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    Crash Commando (PSN)

    Pretty fun game, guys. It plays like a real-time Worms game w/ up to 12 online players. In addition to the regular weapons, there's vehicles such as buggys and tanks, as well as environmental weapons (turrets, guided rockets). Also, there's more than just one "level" to each.. uh.. level, you...
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    New sound card for Vista x64?

    Okay, I'm constantly getting a blue screen while playing LOTRO w/ my Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic. I know for a fact it's the sound card, because Creative has done a shit job w/ releasing drivers for it (it's still a beta release, almost 2 years after Vista's initial release). So, my question...
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    BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams Teaser Trailer

    Unlocked after beating the game on the PS3: Nice! Look forward to seeing more of this. Note: Many people are taking this as "omg no, PS3 is getting BioShock 2 first!" but I doubt that's true at all - I'm pretty sure it'll be a simultaneous...
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    WipEout HD dated, priced :D Reviews Eurogamer - 9/10 IGN - 9.2 Videogamer - 9/10
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    Red Alert 3 beta now open to Fileplanet subscribers Just giving you guys a heads up. :)
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    Duke Nukem Forever confirmed for 2008 release?

    According to this Dallas newspaper (?):
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    3G iPhone question

    Okay, by now we've all heard the rumors that a 3G iPhone will be announced (and possibly released) during Macworld 2008. That's awesome and all, but the problem with that is the fact that I was actually planning on buying a EDGE iPhone... tomorrow! So, my question is... do you think Apple...
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    Keyboard not recognized on new build??

    This is my first build, ever, and I was doing great until I turned it on. It turns on just fine, I see the main splash screen for Gigabyte, and try to press Delete to enter BIOS setup. Unfortunately, my keyboard wasn't recognized. I figured this would be the case, seeing as how my...
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    Ratchet & Clank Future demo + other PSN content 10/11/07

    PSN Content for today: Games: Everyday Shooter ($9.99 US) Demos: Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD Demo NHL 2K8 Demo Conan Demo Game Videos: Uncharted Behind The Scenes II Folklore Launch Trailer Fallout 3 Teaser Trailer Movie Trailers: The Assassination of Jesse James Spiderwick Chronicles Walk...
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    Spielberg's games video Blocks looks very interesting... hmmm... when is the black Wii coming out, again?? LOL @ the guy speaking though. "ooh ohh oohhh!!!!"
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    PS3 on a 2007WFP

    Is there a way to connect a PS3 to a 2007WFP so I can play my games in 720p (I'm still on a SD set for PS3, and it's a little hard to play The Darkness on it)? Like this: I sent the author a message but that could take some time to reply to, so I...
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    Sony Gamer's Day 2007

    Tons of trailers up @ from the event. Uncharted looks AMAZING, as does Ratchet, Heavenly Sword, and LittleBigPlanet. Don't really care much for SOCOM, but it looks okay for a PS3 game... could look better graphically, especially after seeing the aforementioned games...
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    Calling All Cars! now on PSN well as Rampart! Only CAC for me at the moment (191mb), I'll get Rampart some other time. Anyone up for some games later? :D
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    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix coming to both the Xbox Live Arcade AND PlayStation Network!! I remember I always wanted this game, but was never willing to pay the $100+ prices on eBay... all I had was a demo of the game, that I kept playing over and over and over. I can't wait! Source...
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    God of War II - HD Mode

    So, the Island of Rhodes site finally went live yesterday with a thud, rather than a bang. Today, however, it was discovered that there's plenty of easter eggs hidden within the site. These include more developer videos, another puzzle, more information, and then... HD mode. Take a look...
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    God of War: The Isle/Island/City of Rhodes? What could this site be counting down to? Personally, I have NO IDEA what the site could be about. I originally thought "it has to be an announcement about God of War 3"... but then I noticed the PlayStation 2 logo on the bottom of the page. There's no way they...
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    7900GT woes...

    This has always been an issue with my 7900GT, but it's been very, very sporadic (like every few months)... up until I installed Vista. On Vista, when I log on, I'm greeted by this screen: It then fades out and into my desktop... However, sometimes when I go back to the Log On screen...
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    Xbox Live hacked? Uh-oh... Stay tuned for more updates... UPDATE: Microsoft's Official Response, via Kotaku: Hmm..
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    Resistance: Fall of Man update live!

    2 New Multiplayer Modes (Team Conversion & Assault), Spectator Mode, and a bunch of new tweaks + better matchmaking. Yay!! Who wants to join in on some games later? :p
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    Something that dawned on me about 360 vs PS3

    So what if they have similar libraries (especially now that exclusives are becoming multiplatform games)? Is that really so bad? That you have to choose between getting one for Microsoft games (Halo, Mass Effect, etc.), or Sony games (God of War, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, etc.)? It's all...
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    Motorstorm thoughts

    First off, I really, really suck at this game. I keep coming in at 8th place and the like. :( Second, it's not nearly "leaps and bounds" better than the demo (visually). At least, not on my TV (SD :(). Third, it is pretty addictive... but, I'm contemplating whether it was a better decision to...
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    PlayStation Home No more "entitlements", it seems. This really is a Sony-like move ('stealing' ideas and putting their own twist on it), but this one I like.. very much so. I'd also like to point out that although this was...
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    It's up on the PlayStation Store finally, along with Q-bert and a Ridge Racer 7 demo (which the Japanese had at launch). Who bit? I did... currently @ 80% download. Impressions in a bit.
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    Tekken 6

    Official website is now live: There's 2 new characters: a Tidus-like "Leo" and an exotic female by the name of "Zafina", who fights with a really unorthodox fighting style... On the website are a few screen grabs (small ones) which include...
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    Gates: Viva Pinata is for Girls I'm sorry, but LOL. Taken out of context or not, that's a strike to your manhood if you've been caught playing this game. :p
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    Shadow of the Colossus

    So, I finally got around to picking up a copy of the game and I must say this game is AMAZING. Epic. Awe-inspiring. etc. etc. I can't believe I passed on this game because I thought "a game comprised of only bosses shouldn't be worth $50" (I got it for $20, though... and a non-Greatest Hits...
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    Driver Cleaner.NET (Vista)

    Okay, so I'm having serious issues finding Driver Cleaner for Vista... and I just wanted to know if it's possible to get it for free. The official website lists it with a price, which shocked me, seeing as how every other iteration of Driver Cleaner has been free (all the versions I've gotten...
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    Lineage II death And the moral of the story is: please don't carry online rivalries into the real world. I'm looking at you, WoW players.
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    WTB: Diablo II / 2: Lord of Destruction PC

    Looking for a LOD key. I already have the disc but unfortunately, I can't play it online with friends due to the fact that I no longer have anything but the CD... If anyone is willing to give up their key, I'm willing to paypal you some money IMMEDIATELY for it. PM me if interested. Thank you...
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    Saints Row

    Is it any good? Rumor has it that it's coming over to the PS3 this year (EBgames listing; a very good source of leaking game existence early), but I'm thinking it's really all for naught, seeing as how GTA4 still has a supposed release date of Q4 '07. Any thoughts?
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    PlayStation Network name directory

    Since there's a 360 and a Wii one... why not a PS3 one? Here goes! Forum Name | PSNet Name The18thLetter: Revolutionary U HAX0R: YouBeSoft
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    GameSpot gets a Wii (live)

    Pretty entertaining to see 8 "grown" men freaking out over opening the box and figuring out how to install the thing. :D
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    Halo 3 Legendary Edition? Are you kidding me? Is anyone actually going to buy this? I don't know, but for $100, the game should come with more than 2 extra discs and a "helmet" (actual quality of said "helmet" still up in the air) I and most would have no use for...
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    Scarface: The World Is Yours

    ..anyone got it? I did... and I'm loving it. At first I didn't think too highly of it (graphically), but once you get down to the core gameplay, it's friggin addictive as hell. It's not GTA, though.... nor is it supposed to be. If anything, I'd compare it to the Godfather game released a few...
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    Fallout 3 TBA Nov 1st?

    Source: :D
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    No more "shortchanged" 20GB PS3

    That's right, naysayers! The 20GB model of PS3 now includes an HDMI port, and is set to be released at a lower price than originally announced in Japan (49,980 yen ~ $429). This is INDEED true for all 20GB PS3's worldwide. However, the price change for other territories is still up in the...
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    MGS4 TGS Gameplay Footage

    Full TGS trailer in high-res glory can be seen here: Looks fantastic. As good as the cutscenes we've been watching over the past 2 years, definitely. I was skeptical about the new camoflauge system because I simply didn't think it was...
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    Pretty funny read on the console wars

    The new update at Something Awful has quite a funny read on the console wars. Among my favorite parts, on the 360: and, on the PS3: and finally, on the Wii: :D Note: I'm pretty sure this doesn't belong in General, because it has to do with...
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    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic REAL Open Beta

    Yes, this time without the Gamespot "Total Access" crap. I got an email yesterday (but in my junk folder, just saw it not 5 minutes ago) from Gamespot announcing the OPEN Beta will start tomorrow, Sept. 5th @ 9am PT. So... yeah. Be sure to hit up Gamespot tomorrow and sign up. I wish I...