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    Windows 7 constant network activity

    Does anyone know what causes constant network activity in Windows 7? I'm seeing what looks like constant pings that make the lights on my switches flash every few seconds. I think it has something to do with Windows 7 file sharing. Is there a service I can turn off to stop the network...
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    Beta test for Help Conquer Cancer with GPU Application Versions,32803
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    FS: Q9300

    Intel Q9300 SLAWE Stepping CPU only, no heatsink Never overclocked $75 + shipping from 19342. I will take Paypal.
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    FS: Dell Inspiron 530 Tower

    Dell Inspiron 530 Tower Pentium Dual Core e2180 2GB RAM 250GB hard drive DVD+/-RW Keyboard / Mouse Windows Home Basic Service Tag GH56FH1 $95 + shipping from 19342. I will take Paypal only.
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    cheap quad upgrade?

    I scored a q9300 tonight on ebay as a cheap upgrade of the e5200 box in my sig. I'm having regrets it's not worth the money or the hassle. I'm thinking 2GB ram is not enough for a quad core. It probably needs a new power supply as well. It's running a old Antec 350W one now. I was trying to...
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    cheap quad upgrade?

    I scored a q9300 tonight on ebay as a cheap upgrade of the e5200 box in my sig. I'm having regrets it not worth the money or the hassle. I'm thinking 2GB ram is not enough for a quad core. It probably needs a new power supply as well. It's running a old Antec 350W one now. I was trying to avoid...
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    Need power supply recommendation

    I need a recommendation on a power supply for a dedicated folder. Would a EA380 be enough to safely power this setup? Or should I go with a EA430 instead for future upgrades? No plans for a separate graphics card. System will be dedicated to WCG only. Athlon x4 640 4GB RAM 1 250GB HDD...
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    Machine check errors

    I'm getting machine check errors and random reboots on a old AMD Sempron 3000+ box that serves as our family computer. I cleaned out the heatsink and case thinking that was the problem but it rebooted again today with the same errors. CPU temp is 47C at 100% load. No overclocking. It's been...
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    WCG: Computing for Clean Water project launch
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    Quad-core upgrade?

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the $99 AMDx4 630 w/free motherboard deal at Microcenter and selling the E5200 and Gigabyte board in my main rig. Would it make more sense to get a cheap Intel C2Q (Q8200) and sell the E5200 instead? The system is in a Antec SLK1650 case with a...
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    New A3 project - 6050

    Just picked up a 6050 A3 unit ... it's not listed on the project summary page yet ... it's doing 24 min / frame on my AMD dual core rig. [15:07:26] Project: 6050 (Run 0, Clone 105, Gen 0) [15:07:26] [15:07:26] Assembly optimizations on if available. [15:07:26] Entering M.D. [15:07:33]...
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    anyone still running CPU clients?

    I'm seeing lots of work shortages and server outages running the CPU client on two single-core machines. One machine has been trying to send/receive work for almost a full day. I have three dual cores running A3 units perfectly. It's not worth the hassle running these machines on FAH for...
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    SMP2 core update
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    Core A2 2.10 performance "fix" [for Dual-Core setups]

    Just tried this .. so far so good .. performance seems to be back to pre-2.10 levels running notfred (USB) on a dual-core box.
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    Noisy WD2500KS hard drive

    I have a Western Digital WD2500KS hard drive in one of my folding boxes that is really noisy. It sounds like a popcorn machine. The box has a fresh install of Win XP Pro w/SP3. No antivirus software is installed and the drive is regularly defragged. I'm pretty sure I'm not running any tasks...
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    power reduction

    I got new rates with my electric bill this week ... looks like a 2% increase across the board ... looking for some advice on ways to save power and still get similar production. Here's what I'm running right now ... FAH SMP - notfred (via USB) 1250-1350 PPD Stock Dell Dimension...
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    PNY 9600GSO 768MB $50 AR

    PNY Verto GeForce 9600 GSO 768MB Overclocked Video Card $50 AR What kind of production would I get with this card? It's going to be a pain but I'm thinking...
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    FS: Intel E5200+Mobo+RAM

    For sale: Intel Pentium E5200 CPU --> $69 shipped Gigabye GA-G31M-ES2L motherboard --> $55 shipped 2x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 RAM --> $27 shipped I bought these parts at Microcenter a couple of weeks ago ... they've been folding flawlessly on WCG since being installed. I'd like to...
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    normal e5200 temp while folding?

    I recently added another dual-core machine to the farm ... E5200 (stock) Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L 2x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 I'm seeing CPU temps of 38-40C at idle and 50-52C while folding with WCG and FAH. I have to run the case fan at full speed to keep the CPU temp from going any...
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    Possible to run a quad-core with a 350w PSU?

    I've been thinking lately about upgrading my single core Semprons. Not sure if I want to go with cheap quad-cores or energy efficient dual-cores. Both machines are in this case ... I want to reuse the case, power supply and drives...
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    SB5100 Hardware Versions

    Does anybody know what the differences are between Motorola SB5100 Hardware Versions 1 and 3? I have a SB5100 v1 modem ... config file I'm getting from Comcast won't load ... upstream signal level does not register in the signal page ... doesn't seem to be a issue since everything works fine...
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    Motorola SB5100 disconnect issue

    I have a Motorola SB5100 cable modem that disconnects alot. Power-cycling usually gets it functioning again. Speeds are good when is stays connected. The upstream power level is showing 0dBmV on the Signal page. It won't download the latest config file / firmware from Comcast. I'm getting...
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    WCG: Clean Energy Project launch
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    Cable modem - rent or buy?

    My cable modem has been disconnecting alot lately. I'm thinking it may be time to replace it. It's a Motorola Surfboard 5100. I bought it 5 years ago so I wouldn't have to rent one from Comcast. They're telling me it needs to be replaced (config file download failures, low upstream signal...
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    stop allowing dual cores to run SMP?

    Ok, is it me or is becoming obvious running the SMP client on a dual core isn't worth it anymore? My PPD is in the toilet. My Dell boxen are no longer getting a steady stream of A2 units with the notfred disk. The A2 units have pretty much dried up. I'm getting killed with 51xx WUs. 5101...
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    Let it run or dump it?

    After a long run of Amber 45xx WUs, I got a Gromacs33 5113 WU on my Sempron 2800+ box tonight. It looks like the Ambers are starting to run out. It's going to take 3.5 days 215 PPD to complete. There's something about taking that long to process a work unit that bothers me. I'm running the...
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    Dell 530s CPU fan pulsating with A2 units

    The CPU fan on my Dell 530s started pulsating ever since I started getting A2 units. I know the A2 core works the CPU harder but the sound is rather annoying sitting next to it. It doesn't happen on my Dell 521 tower. I'm assuming the fan speed in the bios is set to keep the machine as cool...
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    AGP GPU2 Upgrade

    I'm considering getting a AGP video card for one of my single-core boxen and running the GPU2 client. Here's the specs on the system ... Asus K8V-MX mobo (socket 754) Sempron 64 2800 (palermo) 512 MB RAM Antec 350W PSU 110 PPD Which ATI video card would provide the most bang for the...
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    WCG stats are not updating

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but has anyone noticed WCG stats are not updating?
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    Tax writeoff for boxen?

    If I give a monetary donation to a university, I can deduct it on my taxes. Wouldn't it be great if Stanford could provide a receipt for new dedicated boxen that could be used as a tax writeoff?
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    New Dell boxen

    I ordered a Dell Inspiron 530s with the e2160 from the Dell Outlet today. I should have it up and running next weekend. I'm going to run the SMP client with the diskless CD. My Dell Dimension E521 running the Windows SMP client is producing 800 PPD. I'm estimating I'll get 1K PPD out of the...
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    Asus A7S8X-MX Heat Issue

    I'm experiencing heat issues with a Asus A7S8X-MX motherboard. The north/southbridge chips get too hot to touch and the power supply gets rather hot as well. The power supply gets warm even when the system is turned off. I cleaned out the heatsink and applied AS5 which helped bring the CPU...