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    Chipset questions

    I've been out of touch with motherboard chipsets for a while now. I am getting an X2 6400 and am trying to figure out what chipsets to look for now. I like to stay with what is the most stable and compatible. Performance is nice, but if I have problems with certain pieces of hardware on a...
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    WTB: AMD X2 4400 (or higher) 939 CPU

    I'm looking to buy an AMD X2 4400 939pin CPU or higher 939 processor. New or Used. Obviously must be in good working order. No heat sink, no problem. Please state the core and cache, if known, when responding. Thanks!
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    Sandbox Games - My Weakness

    I'm about 4 hours into Assassin's Creed and I haven't even done the 2nd assassination yet. I did the first one pretty fast, but on the way to Jerusalem I started what I always do in any game that allows me freedom, I started to screw around. It took me an hour and a half to reach Jerusalem. I...
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    XBLA - Goldeneye 007 (the N64 version) rumor

    Xbox Evolved (found the story on Kotaku), is saying they have reliable sources that the original Goldeneye is in the works to come to XBL Arcade (along with some other old Rare games). The companies involved to make the deal happen are Microsoft, MGM, and Activision (who currently holds the...
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    Yep, it's back. MGS4 on Xbox 360 Rumor Alive With Extra Spice!

    Ok, ok. This was on Kotaku as a rumor but the source site states it as direct from a Konami distribution rep. MGS4 coming to the Xbox 360 about a year after the PS3. Now, before anyone shoots the messenger, I'm bringing it up because they sound pretty sure of themselves. Obviously, we don't...
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    PS3 - Blu-Ray movie sale at Walmart 10 free movies at Walmart when you buy an 80GB PS3 at Walmart this Saturday. This is in addition to the 5 free movies you get for buying a Blu-Ray player. It doesn't apply...
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    WTB: 2GB DDR1 (2x1GB)

    I'm looking to buy 2GB of DDR1 in 2x1GB matched sticks. Please PM or reply below. Heatware: Profcrab Thanks!
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    Possible PS3 1.92 update problems

    Supposedly, some people are having problems with the 1.92 problems. It doesn't look major, but it might be there. Here is the link to the Sony forums This is just...
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    WTB: 2GB (1GB x 2) DDR PC3200 Memory

    Someone else posted saying that they need this and it reminded me to post here also. I am looking for a 2GB kit of DDR PC3200. Does not have to be high performance. Edit: No longer needed. Someone PM'd me with an acceptable price. Thanks!
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    Switched HTPC to Vista HP

    After some installation hiccups I finally made completed the transition from XP with SageTV and BeyondTV (I've had them both) and switched to Vista MC. My setup is a Athlon 64 3500, Epox NF4 Ultra mobo, 1GB DDR3200, Theater 550 The installation problems I had were pretty annoying. The...
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    Xbox 360 remote vs Logitech Xbox Remote

    I am going to go the Vista MCE and Xbox 360 as an extender route for watching TV. Does anyone have any experience with Microsofts Xbox remote or the Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote? Both of them look fairly well laid out, but the Harmony does have alot of neat other features. The question...
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    Next game for my 360?

    I just bought my 360 on Friday. I bought GOW with it and a friend of mine loaned me Dead Rising. What should I get next? I am looking for a non-FPS game. I was thinking about Crackdown or Guitar Hero 2.
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    360 may support Blu-Ray in the future

    DailyTech has a news bite on Microsofts opinion and position on Blu-Ray as far as the 360 is concerned. I think I'm really starting to like the way that Microsoft is handling this. One reason is that I hate using a console's main drive for movie viewing. By having an auxilary drive that I...
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    WTB: P4 478 mATX Mobo

    I want to buy a microATX motherboard for a Intel P4 478. Looking for anything in the 865 chipset or later (supports 533 and 800 FSB chips). SiS chipsets alright also. Must have an AGP port and native USB 2.0. Thank you!
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    controlling iTunes (Windows)

    I am looking for a way to better browse, play and control videos that I buy from the iTunes store. Macs have Front Row which is nice and easy to use but I don't feel like setting my Macbook next to my TV just to easily navigate my videos. I built my HTPC for these types of things. Does...
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    Vista 64 - Intel 975 raid driver problem

    I am trying to install vista on a RAID 0 array that was setup on a 975 board. For some reason, Vista will format the array but it will not install on it, even after I gave it the Intel driver for the RAID. Has anyone had this problem? Any suggestions?
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    Memory for a Core 2 Quad Extreme

    I'm building a new comp for someone and I wanted to verify I was picking the right memory. The system is not being overclocked so do I need PC2 6400 (DDR2 800) memory or is PC2 5300 (DDR2 667) correct?
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    Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins (PSP)

    Arthur . . . the most abused, tortured, and humiliated hero ever to quest to save a princess. Tokuro Fujiwara, the designer of the game, is quite possibly the anti-christ. In returning to make UG&G, he brought back a style of gaming seldom seen since the days of the impossible NES games. If...
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    I got a PSP for cheap

    What are some good games for it? I haven't really been paying attention. Gamestop was going to give this guy peanuts for it, I gave him $100 and the thing is new. I got the box and all. I got Tony Hawk SP8 with it too.
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    Wiis in Anaheim, CA Frys 12/3

    My friend, Rocketpig on this board, is at the Anaheim Frys and says they have some Wiis in stock. I know there might be a few posters here that might be interested and want to take advantage of that. They probably won't be there that long.
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    Powerbook G4 550mhz

    delete me
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    ASRock 939Dual + 9800 Pro problem HELP!

    I am having an intermittant crashing problem in WoW with this setup. Sometimes it will just crash altogether and sometimes it will do a VMU recover and just blank out for a little bit and come back up after it refreshes. I am using the current drivers for the motherboard and video card and am...
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    TV Out Quality: Nvidia 6600/6800 vs. ATI 9800?

    I am currently using a AIW9700 in my HTPC but I am looking to swap it out for something that might have better quality. Has anyone had any experience with the Nvidia 6600/6800 TV out? I am looking at the Albatron AGP6600(non-GT) (which doesnt seemed to have shipped yet) and have been reading...
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    Sold my soul to LotR: BfME

    Help Help! I'm not sleeping, I cant drag myself away from Battle for Middle Earth. Curse work, curses! If I could be at home playing it right now, I would be.
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    Virtual World: Red Planet

    Did anyone else use to play Red Planet at Virtual World when they were still in business? I am still of the opinion that is the greatest racing game ever made. I miss quad boosting in a speck down the cooridors and just making the through the doors to slide into the scorring zone. I havent...
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    Freespace 2

    Finally found my CDs and started playing it again. That game is just so damn good. I really want to see another space flight sim like that. We need a FreeSpace 3! Anyone know who has the rights to this franchise now?
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    AIW 9700 component video dongle

    Anyone have any experience with it? I bought a barebones AIW 9700 without it and I have the dongle on its way from ATI right now. I am going to be plugging it into a regular TV w/ component video. How well has it worked for you, HDTV or regular analog? Also, has anyone used the VGA to HDTV...
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    GeForce performance on nForce3 vs VIA K8T800 boards?

    A friend of mine mentioned that nForce boards were tweaked to run a bit better with GeForce cards (or the other way around). Do their cards perform better on the nForce3 or the K8T800? I have not found a review anywhere that tests this. I wouldn't be supprised if it was tucked away in an...
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    Best Non-Creative Card for gaming?

    What experiences have you guys had with other manufacturers and current games? I'm shopping for the next sound card to possibly replace my GTXP.
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    Doom 3: id vs. Creative

    Alright guys, what do you think of this issue? Is Creative trying to expoit a possibly questionable patent? Is Carmack out of line is his comments about Creative? My feeling is that Creative is pushing a technology that is on a shakey patent and Carmack is calling them on it. Creative has...
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    Independence War 2

    I am having trouble finding this game. I know its old but I cant even find it in bargain bins or anything. Does anybody know a good place to get it. Ideally I would like to find it in a store in SoCal but maybe someone knows a good online store too.
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    Drilling case for motherboard.

    I have 2 projects where both cases will have to be drilled to mount an ATX board. Are you guys using a diagram that you found somewhere or are you just marking it from the mobo itself. I can probably just mark through the holes in the board but I was hoping to get a diagram so I can get the...
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    good TV out card

    I am trying to find a video card with good TV out. Who uses the best converter chip? This is not for a gaming rig so I am looking in the $100 or under range. Suggestions? Is there a site that has a review for something like that?
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    ABIT IS7 - hoops for NB HSF come out?

    I had to reseat the northbridge HSF last night on a computer that I built for a friend. One of the hoops that the bar that holds down the HSF hooks onto came off. It is the newer style tall HSF not the old short squat one like the one that is on my board. I had to bend the bar a bit to have...
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    Yet another Applecare stupidity rant

    gigglebyte, this is exactly why sometimes in customer service you have to bend rules and do extra paperwork to make the customer happy. Most of the time, return and warranty policies are written by bean counters. It is possible during this minor exchange that Apple may have lost a customer...