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    Intel to Invest $7Billion in Arizona Fab

    Hopefully these jobs go to actual Americans and not foreigners on H-1B visas and Intel isn't given a free pass to dump its waste in the nearest river.
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    KS8000/KS8500 users

    Just came home with a 65inch curved Samsung KS8500 in anticipation for the PS4 Pro, anyone else notice really bad light bleed in the bottom left corners during HDR content? Streamed Daredevil and Bosch in HDR UHD and its really noticeable in dark scenes, looks like two conversation bubbles in...
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    AMD Will Be #1 In Visual Computing In The Next Three Years

    the only thing AMD is #1 at is making slides
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    Bought PS VR...feeling buyers remorse...

    Should have waited for the PS4 Pro, comes out in only 2 weeks.
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    Final Fantasy XV Season pass

    Season pass Translation: Full RRP to bug test a glorified, 'alpha' version demo for ~12 months, prior to full game release; subsequent to which, the piecemeal divvying of stripped content is trickle-fed at periodical intervals, at developer leisure and discretion. EULA: Post launch product...
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    Phil Spencer Chimes In On Why Xbox Doesn't Sell In Japan

    360 had a couple of Japanese hidden gems but this gen Steam has been killing it with all of the good vita ports and other quirky games not on PS4. Xbox should just focus on the Dorito and Mountain Dew type games that the Xbox brand is built on, been having a blast with Forza Horizon 3 and Gears...
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    Forza Horizon 3

    Forza Apex was actually the reason I went ahead and bought it despite a demo because other than a few minor hiccups it ran flawless for me at 1440p, never dropping below 60fps. Luckily was able to receive a refund from the Windows store chat and the process went relatively smooth. Learned my...
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    Mafia III PC Patch 1.01 Ready For Download

    Another pay to beta test game, the glitch montages on youtube are hilarious. Everyone who preordered deserves this steaming pile of alpha code garbage.
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    Forza Horizon 3

    Got my refund last night from the Windows store, broke my heart because the game is amazing, but just couldn't take the stutter anymore. If they ever fix it proper and release a demo so I can confirm its fixed then I will gladly rebuy it. There's no way I'm going to lock a racing game to 30fps...
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    Destiny 2 PC Rumors

    They sold an assload of ps3/360 ports the first time around, so now they need pc to make up for that lost market. Not complaining since I'm actually looking forward to native k+m support this time around after merely tolerating the xim4 because anything is better than using a controller for a...
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    Why Young Men Would Rather Play Video Games Than Get A Job

    I feel Twitch has created this sort of pipe dream where they see the 1% making money hands over fists and think to themselves I can be that guy or boon streamer too, why not. They then proceed to waste an enormous amount of effort running their stream like a business dreaming of that one big...
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    Buy A GeForce Get Gears of War 4 Free

    Bring on the cheap keys in the fs forum :D
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    PlayStation Meeting 2016 Livestream

    All I want is to play Bloodborne at 60fps
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    Dell S2716DG, 27" 2560x1440 144hz 1ms "G-Sync Gen II", DP+HDMI

    How does this compare to the Asus ROG PG278Q? I'm about to pull the trigger on a $499 ASUS ROG manufacture refurb, but can get this for $20 more new plus tax. I'm coming from a non gsync VG248QE and use the crosshair overly quite frequently for fps. The current Asus monitor I have has been good...
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    The Radeon Rebellion Marches Forward with the Gamer-Optimized Radeon RX 470 GPU

    Rebellion? more like a failed coup with that pricing
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    Total War: Warhammer

    Game looks amazing, starting to regret selling my gaming rigs now
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    WTB: PS4 just the system and controller

    Preferably the new matte model but would make an exception for a good deal on the old one. Pm me with offers, recently unemployed and had to sell my rig, luckily have a friend donating a yearly ps+ pass, so just need the system now, gaming is life to me, hopefully there's a ps4 collecting dust...
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    GeForce GTX 1080: Most Bizarre Secret Paper Launch Ever @ [H]

    Good stuff!!! This is why [H] is the truth
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    AMD Launching Polaris 10 400 Series GPU June 1st At Computex. $299 (rumor)

    So $300 for 390x performance or $379 for Titan x performance, seems Nvidia is a no brainer for me this year.
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    Anyone Getting Their DOOM On?

    Having a blast with the sp so far, defiantly worth the $33 I paid for it at cdkeys and haven't even touched the mp yet.
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    Sources: The Upgraded PlayStation 4 is Codenamed NEO, Contains Upgraded CPU, GPU, RAM

    Do you guys think that low frame rates will still be an issue with such a modest bump in CPU power? I've become an fps junkie since purchasing a 144hz monitor and find it impossible to play anything at 30fps, I'm a huge dark souls fan and would love to play bloodborne one day at 60fps, but i...
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    Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller Vs Razer Wildcat

    Hopefully the elite controller 2 has omaron mechanical switches, I can't justify the price tag they are asking when it still uses the same crappy rubber domes that are in the standard controller.
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    Quantum Break Fix Update

    I see Quantum Break Xbox one bundles on sale for $279.99 already a week after launch, think this game is going to be a financial failure for Microsoft. From what I heard the combat has no depth to it, I see the PC codes being sold all over for $15-20 which is laughable for a triple A title just...
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    FS: Multiple Copies of Hitman

    key worked like a charm, thanks :)
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    FS: Multiple Copies of Hitman

    payment sent
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    Would You Sell Your Digital Games For 10% Purchase Price?

    This is nonsense, just sell digital copies at a substantially lower price since the profit margin is higher and as an added benefit it results in one less used copy for sale. But will probably never happen because it would piss off their retail partners.
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    Gears of War PC: A complete disaster on GCN1.2 cards in Microsoft's own game + API debut

    Good to hear the games more or less fixed at this point for both teams but I'm still trying to wrap my head around Microsoft's decision to release this in a broken state. Being this was the first dx12 release it sure left a bad first impression on a lot of people especially for the windows store...
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    [UPDATED] Beware, Latest Nvidia Drivers May Damage Your PC

    Read somewhere it might have something to do with the express install, I always use the custom install option because I have no use for the 3d vision drivers and haven't reported any issues so far 364.47
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    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition coming to PC

    MS is salty because of the big shakeup AMD caused them by creating Mantle which got the ball rolling on SteamOS, Vulkan which threatened their monopoly on PC gaming.
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    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition coming to PC

    Recommended for 1920X1080P OS: 64 bit Windows 10 - version 1511 Processor: Intel Core i5 @3.5GHz+ or AMD FX 8-core Memory: 16 GB RAM (4 GB VRAM) Graphics: GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290X Hard Drive: 60 GB available space DirectX 12 Whats with the ridiculous 1080p requirements, especially...
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    Upgrade from 2500k to 6700k

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    Quantum Break Coming To Xbox One And Windows 10

    So a gtx 760 is equivalent to a 260x now? wasn't a 760 roughly equal to a gtx670 which went head to head with a 7950/280 on launch? crazy how the tables have flipped, RIP Kepler.
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    Shout out to Kyle

    Kyle's the best!
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    anyone rocking the xbone elite controller?

    Just curious are the buttons on these mechanical or the same rubber dome style ones on the regular controller?
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    AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver

    These drivers really smoothed out the game and gave me more consistent fps on my 280x. I still get the occasional microstutter here and there, but its not nearly as bad as before. hopefully Bethesda releases some sort of performance patch soon because the game seems to be horribly CPU bound and...
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    Been having a blast with the Renolock deck! nothing beats being whittled down to 5 health or less by a face huntard and then dropping Reno to bring me back to full health and making them insta concede :D