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  1. YeuEmMaiMai

    so... what do you think of the Anbernic 35X and variants

    Picked up one of these and I have to say that the build quality is on par with anything released by Nintendo or any other big player Screen: IPS 640*480 4:3 format CPU: RK3326 1.5GHz. GPU: Mali-G31 MP2. RAM: DDR3L 1GB. Storage: Up to 256GB microSD card support. OS: Linuxx Analog joy stick, D...
  2. YeuEmMaiMai

    So you want to upgrade your screen to 120/144/Etc hz?

    OK fellas, I just did the upgrade to my Dell 7577 from the OK IPS panel to a 120Hz TN Panel with 98% color accuracy. Part number i used was Innolux N156HHE-GA1 Install is pretty straight forward, remove snap in bezel and undo 4 screws, law screen down and peel up tape, unlatch connector and...
  3. YeuEmMaiMai

    Dell outlet: Got a Inspiron 7577 for $720...add in upgrades still under $850

    Machine came in at 720 for the following specs i5 7300 8GB ram 256GB SSD (NVME PCI-E) Nvidia 1060 Max-Q 1080p IPS I had a extra 1 TB Inland PCI-E NVME SSD so swapped in it was 16GB $60 Patriot DDR4 120hz Chei Mei panel $68 p/n N156HHE-GA1 This thing a good bang for the buck and even with...
  4. YeuEmMaiMai

    New PC build time

    I only need 3 things new mATX mainboard with 2 graphics card slots (one will be used for a 4x nvme card current gen CPU 32GB ram GIGABYTE Z390 119.99 Intel Core i5-9600K 264.99 Patriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 32GB (2 x 16GB) 3200MHz $144.99 Total about $530 Can I do better price wise or get...
  5. YeuEmMaiMai

    Dell Latitude 12 7000 7285

    Anyone have any experience with these? I have multiple Dell Tablets and they are still running strong Venue 8 Pro Venue 11 Venue 11 Pro Lattitude 5175 so just looking to see if it is worth getting as I am going to give my dad my 5175 to replace his Venue 11 that has been in service for many...
  6. YeuEmMaiMai

    Old time gaming machines, who has them and what are they?

    OK, just a quick question. what is the oldest gaming system you have that you still play games on? For me it is a 1981 TI 99/4A... and the favorites are Much Man Ti Invaders Parsec Tombstone city Star Trek Microsurgeon
  7. YeuEmMaiMai

    Retro Arcades, what do you all think about them?

    I picked up a Retro Arcade 3000 in 1 unit and from what I understand it is OK with some issues. Got it to just kill time at work while annoying my coworkers during my lunch (yes I have headphones for it) Should be cracked here in a week. Appears to be a dual core 526MHZ unit with 128GB
  8. YeuEmMaiMai

    Best Windows alternative that is still windows?

    With MS taking Windows 10 where people do no want to go, what do you think of this OS Pretty Alpha so far but it looks promising
  9. YeuEmMaiMai

    New to the Xbox One Scene...

    OK I essentially got my console for free due to a gift card that I got when I purchased my TV and since I wanted a 4K Blu-ray player, this was too good to pass up... Question is what are some fun relatively long single player games that I can play with it. I have already downloaded my entire...
  10. YeuEmMaiMai

    FS: 1 Vizio 47LFHDTV10A 47 inch 1080p LCD tv

    TV comes with remote and power cord/Owner's Manual. Great as a game system monitor or second TV. Does PIP with HDMI as primary other inputs as secondary. Inputs 4 HDMI PC Input (VGA) with 3.5mm stereo input 2 Component inputs regular composite video input RF antenna input for OTA HD Outputs...
  11. YeuEmMaiMai

    i am really beginning to hate windows 10, printer support sucks...

    What the fuck is wrong with Microsoft when you are trying to add an old USB printer and the stupid OS puts it under other devices and will not let you use it as a printer? Windows 10 Pro HP PSC 950 All in one printer nope, can't use it as a printer, just a freaking paperweight Works fine in 8...
  12. YeuEmMaiMai

    The cheap windows 10 tablet thread

    OK, How many of you have a cheap windows tablet? I wanted to see what the durability of these thing were so I got a NuVision tablet located here I have to admit that outside of battery life (4-5 hours)...