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    Verizon Upgrade Help

    Ok I have a crappy phone and it is giving me trouble. I am going to try to take it in to Verizon and see if they will allow me to upgrade early. My upgrade is 4 months away. If for some reason I cannot get it, what is a decent phone that is cheap that I should look for? Thanks.
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    About to purchase. Any Advice

    This is a gaming rig mainly just for SW:TOR but would like to future proof for a bit. I mainly just play MMO's and overclocking while nice it is not a necessity. ASUS P8Z68-V LX LGA 1155 Intel Z68 Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3...
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    Hardware Purchase

    I am looking to purchase some hardware soon for gaming. I have a list below of what I have found on newegg but I have been out of the loop so long and picked some of these as I saw them based off a couple threads here. I am going to get a GTX580 but can someone tell me a brand I should...
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    DroidX Gingerbread Rooted Release!

    Only took them a day or so to root GB. You will have to sbf back to stock 2.3.340 before applying the rooted version. Instructions are here -> I haven't tried it yet but will do it...
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    Droid 2 Misc App problems

    Anyone have a series of problems where they had to reboot their droid 2 due to application errors. I have had about 4 reboots in less than a week (got my phone Friday). From not playing m4a files anymore to apps freezing in the background. I have only downloaded about 10 apps (facebook...
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    Getting Droid 2 Today... Initial Suggestions?

    I am getting my droid 2 today and coming up to the 21st century from my other phone. Is there anything I should do right off the bat as far as setting it up for the first time / initial apps? I was reading through the app thread and going to give some of those a go, but have to get familiar...
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    Vbscript to count objects in an OU

    Anyone know of a way to get a quick count of object in an OU in Active Directory? Everything I have search for is pretty much: Set OU = TestOU For Each Object in TestOU count = count + 1 Next I don't want to have to do that to get a count of something that can contain...
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    Phone Upgrade Advice

    Here is the situation. I currently have a LG VX8600 and eligible for an upgrade through Verizon Wireless. I basically have $150 credit if I sign a 2 year contract. I do not text much (YET), but looks like I will be forced to here shortly due to everyone starting to text me instead of...
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    Mozilla resurrects Eudora

    Looks like Eudora (email client) might be making a comeback. Mozilla says it isn't to compete with Thunderbird, but to "compliment" it. download -
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    Server Inventory Software

    Anyone know of software (could be as simple as vbscript w/ WMI) that would give me an inventory of servers (software and hardware)? It doesn't have to do active monitoring and can be as simple as it has to be run on each server. Thanks!
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    Terminal Font(s)

    I am looking for a good readable font that I can use in terminal / irssi. The problem I am running into is that fonts that are good in the terminal are not very readable in irssi (due to the amount of text of term vs irssi). Of course maybe it is just me :). What font(s) does everyone...
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    Regaining Folder Permission / Access

    I have a folder on a Windows 2003 server that will not allow me to change securities / permissions / delete. The security tab is completely missing from the folders properties. I have tried to propagate security / ownership permissions from the parent folder and always get "Access Denied"...
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    Books for learning C++?

    I am headed to the mall in a couple of hours that has a books-a-million. What are some good books to get me started on the path to learning C++ (both learning and good reference)? Thanks.
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    Linspire to become Ubuntu based
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    Packet Sniffing Question

    I am very new to packet sniffing and I was checking the network via wireshark (ethereal) and received alot of the following [Continuation to <packet number>] 445 > 3084 [ACK] Seq=# Ack=# Win=64440 len=1460 I am assuming this is just the continuation of a large file copy that is split over...
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    AW9D Vcore Question

    I just recently purchased a new C2D system and have a question about Abit's uguru. In the bios the vcore voltage is set to 1.225, but uguru reads 1.38V. If I look at the vcore settings under uguru then 1.38 is the lowest setting I can go in it (1.225 lowest in bios which is the current...
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    CCNA Training Router

    What model of Cisco router would be the best to get to train with? I prefer hands on etc as opposed to the virtual labs. I don't mind buying one off of E-bay. I just want to make sure I get all the features required that will help learn (and pass the CCNA exam). Thanks
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    Firefox and Winamp Skins

    I am using FF 2.0 and whenever I try to download a .wal file (winamp skin) all that shows is basically ascii text. Winamp doesn't prompt me that it is downloading a skin or anything. I have: Went under Explorer (not IE) and went to file types and .wal was associated with winamp. Went under...
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    AMD -> Intel Opinions

    Yes another AMD user that is going to try an Intel build for the first time. Here is the mobo, memory, proc and VC. I went with an Abit mobo because I have had such great success with them on the AMD side. I know most people are liking the ASUS P5W for the C2D's. C2D 6600 Abit AW9D...
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    AMD good for ATI + Linux?

    Do you think this merger will bring the ATI drivers up to par with Nvidia? I just switched back to linux after 2 years and the ATI drivers were the reason I now have a Nvidia card. Personally I think this is a good thing for ATI + Linux.
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    Initiate PHP File download?

    I am using the code below to try to initiate a download of an sql script created from the mysqldump command. I am using Apache as my webserver. Basically all it does is display the contents of the sql file in the browser (Both IE and Firefox) instead of displaying the Save / Open / Cancel...
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    Fiber Converter

    Anyone have some good experience with multimode to single mode fiber converters? I need something standalone that doesn't require a chassis w/ a seperate module. I have looked at blackbox and other companies, but everything seems to need an external chassis. This is the only one I have...
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    Overclocking Problem

    I am having a problem trying to overclock my machine. I have it overclock currently and I can run Prime for 12 hours no problem, BUT when I tell Prime to stop it will blue screen with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT or IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Temps are fine. They are around 40C running at 100% load. Here...
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    XP-90C worth it?

    I just recently purchased DFI's NF3-Ultra for 939's and need a new hsf. I have been reading that the xp-90's are an excellent choice. I was just wondering if the 90c is worth the extra 25-30 dollars versus the normal. Does it cool that much better? I have read where people have seen 8-9C...
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    939 Suggestions

    I have been away for a while and was wondering what are some good coolers for socket 939 3000+ Venice? I currently have a SI-97 on my XP 4000+ and I know that won't work for the 939.
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    New Computer

    I am looking to build a new computer (well mobo/cpu/vc/power supply) and would like to keep it reasonable as far as price. This is what I have found so far all from Newegg. AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Core DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D Socket 939 BFG 6800 256M PCI-E x16 Antec Neopower 480...
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    939 + Agp = ???

    I have been out of the loop way too long and would like a recommendation for a good 939 board with AGP. I have heard good things about DFI, but I can't seem to find the NForce3 version with 939 + AGP. I have looked on their website and Newegg. I have even searched google, but it seems to be...
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    Is this a good cordless combo?

    I am diving into the realm of the cordless world and was wondering if this is a good choice?,CRID=2162,CONTENTID=9950 I mainly want to make sure it is ok for gaming. I know there might be some lag issues and that is ok as long as it...
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    DIY Fan Shroud?

    I am looking at cutting a hole in my side window and creating a shroud to my cpu fan (SI-97). Does anyone know of any guides, materials to use, and would a dremel be ok in cutting the side window (plexiglass, i'm not sure).
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    Another CPU Cooler Thread

    Ok, I have been out of the cooling scene for about 6 or so months so I don't know what is available or out there. I currently have a 2400+ (11 x 200) that runs about 49 - 50C under full loads. I run at full almost 100% of the time due to running F@H. That is too high for me and would like...
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    Administer Active Directory under Linux

    Do you know if it is possible to administer the active directory (specifically users / groups / computers) under Linux? I know Linux can tie into AD, but I was looking for more along the tools that might be available.
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    Subnetting Help

    Ok. I just plain suck at subnetting and I wanted to ask you guys for help. I have the ip range of /24 and want to spit it up into 4 seperate subnets if possible. Vlan Use Subnet 1 WAN /30 ( 2 Network...
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    COD:UO Map Pack out It is at the bottom below the patch.
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    xorg.conf for Nvidia Cards

    Ok I am back to linux because I just replaced my ATI card with a Nvidia card. Is there a configuration utility that comes with Nvidia like ATI (fglrxconfig)? I have nvidia running with hardware acceleration, but what other options are available in xorg.conf (like memory, etc). I haven't found...
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    Disable Red Light on NF7-S?

    Does anyone know how to disable that red light on the NF7-S? I have searched, but haven't turned up any results. Thanks.
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    Windows 2000 Server Problem

    I have a win2k server here at my work that seems to quit allowing client connections to it. The only way to solve it is to reboot the server. The server is on SP4 with all the latest patches. The weird thing is that when the problem occurs, I can still ping it and I can use Radmin to remote...
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    ATI LInux Driver Push Looks promising, but we shall see.
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    Cooling a Super Lanboy [noob advice please]

    Wondering if anyone has watercooled a Antec Super Lanboy I am looking for a new case to watercool in the future. I am not going to do anything to drastic (rad, pump, cpu block, t-line). This case looks "roomy" enough...
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    ATI Performance in X

    Does anyone know of some tips to improve performance on ATI in X? I know glxgears isn't a good benchmark, but I see people with an identical setup getting 5000+ and I only get 2500 no matter what I do. Also, I hear people playing 2K4 decently in Linux where as mine is very choppy. Are there...
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    ATI mtrr fix

    I don't know if anyone knows about this, but I found it on Rage3D and I am passing it on for those who use Linux and ATI. Through this thread I found that my ATI 9500 pro was being detected as only have 16 Meg of memory when in...