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    Gentle Typhoon vs Fractal X2 GP-12?

    I am assembling my new rig, and have 5 120mm Gentle Typhoon D1225C12B5AP-15's from my last machine, and the new case came with two Fractal X2 GP-12's. New case has five 120mm fan spaces: What's the consensus on which is the better fan (air cooling), should I use my 5 Gentle Typhoons or use 3...
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    Stacker 830 worth anything today?

    Finally upgraded my primary rig and went to a mid-tower, I have an excellent condition CM Stacker 830 and have heard these still have some demand due to what I think is a timeless and very functional design. Is this case indeed still in demand to our modding community? Debating whether to sell...
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    Auzen X-Fi 7.1 Prelude

    Going through some items I'm not longer using, selling an excellent condition Auzen X-Fi Prelude 7.1 PCI sound card. Asking $40 shipped within the US
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    WTB: 27" or 30" LCD

    Prefer LED, but open to traditional LCD. Must be 2560x1600 or 2560x1440. Must have a valid warranty of some sort. Let me know what you have. Located in Austin TX, in the rare chance of a local option.
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    Receiver for Sunfire speakers?

    Hello all, I just bought a condo, and it came with some very high end Sunfire speakers installed in the living room. (CRS-3) I am new to receivers, in the past I have always just connected a 2.1 configuration running M-Audio DX8's directly...
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    Forcing Windows 7 drivers for new laptop?

    Hello all, Have a Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook (np540u3c-a02ub), and of course most new laptops these days come with Windows 8. I downgraded to Windows 7, and everything except for the internal wireless, ethernet, and USB controller is working fine in Windows 7. I have searched and searched...
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    Best sub-$1000 laptop with CAC reader

    I know this question gets asked all the time, but I'm looking for an option that I can't seem to find the ability to search for as a specificaiton on Newegg. I need a new laptop, but it MUST have an internal smartcard reader (for CAC cards). Looking for something under $1k with a good...
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    Wiring issues with new setup

    Hello all. I've got a new speaker setup, but have encountered a few issues in getting it hooked up properly. I have the following components in the loop: Auzentech Prelude X-Fi sound card Pair of M-Audio BX8 D2's Bic H100 Subwoofer I currently have them connected as follows: Triple headphone...
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    WTB: Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10

    Got a pair, thanks
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    Mini displayport to displayport

    I just got a Radeon 6950, and I want to run a triple monitor setup. I have Dell U2410s, which have displayport connectors and came with displayport cables. My video card has MINI displayport connections on the back, but didn't come with any adapters to convert them into regular displayport. I...
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    Upgraded to 6950, stuck in boot loop

    Upgraded my old nVidia GTX 280 to a new Radeon 6950. Uninstalled all the drivers, and popped the new 6950 in. POSTs fine, everything displays normally and it doesn't make any warning beeps. It goes through the RAID screenn fine, then hits "Verifying DMI pool data" and reboots immediately...
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    WTB: Radeon 6950 2GB

    Got one
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    Single card to run triple (non-gaming) monitor setup

    Hello, I'm currently running a GTX 260, which only supports two monitors at once. I want to have the following plugged into a single video card: -2x Dell U2410 -1x Samsung 46" LED via HDMI When I game, I only play on one monitor, so I'm not looking for something that can game while...
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    1.5 TB Seagates, 2GB DDR3 laptop ram, ATI Remote Wonder

    Selling off a few things I don't use anymore. Everything is available for about $5 less if you pick it up, I'm in West Los Angeles. Heatware under cascadesystems Samsung 2GB DDR3 10600 laptop ram kit. Two sticks, 1GB each. They are completely unused, I pulled them from my Alienware when I...
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    Slimming down Blu-ray rips

    When I started ripping my Blu-ray collection, I had 4x 1.5 TB drives to store it all on, and figured I would be fine ripping them as images with AnyDVD HD. About a year later, I've realized that this was an unrealistic plan, as most of my drives are just about full. I also find it pretty...
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    FS: ATI Remote Wonder

    For sale is a lightly used ATI Remote Wonder home theater PC remote control. Selling it because I don't use it anymore, but it works perfectly and has good batteries in it. $15 shipped to your door
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    WTB: 8GB DDR3 kit for laptop

    Just picked up a M11x R2, and it only is packing 2GB of ram stock. I want to throw it up to 2x 4GB for 8GB, let me know what you have.
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    WTB: Laptop (LED, portable)

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    Fry's TV Deals

    Just letting everyone know, if you have a Fry's around, they've got some pretty sweet unadvertised in-store only prices on TV's. I picked up a Sony KDL40EX700 (40" LED 120Hz) for $599. They also had an LG 47" 120Hz LCD for 599.
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    2407wfp vs 2408wfp?

    I currently have a 2408wfp and want to add a second monitor for duals. I've seen 2407wfp's selling for fairly cheap, and wondering how they compare to the 2408wfp? I know naturally being a different panel type and somewhat older, it's not quite as good as the 2408. They appear similar, and my...
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    WTB: Dell 2408wfp

    Looking to pick up a second 2408wfp to go with the one I already have for a dual monitor setup. Located in West Los Angeles, if you happen to be local. All set
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    FS: Silverstone Nimiz TJ-03 Case (Black w/ Window)

    I really hate to do it, but I'm selling my Silverstone TJ-03. It's made of beautiful black brushed aluminum, and I bought a windowed side panel for it. It comes with an upgraded front 120mm intake fan, a new filter, and fairly new LED rear exhaust fans. Every cable in the case is sleeved...
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    FS/FT: WD RaptorX 150GB (x2)

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    Samsung DLP making a buzzing noise, but works fine

    Hello all, My Samsung HLP-5063 DLP starting making a loud buzzing noise recently. It works perfectly, and doesn't seem to shut off by itself or anything. Picture is very bright is clear, it just makes this obnoxious noise constantly, and continues to make the noise for about five seconds...
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    WTS: Dimension 4600c Slim HTPC

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    Trying to install new hard drive in MacBook Pro

    My Mac friends, I need your help in the foreign (to me) language of Apple. I inherited a MacBook Pro without a hard drive. I went out and got a new 500GB Hitachi drive, ripped the Mac apart, installed it, and tried to install OS X via DVD. No go, it wouldn't detect the hard drive. I took the...
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    Copying data off a Mac SATA Drive (GPT Protected Partition)

    Essentially, Mac crashed, but the hard drive is physically fine. I'm trying to get the data off of it by slaving it to my Windows 7 gaming machine. The only problem is that I cannot assign it a drive letter or access it in any way, as it seems to be a "GPT Protected Partition." I want to pull...
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    Optiplex GX620 (upgraded to HTPC)

    Selling an Optiplex GX620 enterprise computer that I upgraded to use as a media center HTPC with my HDTV. I recently upgraded to a new HTPC, and thus am selling the old one. Internals are dust-free and the wiring is neat. Has completely fresh, legitimate installation of Windows XP...
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    AnyDVD HD isn't working for "Lord of War"

    I've had great luck backing up my Blu-ray collection using AnyDVD HD, but I recently ran into a problem when trying to back up my Lord of War disc. It gets stuck at 40% and says "Error reading disc." The disc plays fine, and isn't scratched at all. Any ideas?
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    Acer P241w vs. Dell 2408

    I dropped my old 24" LCD off the desk and destroyed it yesterday when I was moving furniture around, and thus I need a new screen. I'm looking at picking up second hand LCD's, and am considering two that look pretty solid. Bottom line, cost not being a factor, which would you go with and...
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    WTB: 1920x1200 LCD

    So I dropped my 24" LCD today when I was moving in, and thus I need a new one. I ran off to Fry's and Best Buy, and could only find gay 1920x1080 monitors, I want my 1920x1200 damnit. Looking for something above average to high end, no Hyundai or junk brands. Let me know what you have.
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    Socket 754 Media Center computer minus CPU and Case

    I have the following extra components after buying an entire computer to get my hands on the very rare case all this stuff was housed in. As a result, I'm selling off the guts, as I don't really have a use for any of this. Prices include shipping. Everything is dust-free as well. Heatware...
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    FS/FT: Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers

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    Sempron, Abit NF8, Zalman PSU, DDR, 300GB, FX5200, TV card, 7.1 soundcard, DVD-ROM

    made a new thread to consolidate items
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    Looking for a sub to pair with Swan M200MKII's for ~$200

    Title says it all, I'm looking for a sub woofer in the $200 price range to pair with the Swan M200MKII's I have coming in the mail. I'd like to keep the price around $250 at most. I've had my eye on this: Is this a...
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    Every once in a while my audio goes berserk

    I don't know how to describe this exactly, but every once in a while when I play any audio-related media, my sound just goes berserk. It sounds like a robot is about to self destruct. It can happen when I click a new song in iTunes, when I play a video on youtube, play an .avi movie, etc. The...
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    Desktop speaker setup for ~$200

    Essentially, I'd like to enter the world of basic audiophile speakers and ditch my Klipsch Promedia 2.1's. I'd like to see for myself if all the Logitech and Klpisch bashing that goes on in this forum is justified. I primarily listen to 320kbps music and watch Blu-Rays on my desktop. I do...
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    WTB: Logitech Z-5500's (SF Bay/Silicon Valley or shipped)

    I'm looking to pick up a set of Z-5500's or better yet, some audiophile-level speakers for my gaming computer. I've been looking on craigslist, but the prices there seem a bit inflated. I know shipping is pretty painful for these things, but I figured I'd look here before resorting to haggling...
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    Hard drive solution for storing Blu-rays

    I've decided on ripping my Blu-rays to hard disk as opposed to burning them to recordable media. I need a large drive to store these massive images on. So far, it seems that any drive 1.5TB or up, Seagate is the only company to make a 7200rpm drive. I have heard horror stories of Seagate...