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    Unbearable STOP 0x124 Error

    Hey all, I have been running myself ragged trying to figure this out, and I'm at a complete loss at this point. Now I turn to you guys, hopefully you can give me some insight into what the hell is going on. I have a Lenovo T430s that I got about 3 months ago. Here are the specs...
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    FS: DFI Ultra-D, P4, BIPII, and more!

    Hello! I have way too much stuff I don't use lying around, and I could use some extra cash. All of the stuff is OBO, so feel free to contact me if you are interested in something. Shipping is included unless stated otherwise. Enjoy! Bump if you're feeling nice :) DFI nForce4 LanParty...
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    Shuttle onboard sound issue

    Well, I recently decided to take my old Shuttle PC, currently gutted, and set it up as a "home-theater" PC. Everything else is working fine, but for the longest time I couldn't get the onboard sound to work. Previously, I hadn't been able to find the drivers for the mainboard audio, but today...
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    FS: E6400, X1800XT, DFI Ultra-D

    Hello everyone :) Thanks for checking out my thread. All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. Feel free to PM me any questions and I'll answer them as best as I can. Also, feel free to make me other offers (not really interested in trades at the moment but feel free to try. I'd...
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    What size drill bit?

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    Homemade Water Cooling

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    PSU problem

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    Time to get naked...56k = nein

    Well, because of some rather pushy forum members that will not be named *cough*cornelious*cough*bitchbreaker*cough* I set out today to remove my IHS. Originally I had intended to do it tomorrow, but meh, who cares, I didn't have to redo the loop, I just took the cpu block off (tubing still...
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    FS: P4 3.0C, Opteron 165, More

    edit: Price drops out the wazoo! If you haven't looked in a while, maybe the price is a bit more enticing! I have a few things I need to move out, they are taking up too much space :D. All prices are negotiable to a certain degree, and only shipping to the lower 48. Most of the prices...
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    Anyone Catch This?

    I saw an ad in the Best Buy flyer that came today. Not sure if anyone else saw it or know if it's a typo or what... :p I'm guessing it's just a typo, but cool none the less. Edit: I'm talking about the DDR2, just in case you thought something else.
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    A Few Quick Questions Before I Hit "Checkout"

    Well, I'm probably going to purchase some stuff from DangerDen tonight. In particular a new top for my TDX (for A64), a BIP2, and a D5. Now, I currently have an Eheim 1250 stockpiled (moldy >_>) that I could potentially use, but that thing is a behemoth. I can fit it, but would it be worth it...
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    Another Oblivion Thread *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    Well, I finally beat the end quest, so if you clicked not knowing, this should be ample time to leave. Anyway, the ending is freakin cool. I love how Martin turns into the Dragon and owns the piss...
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    Maxtor HDD Problem

    Well, I made a thread a while back asking about how to recover things from my corrupt hard drive. At this point I've gotten everything really worthwhile off the drive, and now I'm attempting to format. Usually I don't have a problem with formatting, but for some reason Partition Magic isn't...
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    Potentially Corrupted Partition/Disk

    So, over the past few days, I have been having some problems with some things and I decided to reinstall Windows. No problems with that, but there is a problem with my storage drive, a Maxtor 300GB SATA drive. It has 3 partitons, but only 1 is showing up. The problem with that partition is...
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    HDD Setup

    Hey guys, Currently I have 2 hard drives and will be acquiring one for Christmas. Right now I have a 120GB and an 80GB, both of which are IDE. I'm getting the 74GB raptor for x-mas and was wondering if maybe I should pick up an SATA storage drive instead of these slow IDEs. Now, if this...
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    Need Help Choosing

    Well, I'm not exactly an audiophile nor have I really been into headphones, but I want to "take the plunge" and buy a good, non-20-dollar pair from Best Buy. I've been browsing a few forums and reading some reviews trying to find a pair that looked good to me. I've been debating between...
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    Getting USB 2.0 to work on MSI K8N Neo2 Plat.

    I'm really not sure what the solution to this problem is, but I'm hoping you guys can help me. I've installed the drivers off of the MSI driver disk and followed all the instructions for Windows XP, and any device I connect is not recognized at USB 2.0. I get the error "This device can run...
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    P180 Questions

    I have a few questions about the Antec P180. Is this piece able to be removed without any detrimental effects? How heavy is the case? If I, every so often, wanted to take it to a friend's house, would it it be fairly easy? I'm not talking every day, maybe once a month. And would a...
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    What should I do?

    Couldn't think of an enticing, yet non-noob-sounding thread title, so I just chose this one :p. My last WC setup had to be kinda tossed aside because of a few moves and I didn't feel like getting a new block for my A64, so I went back to aircooling. Now, I've been thinking about putting some...
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    VIVO Question

    The simplest question about VIVO possible: How do I get it to work? I have the cables, etc., can hook it up, but what do I need to view it? What software or anything else? Thanks, (sorry for the noob question) Alex P.S. - Googled it, and found nothing, in case anyone is wonder...
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    Extracting Audio from a Movie

    Okay, I have a WMV file, and I don't want to send the whole 105mb to my friend. Is there a way to extract the audio in Windows Movie Maker or what? Or anyone know of a 3rd party (free) app that I can use? Much thanks, Alex
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    T-Line Question

    Before anyone gets angry, I used the search feature and came up with nothing. Anyway, on to my question. I'm going to be redoing my loop over the break, and I got a T for christmas. What do I need to plug the top with? I don't want to spend the $15 on a DD Fill cap, are there any...
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    Overclocking A P3

    Okay, well, I know this is a noob question, but I figured why not ask it anyway. I am in the process of formatting and installing Windows 98 on an old Pentium 3 of mine. Its an old Gateway from 2001. Not sure of the mobo, but i'm using 384MB of PC100 RAM, 9200se, and a couple ghetto rigged...
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    Is this TCCD...if not, what to get?

    Now, this is not a "noob memory thread". I actually know what i'm talking about. This PC4000 PQI (here) it TCCD? I know PQI Turbo 2-2-2-5 PC3200 is, but I'm wondering if it is TCCD or not. If its not TCCD, I'm wondering if spending the extra $30 over this would really be worth it...
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    Memory Upgrade

    Well, I was dissapointed with the overclocking potential of my Mushkin PC3200 Lvl1 1gb dual channel kit, so I am now selling it, and looking at a new kit. With my limited knowledge of good RAM, I am asking you guys for help. I am looking at any sticks with the Samsung TCCD chips, and...
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    HL2 Save Files

    Okay, well, my computer is being uber gay, so I decided to format and reinstall windows. But i want to keep my HL2 save games, cuz i don't wanna hafta start the game over. Where are they, and can i just copy them into a folder and put them back later? thanks! alex
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    How do other people do this?

    Sorry for the noob question, but I see this a lot and i was wondering if anyone could explain this to me: i see people hosting pictures, web pages, etc., on an IP address (, etc.), what is it? how do i do it, and what do i need to accomplish this. i'd like a fast, easy way...
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    Is CH-6 any good? or worth anything?

    Alright, well, I bought this computer from an online retailer (not much is still actually from them) but I got this RAM from it: Buffalo PC3200U 256MB 400MHz CL2.5 32Mx64 DDR SDRAM now, i know what it all means, but i was wondering, it says on the actual chips: W942508CH-5 now, i've...
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    Crappy OC...what is the culprit?

    Okay...well, I'm not angry, ticked off, pissed, depressed, etc., just wondering what you guys think is the problem here: With my old RAM i was able to get up to 2.4GHz (i think with my old cooling too)...and now, for some reason, i can't get near it...2.4, for me is 218MHz FSB...which...
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    Next "Upgrade" Looming....

    Well, as Christmas rolls around, I figure that a, possible small, upgrade will take place. Now, I have yet to decide what I want to do, so I am asking you all this. I have thought of a few options, have gotten reccomendations from people, and these are the choices I have come up with (other...
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    Fortron 530W Help!

    ok...well, my rails are running low according to windows, but i will check in a little bit with a voltage meter...low in windows meaning like 11.6v on the 12v line doing NOTHING....anyway, my PSU is the Fortron 530w, and i was hoping some ppl could enlighten me as to how to change the voltage...
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    #%#&^$@ Problem

    Wow...right now, I'm on the brink of killing something....ANYWAY: to what you care about.... I just put my watercooling back in, and I'm having major problems. One being random restarts. I'll be doing NOTHING, and *WHAM* restart. Another problem is programs just randomly crash. Its...
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    Unreal Tournament 2004 GPFs

    Okay, i know this question has probly been asked, and its a serious problem for a lot of people, me being one of them.... UT2004 crashes for me, about 15 minutes into each game...its even more annoying now that i try to host my own NEVER happened before, and i even reinstalled...
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    How would I do this?

    ok, well, browsing the insanely expensive FrozenCPU database, i found the Koolance would i do this? also, is there any cheap alternative to an LCD from like earthLCD or whatever? preferrably $100 or less... Thanks! alex
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    New PSU options...

    okay, well, i'm thinking with a new case, i should probly get a new PSU (considering i have a POS 350W right now)...ANYWAY, after looking around and seeing what people have thought were good, i've narrowed it down to these: $89.99 OCZ Powerstream 420w -
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    I think I have a 2500-M by accident...

    alright, well, earlier this year i got my computer, and i ordered a 2500+ and i was I was looking up my stepping on google, and found someone that posted which steppings fit into the categories (barton or mobile) and my stepping (AQYHA) was listed under the mobile...another person...
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    Best pump?

    Okay, now I know this questions is a dumb one that has been asked numerous times, but my Via Aqua just died (after about a day and a half of usage) and i need a new one. These are my options (or others) and this is what i want from it: I want to be able to run my cpu block, gpu block...
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    Help please...corruption like mad!!!

    Well, i recently installed my watercooling system, and i'm getting mad corruption on everything...boot screen, windows, everything... i tried loosening/tightening the screws and that didn't seem to i not getting enough flow? should i get a new pump? not sure if this belongs...
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    How to install pump relay switch kit??

    okay, well, today is the day i put together my watercooling system...i have the swiftech one with the green circuit board... NOW, i searched around, googled a bit, but cannot find a clearcut "retard-can-understand" guide... if anyone can give me insight, that would be great, but what i...
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    Best Additive for temps?

    Alright...well, damn Fedex decided it didn't want to ship my Zerex 2 day, and so its not here >:O SO, in the mean time, i would like to know what i should put in my water: water wetter, antifreeze, other stuff? please reply, i'll be putting it together sunday, and I would like to get it...