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    Complete AMD Radeon HD7xxx family specifications, pricing and release dates

    hmmm i wonder if the 7950s will unlock to 7970s this time around. I also feel the 7890 will be a fairly beastly overclocker got the full 32rops but lower shader count i would expect it to scale higher. might become the new price performance king in the entry high end segment
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    When big name douchebaggery gets out of hand

    this stuff never ceases to make me laugh. guys gotta be totally insane
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    Skyrim Acceleration layer

    yea i switched from SKSE to Skyboost R2 and i prefer Skyboost, with my setup SKSE plugin gave me 1-2 fps Skyboost R2 gave me 8 more on top of that. enough so that i could force 8192 shadow size and maintain 25+ fps
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    Corsair 500R Mid-Tower Case

    looking good so far 500R is nice case. might grab one myself just to mess with it.
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    What do you think about cheap cases?

    IT all depends if im going to mod a case. and it dosent need alot of room I would grab something like the Xigmatek Asgard II which is usually $30 USD its not special by any means but its pretty damn cheap and can be modded fairly easily. With Cheap cases just pick what works for you. most of...
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    Looking for the BEST PSU to replace AX1200

    only PSU i like better then AX1200 is the Antec HCP 1200w other then that I would stick with AX1200
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    HD7950 $449.00?

    meh hopefully 7950 unlocks would be a sweet value at $450 if it does.
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    PSU requirement for 7970?

    yea pretty much same power requirements as a 6970 i think peak load was only 10w more then a 6970 last i checked
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    Hard Drive Prices?

    correct the motors used in HDDs are sourced from a company in Thailand that company the name eludes me supplies 70% of all motors used in HDDs with there factory out of commission the other players in the industry that provide 30% of the market now have to supply the other 70% its a huge strain...
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    Which PSU to get from RMA?

    yea Toughpower XT 750 all the way. avoid the TR2
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    New Build Problem

    hmm try for shits and giggles setting the HDDs and sata devices to Staggered spinup, had this issue with an HX 850 with my system staggered spinup for whatever reason fixed it.
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    So apparently Battlefield 3 needs a sound card

    yea i had the same issues as well, planning to grab a Xi Fi Titanium PCI-E just to be done with it all and enjoy my games. the Asus Xonar is a damn good card a few buddies have them tried to get me to buy one but my boards slot layout wont allow for PCI sound card myself, but yea that Asus...
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    I need RAM! lots of RAM!

    yea that a huge amount of ram, i would say go sandybridge - E grab the 8 DIMM board and put in 4gb x 8 = 32 gb with a 6 core 12 thread CPU and call it a day.
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    AMD lays off 1400 employees, including execs

    i wonder if this will be good or bad for AMD time will tell, but FX did pretty much cripple there desktop market,
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    Rosewill BLACKHAWK ULTRA Gaming Super Tower Supports HPTX

    lol want to get this case to mess around with looks like it would be fun to modify.
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    We need you... in BF3... and BC2.

    Thinking about applying to join currently in TPU platoon, but feel like branching out and gaming with some new people.
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    Dead Island - Best Open World Zombie Game Ever?

    really wanted to get Dead Island still havent done so waiting for an awesome steam deal this winter before i do so mostly because DLC hasnt arrived and bugs are still numerous enough to warrant a wait. still games fun as hell played it a bit on 360, but want it on PC for sure.
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    BF3 build advice

    ID take a 6950 Twin Frozr III PE / OC then overclock the dog snot out of it call it a day, the TFIII comes with a 1.2v VID so you can hit 920-950 core before touching voltages and cooling is top notch that or id grabe a 2560mb GTX 570 and call it a day and overclock that as well.
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    I know its fun to hate on Carmack

    lol epic troll by Carmack he be trolling we be hatin
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    Elder Scrolls Skyrim World Size

    yea the map for Oblivion i think was said to be 16 square miles cant be sure and if memory servers me right Skyrim is supposed to be much the same.
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    BF3 Config Utility

    yea this utility is pretty much mandatory at this point to avoid aggrevation
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    Watch this and get free BF3 dogtags :)

    yea did this last night got the act of valor dog tags there fairly entertaining. glad i grabbed them.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    well if GTA V runs better on PC i might consider it but after IV and the issues with that game and with rockstar employees themselves stating the game engine should never have been used on PC in the first place, im gonna wait it out and see how this turns out.
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    If Quake was made today..

    ah quake miss the days of awesome frag matches where all that mattered was simply moving around like a rabbit on speed rocket jumping up and then raining death down on those below. good times.
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    Battlefield 3 Single Player Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    meh Jaggies are a pain for me but so is blurry image quality. when it comes to multiplayer ive turned AA off completely higher frame rate is better then less jaggies etc when it comes to smooth gameplay,
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for release on 11/11/11.

    I think im gonna way for Skyrim and not adopt at release, Bethesda is notorious for bugs at the begining, not to mention DX11 comes later so Ill wait a bit before I jump in. but Ill be damned if it wont be hard not to buy this anyway. really hoping the game delivers in an awesome way.
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    Seasonic Platinum-1000 1 Kilowatt Power Supply Review @ [H]

    nice really like the Seasonic Platinum 1000w seems every review so far has praised the unit makes me want to buy one.
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    Corsair vs. Seasonic RMA policies

    yea corsair is okay with RMA support, altho they did try and give me the run around when my 850HX died, Seasonic was pretty easy to deal with in the past not sure on how they stack up today.
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    HD 6970 + Dedicated GT 430 Hybrid Physx Mini Review

    always nice to see some user reviews and experiences thanks for the number crunching
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    ATI 6950 and Geforce 560Ti

    yea id say 6950 as well for BF3 it depends on what your doing currently AMD's drivers arent fully fleshed out yet, but crossfire is running smoothly for me without issue that and the 2gb framebuffer on the 6950s has come in handy a few times for me at this point, especially in other titles like...
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    H100 ok for 24/7 use?

    yea keeping things clean and in good working order is all you need to worry about, pump shouldnt have any issues. a buddies H50 has run since it was first released 24/7 still going strong now. so i wouldnt worry about it.
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    what 'old school' game would you like to see a sequel or new version?

    I have to agree with Sovern, would love to see Metal Gear Solid along with MGS2 and MGS3 get updated PC releases using the new game engine thats been created for Metal Gear Rising which is coming to PC so the work there is done. would be pretty damn awesome.
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    CPU Bottleneck Symptoms?

    most likely its a memory bottleneck and cpu bottleneck to an extent, crossfire is more cpu heavy since AMD changed the driver model awhile back, 11.4 i think? memory bandwidth is extremely important for crossfire, the Phenom II chips just lack it, in some titles it holds performance back...