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  1. Simmonz

    Backup Software Recomendation

    I am trying to find backup software to use on my wife's Windows 10 system. I used to use Iperius until I realized that they don't delete files in the backup that no longer exist so when I restored the files I got back a bunch of crap I didn't want that was long since deleted because it had just...
  2. Simmonz

    Windows 10 vs Ubuntu on GTX 2080ti

    Phoronix has benched the 2080ti on Ubuntu and Windows 10. There are games as well as rendering benchmarks. Games Ubuntu lost on but rendering it won.
  3. Simmonz

    Librem Key by Purism

    Has anybody given this a shot or heard about it ? A USB key from purism that stores secure keys and can be used to encrypt and decrypt. Also can detect if your BIOS or kernel has been tampered with. Doesn't seem too costly at $59.99 USD. Thoughts ?
  4. Simmonz

    Barcelona Goes Linux

    Barcelona has decided to switch from Windows to Linux. They're going to start switching programs over to Linux friendly ones and then finally switch the OS itself over. ETA is Spring of 2019. Should have made title "going Linux", can't edit now. Oh well.
  5. Simmonz

    A Developer's Linux Experience

    I found this an interesting read about a developer who jumped into Linux and the ups and downs he experienced. He went into far more detail than most opinion pieces will.
  6. Simmonz

    Windows 10 in a Nutshell

    I have never before seen a picture that could so perfectly encapsulate how shitty the update system is on Windows 10.
  7. Simmonz

    Pentagon Pushing To Open Source

    It seems that the Pentagon is making a push to use more open source software. They don't specify what software they are wanting to switch to, more what would not be open source. Software used for spying, encryption and decryption, relaying commands, or directing weapons for instance wouldn't be...
  8. Simmonz

    Linux Now Runs All Top 500 Super Computers

    Linux used to be on 498 of the top 500 super computers but it bumped the final two off. It wasn't bumping off Windows though, just Unix. See now this would be an opportunity for a shady marketer if the Linux community had one. If super...
  9. Simmonz

    RX 580 Forced Into Software Rendering Mode

    I just recently picked up an RX 580 and have been having an issue. If I install any kernel that is 4.11, 4.12 or 4.13 it is forced into software rendering mode after restarting. If I stick to any kernel 4.10 or lower it is fine. Obviously I would prefer to use a newer kernel. Could anybody tell...
  10. Simmonz

    Ryzen 3 1200 and Ryzen 3 1300X Linux Review

    Phoronix has reviewed the Ryzen 3 1200 and 1300X. I have to say I would consider these for a HTPC/basic system build and considering how they seem to stack up against the FX-8350 maybe even a quick and dirty upgrade to my FX-9590 if I can't hold out for the Ryzen 5 1600...
  11. Simmonz


    Has anyone had a look at >observer_ ? Coming out next month. Made by the develoepr behind Layers of Fear. It's a first person adventure/horror game that is giving me serious Blade Runner vibes with a touch of Soma. As long as it doesn't have the run and hide tactics of Soma I will probably love...
  12. Simmonz

    OutlawCountry Revealed by WikiLeaks

    So a new reveal from Wikileaks from the Vault7 documents is called OutlawCountry and it effects Linux. It is a piece of malware that will send traffic from the infected Linux machine to CIA servers. From what I can read it seems to have been made for kernel 2.6 which is quite old so I am not...
  13. Simmonz

    Game Devs Chime in Tips for Developing on Linux

    GamingonLinux has a nice editorila up with a variety of tips from different game devs on avoiding pitfalls when developing or porting to Linux.
  14. Simmonz

    Companies Using Linux Products Under Fire from "Patent Trolls"

    So I have been trying to wrap my head around some of this because i'll be honest in admitting I don't understand all of it. The gist I seem to get is that certain companies seem to be going after other companies that are "violating their patents" but that they only seem to be going after...
  15. Simmonz

    Interview With Peppermint OS CEO had an interview with the CEO of Peppermint OS Mark Greaves. It's pretty standard Q&A but for those that are unfamiliar with the OS and wanted to know more about it I would recommend it.
  16. Simmonz

    Mesa 17.1.4 Released

    Mesa 17.1.4 has been released. It is a minor update with some fixes for SPIR-V compiler work, many updates to the Intel OpnGL driver, some Etnaviv patches and various RadeonSI fixes. The enxt big feature release is 17.2 which is on track for August...
  17. Simmonz

    Dragon's Lair Ported to Linux

    After saying they would port Dragon's Lair to Linux in 2013 if the interest was there it has finally been done. It's also on sale at the moment ! It is in beta form keep in mind.
  18. Simmonz

    System76 To Ship Pop!_OS on Future Products

    Linux computer maker System76 announced that they will be dropping Ubuntu going forward and will be using a distro called Pop!_OS that they have made based off of Ubuntu. I would imagine their work on the Gnome DE will continue as Pop!_OS uses Gnome...
  19. Simmonz

    Britain's New $3 Billion Warship Uses Windows XP

    Now I know that people are going to say that maybe XP wasn't so bad when this ship was first being ordered and built but cmon man, this is still an asinine move. Not only that but when it was first discovered the MOD pretty much lied about it until they couldn't anymore. So Britons, do you feel...
  20. Simmonz

    OpenGL 4.6 Might Be On The Way

    It seems OpenGL version 4.6 may be worked on right now. I'm not against a new version of OpenGL but a lot of games aren't even making use of 4.5 yet not to mention supporting Vulkan. Even so if it gives develoeprs more Linux friendly options i'm onboard. No idea when 4.6 may become available...
  21. Simmonz

    STASIS Ported to Linux

    2D point and click horror game STASIS has been ported to Linux. At the moment it seems you still have to opt into the beta to access it but apparently that will be fixed in a few days. For the moment the Linux version is only available on Steam but I contacted the develoeprs through their...
  22. Simmonz

    Intel Core i9 7900X Linux Benchmarks

    Phoronix has been kind enough to benchmark the new Core i9-7900X in Linux for those interested. From what I could tell it did very well although for $1060-2700 it damn well better be.
  23. Simmonz

    KDE Plasma 5.10.3 Released

    An update to KDE plasma has been released and apparently will solve a long standing issue. I guess many have had an issue resuming a system from standby when using an Nvidia GPU with KDE that dates back to 2015. That should be fixed now...
  24. Simmonz

    Nvidia 381.10.10 Beta Driver Released

    Nvidia released a new beta driver for Linux that adds extensions for Vulkan and better Vulkan/OpenGL interoperability. Phoronix ran some quick benchmarks. The improvements were small but i'll take every single 1 FPS gain we can get. Luckily most gains were a few more than 1...
  25. Simmonz

    Preliminary i7-7740X Linux Benchmarks

    Phoronix has some benches up for the 7740X. No gaming benchmarks that I saw but still worth a read for those interested.
  26. Simmonz

    AMD Updates Propreitary AMDGPU-Pro Driver

    AMD has released an update to their closed source AMDGPU-Pro driver in version 17.20. From what I can gather it adds supportr for Vega Frontier GPUs. No benchmarks available yet so unsure if it will do anything else besides new GPU support...
  27. Simmonz

    Scanner Sombre Receives Experimental Linux Support

    Introversion has added experimental Linux support for their newest game Scanner Sombre. It's an opt in beta. One step closer to full Linux support for it.
  28. Simmonz

    Intel Skylake and Kabylake May Have Broken Hyper Threading

    Henrique de Moraes Holschuh, a Debian Linux developer, experienced unexplained application and system hiccups, data corruption, or data loss and was able to narrow it down to an issue with Hyper Threading. Intel hasn't acknowledged the problem, but engineers at Dell have said that the problem...
  29. Simmonz

    AMD Making 92 Patches to RadeonSI

    Nicolai Hähnle of AMD has posted a set of 92 patches to RadeonSI. It appears the goal of them is to improve the vulkan support for the oepn source driver. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.
  30. Simmonz

    Feral Working on New Title

    For all you sleuths out there this ones for you. Feral has announced a new game they're working on bringing to Linux, they just give hints so far of course. The hint is "West Norwood". Now I googled that and West Norwood is an area of South London. So my best is on Rise of the Tomb Raider but I...
  31. Simmonz

    Intereseting Article Advocating More Open Source Research Software

    I found an interesting article written by a physicist in Germany about why he believes more researchers should be collaberating on and using open source research software.
  32. Simmonz

    FreeBSD 11.1 Beta 3 Available

    For those FreeBSD fans there is a new beta released for version 11.1. Various fixes to ethernet and system panic issues among others have been made.
  33. Simmonz

    Linux Owning in Super Computers

    Linux is sitting pretty when it comes to Super Computers. Of the top 500 in the world 498 run Linux and the other 2 run Unix. Not exactly mainstream stuff by any means but still good to hear.
  34. Simmonz

    System76 Continues Working on Gnome Updates

    Linux computer manufacturer System76 has continued to work in making upgrades and updates to the Gnome DE as Ubuntu transitions over to Gnome. In case anyone hasn't heard of System76 they make high end laptops and desktops that ship with Ubuntu so it benefits their Customers if they help out...
  35. Simmonz

    AMDGPU VRAM Improvements Could Help DiRT Rally, Dying Light

    A gentleman named John Brooks has made a series of 9 patches for the AMDGPU driver which has helped Dirt Rally and Dying Light for those using the driver. The only downside is they may not make it into the kernel until version 4.14...
  36. Simmonz

    Serious Sam 3: BFE Gets Vulkan Support

    Always a good day when another Linux game gets Vulkan support. Apparently there have been various fixes to the game as well.
  37. Simmonz

    Witcher 2 and Rocket League Fixes with Mesa 17.2

    Included in the upcoming Mesa 17.2 release will be fixes for Rocket League and Witcher 2. If you want it sooner you can compile it as the code is in Git. For everyone else we'll get it when 17.2 releases in August.
  38. Simmonz

    Linus Torvalds Interview

    This is an interview with Linus Torvalds about what parts of Linux development still surprise and excite him. It's a decent read.
  39. Simmonz

    OpenSuse Tumbleweed Getting Multiple New Features/Updates

    OpenSuse Tumbleweed will be updated to have Qt 5.9, Linux kernel 4.11.6 and MP3 out of the box.
  40. Simmonz

    Gnome Version 3.25.3 Released

    A new version of Gnome has been released. The next major version, 3.26 i still on track for September. Fixes and additions include: - More projects converting to the Meson build system. - GJS preparations for...