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    Considering a new Build, please help

    Ok so about 3 years ago I built a PC with the following specs: DIAMOND 7850PE52G Radeon HD 7850 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge Dual-Core 3.1GHz LGA 1155 65W BX80623I32100 Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics...
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    7850 issues after RMA

    Hi, Until about 3 weeks ago I had been using thiscard in my computer. The card died and was sent back for an RMA. In the meanwhile I began using 2 Radeon 4850's with crossfire. The motherboard I am using is an ASRock H77M. Today I received my replacement card (here). I removed...
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    Budget Gaming Rig

    So i'm trying to throw together a budget gaming rig here. What i've got so far is: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz Dual-Core Processor ($111.99 @ SuperBiiz) Motherboard: ASRock H77M Micro ATX LGA1155 Motherboard...
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    Help with DOA computer/potential new computer build?

    So I was just gifted a Dell XPS 630 Specs here. It has a Quad core proc, two Radeon 4850s in SLI, and 8 gigs of RAM. Sadly as we were unable to prove the value of it, it was shipped uninsured and appears to have arrived with a busted motherboard. There is some physical damage to the case...
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    New comp build 1-1.2k budget

    Questions: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, Browsing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Not too much above 1.2k with shipping/tax. 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if...
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    Help with a build?

    So, if you can't tell from the systems in my sig.... it's been a while since i've built a computer. I've been on a laptop for the past 5 years or so. Anyway, onto the questions: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Mainly just gaming. SC2, LoL, Civ...
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    Installing Windows MBP

    So, I am attempting to install windows on my MBP but I have hit somewhat of a roadblock. I have the Upgrade version of windows, and I used nlite to make a slipstreamed version with SP2, but when I go to install it is still requiring me to show another version of windows to the computer. I...
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    How powerful are the newest Macbook Pro's

    Ok so, i've got this Powerbook G4 1.67Ghz which apple is replacing with the top end 15" Macbook Pro for a bunch of different reasons, mainly ones having to do with how their 'pro care' really dropped the ball with a few never ending repairs on my notebook. Anyway... i've also got the desktop...
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    Some Photos I took

    So, I used to be pretty active on this forum... but after they removed a bunch of sub forums, I decided to move on. Well anyway, I see a ton of threads here about buying cameras, and what gear should I get to do *_____*... not too many threads with photos in them though :P Anyway, here is...
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    Powerbook Woes :(

    Ok so Mac Gurus... lend me a hand here. I was in the middle of downloading a 13 gigabyte file on my laptop through bittorrent (Azureus is the client i use), and it was being saved directly to my firewire drive (something i never do). I was being very careful about stopping the download...
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    Trackpad just stopped working randomly

    Powerbook g4 specs in sig. So, i'm just sitting here using my computer, and i've got an external mouse plugged in as I usually do when i'm at my desk. Go to unplug the computer to take it into the living room to do some work while watching tv and I notice the trackpad isn't responding. The...
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    Need new headphones

    I've been through so many pairs of cheap headphones in the past few years that i'm looking for something that will hold me over for a while instead of a few months. I bought earbuds as my last pair and fell in love with them. I have no idea what model they were but they were some sony...
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    Odd problem with ibook

    My grandparents asked me to take a look at their ibook because it had started acting strangely, but the problem it presented me with baffled me. Basically, all of the widgets they had on the dashboard, disappeared, and whenever you open one, it expectantly quits, and refuses to re-open...
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    DVD drive not reading DVD...

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    I want to sell my powerbook

    I want to sell my powerbook g4 and get a macbook pro. How much do you think I could get for my Powerbook G4 1.67 80gb HD, 1gb of ram, Radeon 9700pro mobile, and about 500 days left on the Apple Care warrenty? I'm fed up with my windows Desktop and I want to replace it with something...
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    Error loading operating system

    So, i've been having issues with installing a program on my computer (see: world of warcraft) . Every time I would try to install the app it would freeze or auto restart my computer. This was happing in safemode as well as normal mode. So I decided to run a CHKDSK on my harddrive, which...
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    Windows constantly crashing

    So, I've always had a problem with my computer crashing randomly, but it's never been tha tmuch of a problem that i've seen fit to go about fixing it... until now. The newest world of warcraft patch just came out, and during the installation my computer crashed... Sigh... So I had to revert...
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    Powerbook is messed up.

    So, last night my powerbook started acting all weird, and the sound was skipping through my firewire soundcard (Firewave). I decided to close some applications, so I tried to close Word, and the computer just completely stopped responding. I could still move the mouse and everything but none...
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    Computer finally died

    Well, after about a year and a half, my windows computer has finally kicked it. I'm really not sure what is wrong with it, and am not happy with the prospect of having to spend some money to replace parts. Problem: Computer was in storage all summer (climate controlled and what not)...
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    60GB Ipod case fit 80GB ipod?

    Will a 60GB Ipod case fit an 80giger snugly?
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    Powerbook TouchPad issues.

    I have the strangest problem with my powerbook. It seems as though everytime I leave my powerbook idle for 5mins+ and then come back to it the touchpad has trouble recognizing my finger or something. I'm 99% sure it has something to do with the doubletouch scrolling because instead of the...
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    TV suggestion

    Not really quite sure where to put this but I figure this is the best place to ask. I'm looking into getting a TV in the near future, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I'd like it ot be atleast 27" with S-video. And the last requirement is that it has to be from bestbuy...
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    Wireless router on university connection

    Right now I am running my wireless off my universities network. It works fine except for one problem: I can't see any of the other computers on the universities network. It's pretty much like i'm in my own little network. I've been tinkering around with the settings on my router but it...
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    5.1 Sound for a 15" powerbook

    Ok, I am making the move from my desktop to my laptop as my main computer. The one thing that is preventing me from finalizing the move is my sound system. I have Klipsch 5.1 Ultras which require 3 plugs front/rear/sub&center. What are my options? I'm assuming it will be something USB and...
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    Weird Powerbook problem.

    I am in France right now and have noticed that while the computer is plugged into the wall the entire computer seems to be electricly charged. I can feel some sort of static electricity when I run my fingers over the back of the screen... it's having no effect on the computer and has been like...
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    Internet connect Issues... :(

    My and my family recently moved to france. The appt. we are in has a cable modem in it. My powerbook running Mac OS v. 10.4.2 can simply plug into the cable modem and be on the internet. My mom's and sister's ibooks running 10.3.9 cannot seem to pick up the signal. They recognize that they...
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    Alcohol 120% equivilent for Mac OSX?

    Does anyone know if sucha program exists? I'm looking for a way to make .ISO's of CD's and make them mountable as virtual drives. I do this to back up game CD's ever since my Warcraft 3 TFT CD destroyed itself.
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    Encoder for Adobe Premier

    My system went down a few months ago and took all my codec's with it. I have no idea what I was using before to encode videos to reasonable sizes but all i know is that now all of the encoders that i have create videos with EXTREME visual corruption... any help?
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    External Harddrive issues

    My sister just got a 160gb External drive for her iBook. I have been trying to transfer her iMovie things to it but it keeps giving me errors. If I try to copy+paste the files it tells me there is something wrong with the icons or something and it wont copy the files. If I try to Resave the...
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    Replacement memory?

    My Geil Goldendragon 3500 ram has been borked since my system went down a few months ago. I need some reliable ram to run in the current system in my sig. Overclocking is not needed :D
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    Physical Memory Dump...?

    Ok, my computer has been BSODing for the past month every so often, always with a physical memory dump. Previously I had decided this was a memory issue and have made the decision to finally do something about this. I am probably going to just buy new ram and be done with it, I just want to...
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    Computer still restarting...

    After extensive testing I have been unable to solve the restarting issue I am faced with. After 30mins to 2 hours of gaming my computer will just restart. Whenever I get back into windows I get the same "Windows has recieved a serious error" message, saying that it was a conflict with a device...
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    Upgrade to a Gig of ram?

    I just got my new Powerbook a week ago and I am loving every minute of it. The only thing i've noticed is that with several apps open it tends to lag quite a bit. Should I upgrade from the standard 512 to a Gig of ram?
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    Playing .ogm files on Mac OS X???

    I've been trying for an hour to get a .ogm file to play on my new powerbook... VLC will play the file and the audio, but this is a dual audio file that also has subtitles... I can't seem to change the language OR get the subtitles to show. I've tried MPlayer, and the .OGM Vorbis thing for...
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    Would this be a Video Card problem?

    My new system ( 3200+ , DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D Socket 939, X800XL) has been acting up recently. Occasioinally I get lockups, restarts all that fun stuff. Tonight I was in the middle of playing a game when BOOM, both my screens go white with vertical colored lines on them... I have done...
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    Comp keeps restarting for no reason...

    I keep getting the "Windows has just received a serious error" stuff... And every time I report it , It just says that the issue was caused by a Device driver. It happens when im playing games, and it also happens when im doing nothing at all. ?????
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    holy Spyware

    I JUST installed windows on this computer, and after installing the mobo drivers and such i got an alert that pointed me to a website... After bouncing around on the internet for literlally 3 minutes i was hit with the BIGGEST wave of pop ups i have ever had... Now i have so much spyware on...
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    Ok, PC is dead time to replace/upgrade

    Well, its official, my p4 2.4c and IC7-g have been pronounced dead as of today :( Time to start thinking about upgrades... I'd like to keep the overall cost under say, 800 dollars. I'm thinking maybe this motherboard, with either...
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    Comp Borked, need options for replacement

    My computer of 2 years just fried its motherboard we believe. It may have been the proc or another core component. The computer is the 2.4c listed in my sig. I haven't really looked into computer hardware for about a year and a half and am really at a loss as to where I should begin...
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    Crashed... Is this the problem?

    I was in the middle of playing a game when my computer just shut off, same kind of shutdown you get when the power goes out. This happens from time to time so I just reached town to turn my computer back on. Unfortunatly when i pressed the button down all I got was a strange little noise... I...