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  1. SeaFoam

    Alienware 17 980m 16gb sad, Strix 980ti
  2. SeaFoam

    980ti On Deathbed?

    I'm chasing an issue with my video card - or some other piece of my system. I'm not sure what the issue is. Anyways, I have a Strix 980ti, only use the GPU tweak presets and before I replaced my motherboard and processor games would run terribly slow until the system was rebooted. This happened...
  3. SeaFoam

    One-sided long(ish) range Wi-Fi

    So they have severely limited our internet access at work, we work 24 hour shifts, so that's not going to fly. They won't allow us to buy our own line, so the only choice we have is accessing the school's wifi network. The school is 900 ft, line of sight, from the top of our garage. I don't know...
  4. SeaFoam

    WTB Z77 motherboard

    Title says it all, looking for a Z77 motherboard. ATX, 4 ram slots and good overclocking support. So, a 'gaming' board.
  5. SeaFoam

    WTB: PSU and GPU

    Looking for a PSU that's 450W or above, under $50. Also looking for a GPU under $100 that can be used for games.
  6. SeaFoam

    WTB Western Digital Red 3tb Drives

    Just what the title says, I need some 3tb red drives.
  7. SeaFoam

    Adding Drives To Existing Array? LSI 9211/Highpoint 2720SGL

    So I have 5 3tb drives now and it's time to get them in an array, except one will be full for sure before I move everything over. So I'll be building a raid 5 or 6 array with 4 drives initially, then once I move the information over, the 5th drive will be added. The two controllers I've been...
  8. SeaFoam

    XFX R9 290

    Selling my 290, it's a 'Black Edition', hasn't been used for mining, hasn't been overclocked, I just want to get a second DirectCU II - OCD about things matching. $480 shipped, original box, all...
  9. SeaFoam

    WTB: GPU up to $125

    What the title says, I need a GPU for my 'work' desktop. It'd be nice to be able to play games with it, not necessary, though.
  10. SeaFoam

    R9 290 Eyefinity Monitor Blink

    My previous 4 cards have worked, no problems, with both a powered active adapter and a unpowered active adapter. Since I've switched to the new card, neither of them work and my monitor blinks constantly... Anyone have any ideas? I'm on the latest drivers and a clean install.
  11. SeaFoam

    WTB: HTPC/low power/cheap system

    I just cut the cord, so I'm looking for a couple of cheap systems to use as HTPCs, or sickbeard boxes.
  12. SeaFoam

    3 Gigabyte 6950 2gb reference shader unlocked

    All sold.
  13. SeaFoam

    Upgrading cards - currently 3x 6950s

    My video cards are starting to get a little long in the teeth. I'm running trifire 6950 2gbs, so I'll be selling them. I run 3 screens, so what I have been looking at is 2x 7970 3gbs, or any suitable replacements, for that matter. What is going to be my best choice for this? Brand doesn't...
  14. SeaFoam

    Razer Lycosa $40 Blackwidow Ultimate $80

    Lycosa is new, BWU is a refurb. Decent deal though, I just bought a second surround sound system though - so I better not...
  15. SeaFoam

    WTB Sandy Bridge CPU and PSU

    I'm looking for a decent Sandy Bridge. I am building my partner at work a new computer, he lost everything in a fire Saturday while we were out on a call. Please let me know. Found a PSU, just need a CPU now...
  16. SeaFoam

    $500-600 Gaming Rig

    Going to help my friend build a new PC, the only thing it's really going to be used for is gaming. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $500-600 tax and shipping included. I have a Prime...
  17. SeaFoam

    Spilled Sweet Tea on Laptop

    So I nailed the keyboard, but got it flipped and powered off in time. Motherboard looked good, keyboard started to stick pretty bad. I said fuck it, here's what I did - if it works, I'll let you guys know. Oh no, he's not...
  18. SeaFoam

    Mini PCI gps tracker?

    Anyone make something like this? If the laptop were ever stolen then you could track it like a cell phone, I haven't been able to find anything on Google. Would be nice.
  19. SeaFoam

    3x 6950 2gb Unlocked

    Selling 3 Gigabyte 6950 2gb reference design, all are shader unlocked. I believe they are all under warranty as well. Looking for $160 each or $460 for all 3.
  20. SeaFoam

    Keep the 6950s or dump them?

    I'm running 3 6950 2gbs (with the 70 flash) and I'm wondering if I should dump them and go with something else. Running 3 1680x1050s on them. Thoughts? I don't mind spending a little cash with the sale money for an upgrade, as long as it would be worth it.
  21. SeaFoam

    Mechwarrior Online

    Any of you playing it? Weenis and I are founders. Add us! SeaFoam and Camisado84
  22. SeaFoam

    Sager NP9170

    Anyone have one? Time to replace my G73-JH. Was going to go with the 7990M and Steelseries keyboard upgrade. I'm open to other suggestions, but at the moment it seems to be the only one worth a look at $1600.
  23. SeaFoam

    WTB Arma 2 Combined Operations

    PM me if you have a copy. Thanks
  24. SeaFoam

    Battery 'popping'?

    So for the second time today, something in my laptop has popped... The first time I didn't think anything of it, thought perhaps it could have been speakers. Well, it just did it again and this time it was louder and I felt it through the table. The charging light isn't on any longer...
  25. SeaFoam

    I need a new game

    Tired of Diablo 3, no group to play Day-Z with. Action, RTS, FPS, doesn't matter to me... I have just had a hard time finding a worthy game lately. Suggestions?
  26. SeaFoam

    WTB Razer Lycosa Mirror Keys

    Specifically the space bar, there are a few others I could use, but that's the main one. Hell, I'd take the regular edition as well. I'd just change a few keys to the textured ones.
  27. SeaFoam

    Good wireless AP/switch without all the extras

    I'm looking for a wireless AP/switch/router, I don't need any QoS or routing since I'm running a pfsense box. Any ideas? I don't want to have to pay for something that won't be used. There are about 10 wireless clients, so I need something that isn't going to knock everything down to 54...
  28. SeaFoam

    WTB British member's use of their SkyGo account

    Title says it all, I want to pay you to use your SkyGo account so I can watch F1 this season. I have a UK VPN but don't know anyone there that has a Sky TV account. If not, could I use your address so that I can sign up for my own account? PM me please!
  29. SeaFoam

    Razer Tiamat reviews?

    Did anyone pick up a pair of these yet? I was thinking of getting them since I trashed the mic on my Razer Carcharias (stepped on the cord, broke the connector) and have been looking to replace. Kyle, any plans for an official review? I'm at a toss up between some Astro A40s, a mixamp...
  30. SeaFoam

    WTB: WD Caviar Black HDD

    640 gb+ w/ warranty - I have heat and verified paypal
  31. SeaFoam

    Anyone heard of a G73 sata controller going bad?

    I hope it just needs a wipe and all will be well. First, the second hard drive would just disappear or click, so I thought it was the issue. Now, however, it is crashing a lot and the event viewer has been showing a lot of errors on port0, 1 (before I took that drive out) and even 2 (dvd)...
  32. SeaFoam

    WTB XIM3 (xbox 360/ps3 keyboard mouse adaptor)

    I need at least two, maybe three. Have heatware.
  33. SeaFoam

    Media server for PC to Android over 3G/4G?

    I am looking for a serving program to put on my HTPC/media server so that while I'm away I can stream stuff to my phone and keep myself entertained. Is there a program for PC that can do this? It doesn't matter if it's an http interface or has an complimentary app on Android.
  34. SeaFoam

    WTB: Droid 2/Droid X/etc

    I'll bite if the price is right, if not I'm going to get a new phone today - my OG Droid has finally died and the insurance claim isn't worth it.
  35. SeaFoam

    WTB: DDR2 - 1gb sticks

    I need 1gb DDR2 sticks, pm me. Desktop - sorry, should have been specific :)
  36. SeaFoam

    Killing Floor Servers

    I have 2 - they are hard/long, vac secured. I can rename them to whatever, PM me or reply here. Or Loco you can just talk to me in tinychat.
  37. SeaFoam

    Fastest xvid/mkv to DVD converter?

    I searched a bit, right now I'm using ConvertXtoDVD and although it is multicore it only uses about 10% of each. I'm looking for something faster, if there's a GPU based one that would be fine as well. I just can't find anything. TL;DR Need a fast multicore/gpu based xvid/mkv to dvd converter.
  38. SeaFoam

    Powercolor 5970

    Selling my 5970, box and all accessories included. $430 shipped
  39. SeaFoam

    Going from 5970 to what???

    Budget is around $700 - was looking at 2 or 3 6950s (flashed of course), would that be the fastest solution or would I be better looking at nVidia? Thoughts?
  40. SeaFoam

    WTB: mATX LGA775 MB and HS/F

    Need it to replace gateway board so I can O/C. Also need a better HS/F