to at 10* Fahrenheit? It is stupid-cold here; thought about setting it up outside and trying it! :eek:
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    "D" to ...?

    Yeah, we did. I caught it after posting, but my edits didn't take! SO...... Start from TekieB's post at 270.4468 to go. Herulach > 2.1 GHz + NoXPert > 2.05 GHz = 4.15 GHZ 270.468 - 4.15 GHz = 266.318 GHz to go! Fold on!
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    "D" to ...?

    270.368 - 2.05 (1.5 + .550) = 268.318 to go!
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    Just added a dual 2.2ghz boxen to the [H]

    Excellent! Make sure you get to our thread here and subtract your GHz! Glad to have you on our team, TekieB
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    3 gmail invites up for grabs - Team 33 folders only!

    "You're now in the BEAST!" - Dale Gribble, King of the Hill Let them peruse my vast database of Bass Pro Shops talk, mindless GF chatter, unsolicited solicitations, fishing, computer woes, etc. I thank the kind gent who sponsored me this morning! Fold on!
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    FAH Auto-start on Win98

    After many failed attempts, I finally got it to take. I had to make two registry entries for it to finally pick up on the fact it should run at start-up. "Geez, take a hint already, ya friggin' bastage" was the scene here... Thank you very much, guys, for directing me to the right place for...
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    FAH Auto-start on Win98

    Which version should I use now? 3.24 is a goner... 5.02 didn't take. It pops up and stays on screen.
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    FAH Auto-start on Win98

    I have the opportunity to get another rig going if I can get FAH to startup automatically; they don't want to see it ever. What can I do to make the FAH 5.02 text console start with Win98 at bootup? This has to be simple, I'm sure; something like a line in the win.ini file or something... Or...
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    The Official DC parts swap thread

    If someone wants a full rig to use for timeless WU, I have a deal. It works and is currently folding. Contents: AMD Duron 650 64 MB RAM 10 GB HDD Case w/ PS CD-ROM FDD 2 x USB 1.1 Onboard Sound Unknown Video Win98 (no disc) You'll have to pay shipping on this behemoth and that is...
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    What to do with partial finished WU's

    Maybe I stand corrected, but I did use the -send x flag to clear out what was done on a rig before deleting the whole folder. I was under the impression that I actually sent something in... Mayhem33 - Yes, you will.
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    What to do with partial finished WU's

    Yes. That will happen when one faults out or you use the -send x flag. I think Stanford would rather you do this than just kill the WU. They can still salvage some data from a partial WU, I believe.
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    What to do with partial finished WU's

    That looks right, marty. Good luck with that. If you have time, you could send in the partial WU (< 600 pts.) for credit rather than just lose them. There is a flag that does this... -send x where x is the WU queue number. At least you'd salvage some points and data with that.
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    Fruits of the Garden

    I found out what is wrong with a b0rged rig. Granny ditched Mediacom cable broadband! She's switching to DSL on Tuesday, so that one should come back online afterwards. Still no word on when the Intarweb-disabled rig is going back online, though. Picking up an old Compuke for free today...
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    What to do with partial finished WU's

    If you are going to keep them, be sure to get your registry entry (ies), too. That will have the USER ID, allowing to pick up and run immediately. Use regedit and export the Pandegroup key, save to disk with your FAH stuff and you're set. After the re-imaging is complete, you can double-click...
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    FS: cpu/mobo/ram combos, and psu

    Bump for a fellow folder!
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    Stopping FAH Service under Win2K

    I was thinking the same thing. I have a 1.5 P4 on the bench; going to get permission to b0rg it this weekend; doing a no-charge service if he lets me b0rg... Hope it works. Going to check on a b0rg today; hopefully get it back in the active ranks. I was cruising the FS forum here and found...
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    Booga Booga...Ding!

    Congrats and thanks for making me laugh hard at the title! Fold on!
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    FS: XP 2400+ system, 17" Viewsonic LCD

    A so I can track this thread bump. Thinking hard on this one...
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    Stopping FAH Service under Win2K

    Nah, one work rig needs the queue emptied/reset (no Intarweb connection there...). Doh! I better step it up a notch! B0rging as we speak...