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  1. Whach

    Nvidia RTX 3080 FE RMA experience

    Long story short, sent in my launch 3080 FE in for warranty repair for a dead DP. Got a replacement card in a week. However, the card is definitely inferior to what I had. Compared the serial numbers, the replacement is a RF2, which is refurbished (as was clearly labeled on the package lol)...
  2. Whach

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro $169 @ Amazon - DEAL OVER

    Usually $199. Currently $169 @Amazon for anyone who’s thought about picking one up. Going to get one for myself.
  3. Whach

    5900X $439.99 after promo @ Newegg

    5900x for $439.99 after $60 promo discount @Newegg Not bad. Good price given the CPU landscape & if you are staying on AM4 for a while.
  4. Whach

    EVGA 1000 P2 PSU @ EVGA $169.99, usually $329

    Going for $169.99. Usually $329. Picked one up for myself.
  5. Whach

    EVGA Supernova P5 1000? Any thoughts before I pull the trigger?

    Just thought I'd ask about it before I get it. Any thoughts? Cant really find many reviews of the unit and never had a EVGA unit before. I'm only considering for the price, otherwise id be going for a Corsair HX1000 unit from Amazon. EVGA Supernova P5 1000 Platinum @newegg for $189 ($169 after...
  6. Whach

    Which would you go for?

    I've whittled down my choices to two preferred options of x570 boards I'm interested in. Which would you go for? Which is the pecking order in terms of positioning do you think? (they seem to be in the same price bracket so more than capable). Going to throw a 5900x, RTX 3080 FE and 32GB of...
  7. Whach

    Ryzen 9 re-pricing?

    Now that Intel has released its new stuff, what do you guys think, if at all, Ryzen prices should be adjusted to reflect the new competitors? I have a 5900x on hand that I paid $499.99 (550 with tax) from Amazon in August that I'm building a system around. I've already seen the 5600x and 5800x...
  8. Whach

    Intel 6700k -------> 5900X or wait for Zen 4?

    Just snagged a 5900X and was wondering on opinions regarding waiting for Zen 4. I usually only build a new system every 5-6 years (meaning CPU, Mobo and Ram) & the use case is for everything from editing media to gaming. Of course, Zen 4 is supposedly ready for next year on a new AM5 socket &...
  9. Whach

    Troublesome GPT Protective partition =/

    So. Turned on my computer, couldnt get it to boot into windows - got stuck at the spinning dots. Restarted again into bios to check on things, and everything seems normal. No HDD's missing. Reboot and get into windows. Then I notice one of my storage drives is missing. I check disk...
  10. Whach

    Time for a new case....which one of these?

    Time to prepare for a new build and a new enclosure. I am very concerned about dust & pet hair (needs robust filters), but also for airflow efficiency. I'm planning for a tower air cooler (NHD-15), a standard atx mobo, 2 mechanical hard-drives, bunch of SSD's I have laying around, a RTX 3080 FE...
  11. Whach

    Strange Mobo Sound Issue

    Hi guys and gals. I've had some strange issue with my mobo HD audio recently. Randomly, the Realtek Audio would stop and appear as a High Definition Audio component with a Error Code 10 - device could not be started error in device manager. I've reinstalled drivers, checked speaker cables etc...
  12. Whach

    Just finished Uncharted 4

    Holy shit this game is awesome. Looks amazing and plays well. Naughty Dog knows how to code. IMO, best looking game of this generation with a decent , fun story.
  13. Whach

    Battery priority in Win 10?

    I've had an odd issue since my Win 10 upgrade from Win 8.1 on my laptop. On, Win 8, it would drain the extended sheet battery before it touched the internal battery which I thought was pretty useful. Win 10 reversed that order, so now I'm just looking for a way to tell Win 10 use the extended...
  14. Whach

    Shutdown takes nearly 5 mins+

    When shutting down my rig, Win 10 turns off completely yet the power is on for a full 5 mins before it decides to shut down. Restarts take just as long...sometimes - booting is fine. However, once in windows, everything is fine. Extended gaming, stress testing all pass with flying...
  15. Whach

    6700K SLI sidegrade or improvement?

    OK. I've read through the 6700k review thread and kind of have an idea of what you get from a 6700k using single GPU. However, I'm not so sure as to the benefits in a multi GPU setup @ higher resolutions. I've just impulsively ordered a 6700K mobo+ram combo from newegg, but am now having...
  16. Whach

    Just saw the R* "Gamechangers" story....

    It was uhh interesting to a degree. Of course, creative license was taken, but I did feel the gaming industry portrayals were stereotypical with some cringe worthy scenes. SPOILER: Its mostly about the "Hot Coffee" incident in GTA San Andreas & Jack Thompson's demise as a lawyer. Not that...
  17. Whach

    Win 10 display not turning off

    Despite setting the power options for the display to turn off, it doesn't seem to be doing it. Anyone else having such quirks? Skype, teamviewer, afterburner, avast, glasswire, viber are the only their ones running. I've also tried without them running, but no luck.
  18. Whach

    Which AV & Firewall for win 10?

    What are you guys /gals using? I was thinking about using Comodo and Avast, but wanted to see your choices are too. A new windows install always feels refreshingly quick without 3rd party AV and Firewalls.
  19. Whach

    Valve made $750 million last year?

    Money bags valve. doh...$730 mil not 750. If this is true, I don't see an incentive for them to make games, other than if they merely feel like it =/
  20. Whach

    K95 rgb vs k70 rgb size?

    Deciding between these two. I have the k70 rgb red switch to try, but also have a k95 rgb brown switch on the way. Size wise, are the macro keys with it? Currently, the brown switch versions of both are the same price on amazon and the inly reason I'm even considering the k95 rgb. Any...
  21. Whach

    Video reviews of Fury X

    I'm sure people have been looking around for some. I've found two so far. The OC3D one is pretty detailed and long. OC3D PCPER Harware Canucks JayZTwoCents YouTube
  22. Whach

    So what antivirus/firewall is fast with small footprint?

    I'm currently running Avast free and Comodo Firewall and using malware-bytes / spy-bot (manually). Was wondering if there was a faster and maybe all-in-one solution that you would recommend from personal experience. Cheers!
  23. Whach

    WTT Batman Arkham Knight for Witcher 3 Code

    As title states. Steam code preferred.
  24. Whach

    sickest gaming PC case ever??

    I gotta say, it does look nice. Although, dust be an issue?
  25. Whach

    GTX 980 SLI @ 1.45 vs TITAN X @ 1.45. for 1600P

    Question stands as is. short and sweet. I don't intend on using my current system for 4k or using 4k any time soon. If and when I do, a new rig will be built. 1600p for now. I'm thinking of replacing my 980 sli system for the Titan X if they perform similarly when OCd. The reason I'm...
  26. Whach

    Insane display flicker with DSR.

    So I tried to enable it in various games to see what it was like. Whenever I choose the resolution (all factors) in-game and apply, the screen starts to flicker/flash rapidly. I almost get the feeling that my monitor is trying to display a higher resolution image beyond its native capacity...
  27. Whach

    Ref GTX 980 Custom Bios 1.5Ghz @ 1.25v

    As the title says, I'm running my cards as such with custom fan profile. Its based on Zoson's bios. I just wanted to know what voltage is everyone else running their cards at with a similar clock. To be honest, I probably don't really need to run it those speeds and voltages, I just wanted to...
  28. Whach

    So any great backpacks you'd recommend?

    I've had my Targus laptop backpack for 10 yrs and the straps are failing. Best money I've ever spent on a bag considering its longevity and heavy usage & travel. So it's time for a replacement and I've come up with these so far, but I'd like to ask everyone about their own choices/favs too...
  29. Whach

    Is watch dogs worth 30$ on steam?

    I'm just cautious given ubisoft's quality issues this past year. Opinions?
  30. Whach

    Whats your ASIC quality?

    I was just curious what other 980 owners ASIC quality is (in GPUZ) across Model vs OC & thought it would be easier to list here apart from the benchmark thread. Mine are listed below with the model and stable core OC. I cant speak as to the accuracy of the ASIC, just what I can see from the...
  31. Whach

    Mx 300 mouse shape is awesome.

    i was just clearing out some old boxes and came across this old gem. Held it and the grip, weight and feel were fantastic. All the mice I see today are either massive or feel weird in the name of ergonomics. Something to be said for simplicity. If it had side buttons and modern internals...
  32. Whach

    those new nVidia SLI bridges & their CS

    So uhh I bought one of those new sli bridges from the nvidia store and got it 2 days ago. Just received the following email from them: "Unfortunately, we discovered that we sent you the incorrect 2-way SLI configuration and will be remedying this immediately. Your replacement 2-way SLI bridge...
  33. Whach

    Basic question

    I'm going to replace my 680's with 980's and just wanted to know if it's possible to just do a straight swap without uninstalling the drivers. Or do I have to do the whole driver merry-go-round? Thanks for any info.
  34. Whach

    Windows 9 Start menu?

    Looks like they have sorted the start menu from this preview build. Hopefully something like it will be the final version. Looks promising to me!
  35. Whach

    Interesting PS4 Cooling Article....ignore if old

    Just read this after thinking about putting my PS4 vertically. Seems as if it was designed to run horizontally, but the IR images i've seen suggest vertically is better (maybe due to a greater exposed surface area?). I suppose I could lay it flat on a vented surface. What do you do with yours?
  36. Whach

    Find a similar audio track by scanning?

    Does anyone know how to find a similar audio track by scanning the file/audio? I'm editing a video in Sony Vegas that has vocal audio dubbed over a specific audio portion and thought it would be easier just to cut and paste a similar new track altogether. I've tried shazam/soundhound etc...
  37. Whach

    Arkham City FOV tweak doesn't work?

    I've decided to revisit the game in anticipation of playing Arkham Knight. I'm playing the GOTY edition via Steam. I've tried following the settings outlined here without success (also by using a different toggle key). Anyone have any ideas? Apologies for making a new thread, didn't want...
  38. Whach

    Windows 8.1 forgets WIFI passwords

    So this issue has been bugging me for weeks now. I've tried looking into everything i can but no solution. No new software has been installed, the driver has remained the same, nothing changed on the router end etc. It just refuses to remember a password for any new wifi networks, but still...
  39. Whach

    NAS HDD as internal data storage for pc

    So im thinking of buying these hdds to replace my Seagate drives that have become very unreliable (they have both been RMA'd and even one of the replacement drives came DOA), but I do have a couple of questions: 1) Can I use NAS drives as internal desktop drives for storage use? ie not in a...
  40. Whach

    10 yrs since

    So, I was just browsing through my steam library etc....just realized that hl2 was released nearly 10 yrs ago, and I that had seen the demo at e3 the year before. Also remembered my ATi x800pro. (still have that somewhere in a box) I feel old! I am also going to play through it once again...