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    Windows DNS -- possible to create record redirects user to

    Not sure exactly what you mean - it's neither a standard nor recommended, but most sites that have a CNAME for www -> root works this way. As an example, GET returns 301 found Otherwise, assuming CNAME www ->, how would the browser find the...
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    Windows DNS -- possible to create record redirects user to

    Yes, but in normal cases that is fine because the server returns a 301 or 302 moved with the correct hostname. Google simply chooses to direct every "unusual" URI to for whatever reason.
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    Confused on bulk cat5e cable diameter

    EZ plugs don't work so well with larger solid cable - there's a chart on their website if you need to know about a specific match, but 23awg is the limit with most brands of cable. The very thin cat5 you're talking about gets used in a lot of places that rely on outsourced/contracted cable...
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    Block NAT on the network?

    Err...what I was trying to say is that NAT is not causing the problem. The bad DNS registrations are coming from Netbios. Netbios was never intended to work with NAT, and makes the (stupid) assumption that Netbios names uniquely identify network interfaces.
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    Windows DNS -- possible to create record redirects user to

    You can see that it won't work: nslookup Non-authoritative answer: Name: Addresses: 2607:f8b0:4006:802::1006 Aliases: telnet 80 GET http://images/ HTTP/1.1 HTTP/1.1 302 Found Location...
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    Block NAT on the network?

    AFAIK this problem comes about when your DHCP server does not have the correct settings for WINS Netbios lookup, but insecure DNS registrations (NetBIOS responses) are permitted and: 1)perr-to-peer NetBIOS-over-tcp (broadcast) lookup traffic is permitted on the local subnet -or- 2)ip gateway...
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    Moving from L2 to L3 with a Cisco core

    Since you are using static routes, there should be no problem with giving the server a new IP address and creating a static NAT entry on the router for building VLAN40. This will give you time to fix anything that uses the old, overlapping IP address.
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    Crazy troubleshooting problem - any ideas?

    Might have been solved by disabling "Memory remapping" in BIOS (I'm assuming that it was enabled). Possibly some remnants of the old Intel PCI driver were having issues with the GPU memory above 4GB. If "memory remapping" was disabled, you made a booboo. Another possibility is that an old...
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    Understanding what a patch panel does...

    The problem is that while you can buy connectors for solid wire, there's no such thing as a "universal" solid connector. The wire gauge and external diameter of solid ethernet cables varies considerably. If you try different cables with the same connector, you will inevitably find that some...
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    Two forests: Trusts and DNS question

    By default, authorization is not required for machine name queries. Your DNS servers should respond to anyone and everyone, as will machines on the same subnet. DNS in AD is not sufficient for machine name lookup unless you've specifically configured every service to use full DNS names instead...
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    Netflix CEO To Step Down From Microsoft's Board

    I, like a lot of people, am extremely confused about Silverlight. Can you please clarify: 1. Is Microsoft planning to kill .net&silverlight, either on the mobile platform or the desktop? 2. If not, why did Microsoft feel the need to convey the impression that it was going to kill...
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    Apple: iPhone 5 Defect “Normal”

    EVERY digital camera has purple or green fringing in high-contrast areas. Here is a long tutorial on fixing purple fringing: As you can see, many of those images were taken with expensive DSLRs and...
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    Apple: iPhone 5 Defect “Normal”

    Good reason to upgrade to Lightroom 4.1 - you can apply global purple defringing in autodevelop mode and then touch up any tricky spots left in individual photos with the local defringing color dropper (a really nice tool - when you click a pixel it gives you a 2D chart of surrounding tones to...
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    Need help with Layer 2 Switch

    Give me a break...there are like 50 different ways to wire a serial cable and no one has them all.
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    OnLive Has Bit The Dust?

    I could not disagree more. The ability to play any game and get a full Windows desktop while enjoying 8+ hours of battery life on a compact notebook or tablet was a huge innovation. We both know that in five or ten years, pretty much everyone will be doing their computing through a service just...
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    So... LG Eclipse for Sprint. Top Android? 4-core Krait, Adreno 320... LG vs Samsung.

    A lot of it comes down to platform issues. LG is wedded to Tegra and seems therefore unlikely to ever produce a device worth paying money for. Samsung provides Tegra as a lower-priced alternative to their flagship phones. It's not only a matter of platform, though. Samsung released Ice Cream...
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    Microsoft Transport Log Search service using 100% CPU

    Have you already used the sysinternals tools procexp and procmon to see what the process is doing?
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    Labeling cables

    I've had the best results with laser self-laminating and Ksun BEE3 heatshrink wrap. For cable labels, the BEE3 is limited to 4 characters or 8 numerical digits per line (up to 4 lines). You shouldn't have to rotate a cable to read the label. The text is normally printed lengthwise...
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    Curt Schilling Blames R.I. For Troubles

    Just to clarify - I don't feel Caffee is required to act in good faith since he opposed the loan in the first place. Propaganda is fine as long as it isn't significantly harmful to the state's long-term interest and the costs are balanced with the benefits of political action.
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    Curt Schilling Blames R.I. For Troubles

    Hard to understand your perspective on this one. With $40M in collateral and a game property currently generating income, it will be hard for RI to loose money in the long term. This loan was modeled after the (profitable) GM/Chrystler bailout. Because the loan is safe for RI, it's unsafe for...
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    Bloomberg: Facebook Worst IPO Flop of the Decade

    I don't understand why it is considered a problem if the price goes down at IPO. If we assume there is such a thing as a "true" valuation: The company's management wants the initial stock price to be slightly higher than its "true" value in to maximize capital. That IS the point of an IPO...
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    Headhunting Firm Denies Blame for Yahoo CEO Mess

    Eh? With one narrow demographic exception, higher education is not correlated with CEO performance (not too surprising - we already know that markets are fairly efficient). In the best of all possible worlds, it would be against the law for the board to request a candidate's educational background.
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    The difference between a router and a switch?

    The thing is, people tend to buy stuff for the task they want to accomplish, rather than their theoretical role in an abstract formal system (OSI). Similarly, corporations are usually in the business of selling stuff, not formal systems. As a result, we have lots of different names for things...
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    Multiple Disk Erasing Hardware

    As far as I know, dban erases every hard drive attached to the system, whether you like it or not. It doesn't have any speed limitations that I'm aware of.
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    What you are talking about with RDP into the server is called a "terminal session". This post has some pretty detailed information: TLDR version: RemoteFX over terminal...
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    A bit distraught/discouraged. Need some suggestion and help

    Disaster recovery normally refers to the process of restoring your system(s) from doesn't really become an issue until you have interdependent systems (ex: need gateway to get data to NAS from internet, need NAS to reinstall gateway) or are attempting to restore to dissimilar...
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    3x3 WiFi Antenna for 802.11n 5GHz Band?

    How can you do 3x3 with an external antenna? Doesn't multipathing require that the antennas be in fixed distance/orientation from each other?
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    Your Windows 8 Views

    This. If you've ever watched a user try to navigate those awful hierarchical menus, it quickly becomes obvious why they avoided the WinXP start menu like the plague and put all their icons on the desktop. Unfortunately, users don't like the Win7 start menu either because they dislike the...
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    Quick Noobish question: Enterprise VS Consumer SSDs

    OK...then why is the primary market 3rd world banks that want to acquire/be acquired by 1st world banks? Right...then why has flash trading forced every stock exchange to abandon the mainframe for x86 client/server and FFPGA? I have a feeling that "reliability and availability" translates to...
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    Quick Noobish question: Enterprise VS Consumer SSDs

    Ok, but those mainframes are running code that was originally written for other mainframes that (at the time) had to perform massively parallel I/O (back when transaction processing was considered something exotic). If new mainframes could not emulate old mainframes, how many of these would get...
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    Quick Noobish question: Enterprise VS Consumer SSDs

    Comparing the processing power of each CPU in a vector processing array to the processing power of a CPU in a traditional scalar computer is silly (really I think you know better than that). The mainframe is built to scale efficiently for many CPUs, while the stand-alone computer is built to run...
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    DreamWeaver templates vs Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal - What is the real difference?

    CMS are used to build web applications. The three important functions of a CMS are maintaining/tracking user state, templating, and retrieving data. Dreamweaver is used to create or tweak the "theme" that determines what an application will look like.
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    Sandisk Ultra 120GB $99 @ egg

    Good deals or bad hard drives?
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    Criticized For Turning $250k into $78M In Two Years?

    Only in America can a technical analysis of an independent investor's business decisions immediately morph into a nutty religious argument about "liberals who want to take from the rich" vs 'wall st analysts who mean jack shit". Wall St analysts had nothing to loose or gain from Horowitz'...
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    Why are modern browsers using so much memory?

    With traditional GUI programming, you would define three "kinds" of elements: first, static/unchanging parameters (window/form type, color, size, etc); second, dynamic parameters that can change (string in a particular text box); third, action parameters that are able to cause change (a button)...
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    Cheap ZFS server outperforms NetApp

    This analysis doesn't really make sense, since both Oracle and Netapp are absurdly overpriced on the basis of $/TB. Anyone who buys a SAN cluster is presumably provisioning for IOPS, not for disk space.
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    Trouble accessing IPMI after pfSense boot

    You probably forgot the bios setting that forces I/O redirection to continue after the host has booted. Usually something like "Continue console redirection after boot".
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    Switched filesystems and used space changed.

    AFAIK ext* is a pretty ancient/odd file system and it still needs to write the data structure for the entire drive to disk in fixed locations when the disk is formatted. Needless to say a table of pointers to files that don't exist is going to waste a lot of space on a big file system...I'm not...
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    How to deal with gravity / excesive drooping?

    Thanks a lot for your answers...a custom bracket type thingy is what I was looking for. Don't want to pay $100 for rails when a 50c piece of metal would suffice: I guess I will have to try to make the bracket...
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    Content Filtering For Small School

    Yeesh...sometimes eligable services can be bundled with ineligable ones. Sometimes they can't be tied together. When eligable and ineligable services are bundled, sometimes the ineligable services need to be cost-accounted. In other circumstances, they don't. The quotes I provided explained the...