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    stonyc's [FS/FT] Thread

    About Me I've bought and sold numerous times on MacRumors and have started buying/selling on here recently. You can see my previous [FS/FT] thread here. I registered a heatware account a few years ago, but have only recently started using it. Feedbacks are here: Heatware: here eBay: here...
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    FS/FT: AMD 3800, Q6600, GA-EP45-UD3R, Video Cards, Memory, Heatsinks, WC

    About Me: I've mostly lurked here but have been fairly active over at for quite some time under the same username (stonyc). I have bought and sold on eBay a bit (stonyc96) and have 100% feedback there. I did register for a Heatware account (stonyc) a long time ago, but never used...
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    Gigabyte GA-X58A UD3R memory advice

    Is this kit a good fit for this board (CPU = i7 920)? Corsiar XMS3 6GB DDR3-1600 (PC-12800) CL8 Memory Kit (Three 2GB Memory Modules) @ $139.99 after Rebate I had originally been planning on getting these...