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    Fs/t 9700k and 970 water cooled rig. ATL area.

    Not looking to part out yet. I can commute to sell/trade. I am wanting to trade for a Ryzen cpu upgrade the wife's pc from the 2600 I have in it now and 16gb of ram. I'm not sure of what the system is worth at this point, so I'll throw a $600 tag on it. :) I'm not using it much so I'm open to...
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    Oil addition to loop?

    I googled a bit, but didn't find anything so maybe it's just a really dumb idea. I thought I'd seek some [H] experience before rigging a test loop to try it. Would there be any downside to adding a splash of oil into a water loop? Why add it? Well oil and water don't mix. With good flow, a...
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    Data usage by device?

    "managed firewall". Just had to change the search terms and I think I found the right rabbit hole to look down. I've google'd till my head hurt. I wasn't sure how to write this up, so I'll try to keep it simple. Ask if I'm missing any important details. Networking is something I've never been...
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    Best all-rounder on amazon for $400?

    Just checking to see if anyone sees anything better than I did. (There's not a lot) I was tasked by my brother to find a tower pc for my niece. His only requirement, other than the $400 budget, is that it is multi monitor capable. Just needs the tower/desktop. He has or will get monitors. I'd...
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    WTT large d5 reservoir for a smaller one

    I have a xspc d5 photon reservoir I picked up from here a while ago for a build I’m just getting to work on. Turns out it’s a few inches to big once assembled. I’m not picky on brand, this didn’t come with the pump, but I can include the swiftech I have if you happen to have a ddc combo to...
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    New Synology owner tips/questions?

    Due to a recent thread here, you guys convinced me to go Synology for a NAS box. That said, before it gets here and I get it setup completely wrong,I thought I’d get some input on tips or settings I should consider. I’ve never used a NAS so I’m pretty new to the specifics. I skimmed through the...
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    PC game controller recommendation?

    Any recommendations on a wireless game controller/set? I have bought a couple xbox clones on amazon, but they both randomly disconnect and have the odd bug here and there. It's just for couch gaming with stuff like lego games or mega man, so it doesn't have to be amazing. Reliable and possibly...
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    Learning to code through Minecraft? (for a kid)

    I have an 8 year old obsessed with everything minecraft. He want's to create stuff for it...but I am not a programmer, nor do I even know where to start on material to present to him. He's not exactly trustworthy enough to give free reign to Google, but he's a great reader and has plenty of...
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    wtb broken/cheap AIO

    I am looking for an lga 775 compatible cpu block/pump combo. I'm trying to liquid cool a small commercial style ncr box and I'm having trouble finding a place to stuff a pump. Figure'd I'd see what you guys might have I could salvage from. The fan spots are all 60mm so no generic AIO will...
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    Wtb simple laptop w/dvd

    Trying to find a replacement for an elderly grandmother who has an xp era laptop she uses to watch movies. It was slow when it was new. It's near useless now. Anything sandybridge and newer is fine. A working battery is a plus, but hoping to not spend a bunch. Lmk what yall have! Thanks.
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    What is this about LED tvs I’m seeing?

    I’ll lead off with, I’ve been clinging to my 720p LG plasma for as long as I can remember and love it. I know it’s days are numbered, and would like to have a game plan. I know I cannot describe it well so I’ll try my best. All my experience with LED TVs is at friends and families and they...
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    Wtb ps4

    I’m looking to pickup a ps4 with 2 controllers. Beyond that I’m not super picky. Prefer decent condition and a box would be awesome, but not essential. Mods/upgrades/ whatever don’t bother me as long as it still plays disk games fine. My budget is $200. I have a little wiggle room if any extras...
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    Cheap(er) shipping?

    Holy Christmas, shipping has gotten insane! It cost me nearly $20 to usps a router with basic priority. What do you guys use to ship? Any alternatives that are more fairly priced? I like to include shipping in prices to make it easier on buyers, but the last few items were almost cringe...
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    Buy my Junk!

    Throughout the week I'll try to test this stuff out more, and I will price individually/group it better. I am still working on getting things posted and photographed. Feel free to throw out offers on whatever. Most things do not have original boxes. If there is something specific you want info...
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    Does skylake have the nic in cpu?

    I’m working on a pc that won’t communicate with the domain. It says it’s connected to the network and it sends packets. It just never receives any back. We tried switching ports, cables, all the easy stuff. We replaced the mobo (onboard NIC), but the issue remains. Some are suggesting cpu, but...
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    Samsung g930f s7 unlocked

    I have a galaxy s7 g930f I recently upgraded from. I'm looking to get $85 for it. Shipped f&f. Otherwise price doesn’t include shipping. I can also hand deliver anywhere in or near the metro ATL area. I'm not the quickest at shipping, but I can normally have it it the mail within 36 hours unless...
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    Stop IOS from offloading apps

    my work phone has developed a minimalist personality. I have about 4gb free on a 32gb phone. It constantly offloads random apps. It offloaded the mail app an hour after I used it... I use the news widget/app a lot and it still purges that a few times a week....I’d get it if it off loads unused...
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    Cored flex tubing

    I’m considering using some copper pipe bends to clean up the look a little. Talk me out of it? Haha I can get a stick of rigid copper pretty cheap and can make pretty good sweaping 90° Bends. Run the flex over it to keep it from drooping or kinking. I already have the barbs and crap so I really...
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    system usage monitoring software

    Is there any software that will monitor system resources over say a week and graph it or provide useful feedback? I run a home server and I’m trying to figure which path to take on upgrading. Ie, is more ram enough or is the 2500k too slow, just internet? Etc. I have to break down the water loop...
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    Multi network setup help

    If this is even possible, I need to set up 2 wifi networks that work independently but route together. I have a handful of wifi cameras that when I set to record, my entire network slows to a crawl. I have tried numerous routers and the issues remain. Yes wifi cameras suck, but I'm not in a...
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    wtb media HDD for $100

    looking to pick up the largest capacity drive I can get for ~$100. Internal/external doesn't matter. It's only for storing shows/movies for my plex server. I'm running out of space and I don't have time to vulch BF/cyber monday. :) shipped to 30052. found. Thanks!
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    Recommendations Small, cheap windows laptop with rj45

    Buying for corporate use so has to be somewhere that takes visa and has recipts or I’d be hitting up the f/s forums. :) Planning on buying more than 10 laptops in one go. Rj45 is the part that makes it hard to keep with low profile, but these are tools to go in a work truck and used a couple...
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    Clone/distribution software

    I have a linux computer that has factory software that if the drive dies, they expect me to buy a new computer.... Is there anything fairly simple out there that will let me clone the drive, without booting into that drive (ie: live usb or something), that I can also use to restore...
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    Shielded vs unshielded wiring a house.

    I plan to run cat 6 through my house to hook up some poe cameras and just to make sure I don't have to rely on wifi everywhere. That said, what's the benefit of shielded? It's significantly more expensive. I plan on running 2 leads to each of 4 rooms so maybe 8 to 10 runs total (assuming 2...
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    Honor 6x $120

    Sold Dropped to $100 and listed on swappa. Good condition. Bought it here on the forums not too long ago. Comes with the box at least. I might have the charger, but I’ll include at least a micro usb cable and -a- charger if not the honor charger. Also includes a simple case. Tried to take...
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    $200 phone

    over asked question I’m sure, but if you were in the market for a $200ish phone today, what would you buy? I’ve been using an honor 6x and its slow as fuck. If I don’t find anything I like, I’ll try to root and rom it before spending much more. I was looking into a samsung 930u (s7 w/...
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    Wtb gigabit ddwrt router

    Edit: found one. I appreciate all the offers! trying to talk myself out of a $140 wrt3200acm refurb from linksys. I have a few non ddwrt capable ac routers I can offer to trade if desired, but I prefer the ddwrt for this particular application and my archer c7 is on the fritz. Doesn’t even...
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    Using a sata disk drive via usb?

    I have a tower without a 5.25 slot. That’s fine, But as a htpc, it’d be nice to scrap the bluray player backup if possible. I have a drive from the old tower. And I bought a sata to usb adapter. It converts to a usb2 for power and a second port that’s 3.0 for data and I’d suspect auxiliary...
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    Wtb ~10" netbook windows compatible

    Looking for a cheap (<$100) 10" or so laptop to use for work. It will only be used to run a few programs needed to activate equipment. Software is only compatible with windows, but I can supply windows if needed, it just has to be compatible. First gen acer aspire is powerful enough for this...
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    Keeping pc awake but still auto logout and open port security issues.

    I am using my htpc as a plex server. I am new to plex and open "server" access too. Ports opened online for remote access. A) is there a way to set up the pc to lock automatically (so when I get distracted or the girlfriend forgets, tge kids can't come fuck shit up), but at the same time stay...
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    Wrt1200 not enough :(

    Upgrading my security system has taken a toll on my network. Running about a dozen wifi cameras and a hand full of misc (phones, tablets, laptops) devices. (20 connected devices at any given time) I am using the wrt1200 (ddwrt) currently as a client bridge to just run the security system and...
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    First attempt at acrylic etching

    Shitty picture, but it's a start. Turned out better than I thought it would. The border around the cutout isn't final or secured hence the loose look. Sadly after googling dell dimension mod for ideas, one of the few were pretty much the same color scheme I'm going for but whatever, I can be...
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    Wifi antenna

    Looking for a good value antenna to boost signal to an outdoor nvr camera. It works 70% of the time so only needing to add a little extra umpf before contacting zmodo for warranty. I see them go for $10 to way too much on Amazon, just wondering if anyone has tried their luck and had success...
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    5.25 external adapter

    I can't seem to find one through Google, Amazon or Newegg. Maybe I'm just overlooking them. I want to move my htpc to my s340 tower but I'd like to keep my bluray drive around just in case. Do I need to buy a pre-made external?
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    Dummy laptop for a phone?

    I have an iPhone 7 plus through work and there are a couple apps that I could really use a keyboard and larger screen for. Is there such a thing? I've seen slide out keyboards for a regular 6 which would probably be easier, but I don't see any for the 7 plus yet.
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    Replacement laptop displays

    I remember a day when if you had a broken LCD on your laptop, you were dead in water and the cost of replacing was more than a new computer (considering time and tracking down into that). I was able to order a 1080p TN panel to upgrade my girlfriends laptop from 720p and an ips panel for mine...
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    Power supply or mobo?

    My htpc is giving me some issues, and of course it's not at the best of times. It has issues coming up from sleep. It lights up but no display. Sometimes plugging in the external hard drive causes a hard reset. Sometimes it freezes while accessing the system. So I'm thinking either dead board...
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    $600 all rounder for a family member

    Picking up from MC tomorrow. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Photoshop and he says he'll be gaming, but I'm expecting a 1050 will be plenty for him at this budget 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 600ish 3) Which country do you...
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    Wtb <$100 cpu/mobo combo

    Seeing if I can get better than this: Cpu (AMD A6-7400K $45 on amazon) Mobo (Gigabyte AMD FM2+ A68H $50 on amazon) Shipping to 28277 “Upgrading“ an old dell so it has to be micro atx and ddr3. I have a video card already for it so it doesn't even need on board video. I live a little too far...
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    Help my parents watch tv together again :)

    I have little knowledge or experience in the home theater world so I don't know much about what is out there, prices, or what's a good buy so hopefully someone here can help me gather some ideas. My dad is loosing his hearing a bit and is just too stubborn to go get some aids. He's really not...