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    Thoughts on if OLED will trickle down

    Would love to see a 27" 1440p OLED right now.
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    Gamescom Game Ready Driver 436.02

    Anyone with a 1080ti try these on Apex or BFV? I'm running really solid right now, so I'm hesitant to change anything. Heard the Apex improvements may only help 20X0 cards.
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    ULMB and overlays

    bump Still trying to figure this out. Anybody with some insight?
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    ULMB and overlays

    Anybody else like to use ULMB for FPS games? When you do, do you have issues with either game overlays like steam/origin, or windows overlays like when adjusting the volume knock you out of ULMB mode briefly? Anybody have an idea on how to prevent that from happening, it's quite jarring.
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    Divers not showing in Programs in featurs (add/remove)

    I just installed over top, no issues. New driver is showing up this time, not sure what happened with the last one.
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    Divers not showing in Programs in featurs (add/remove)

    I downloaded the newest nvidia drivers but when I went to uninstall the older ones I noticed my previous drivers are not showing up in the Windows Programs and Features. Only the nvidia sound driver and physx driver appear, but not the actual display driver. Everything is working just fine...
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    WHQL 419.17 Driver Released. "Game Ready" for Anthem, DiRT Rally 2.0

    Anybody try both Apex Legends and BFV with this yet? I'm scared to move from the 417 series as I'm running pretty good on both with it.
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    The Anti-Cheat System Is Broken in Battlefield V

    I'm not finding the hacking too bad in BFV so far. I've certainly come across a few, but it's been maybe 1 round out of 50 or so. This game gets a lot of hate, but I, and several of my friends love it. Having played them all (PC versions), I'd hold this up there as one of the best, and with a...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2080 Ti Performance @ [H]

    Just to add to the debate surrounding the frame rate results in this testing: My rig 1080ti (2050GHz), 5930k (4.5GHz) seems to be getting higher frame rates than the 2080ti @1440p, and I'm using DX12. Perhaps there is something to this >8 cores conjecture, looking forward to seeing the 9900k...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2080 Performance @ [H]

    I'm loving this game, totally worth it in my opinion, Has potential to be the best BF yet once they iron out a few bugs and add a little more content.
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2080 Performance @ [H]

    Does DX12 on it's own provide no visual improvements over DX11?
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    Bethesda Celebrates 25 Years of Doom

    I remember in the late 90s somebody made a pack of ultra hard co-op levels for Doom 2. Anybody else remember them? I forget if they had a specific name, but the challenge and fun a friend and I had playing through them all has stuck with us both ever since. Ahhh fuzzy memories...
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    Battlefield 5 DLC Delayed Due to Technical Issues

    DLC/update is available now.
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    Battlefield V Physical Sales Down 63% Compared to Battlefield 1

    Ya'll have lost your minds with this liberal/conservative political nonsense, it's a game!... and a good one at that. It's not claiming to be a history lesson. How have we all become so sensitive? Have most of you complaining played the game? I'm absolutely loving it this game. The weapons...
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    Video Gamers May Soon Be Paid More than Top Pro Athletes

    I used to wonder why people would want to watch other people play video games until I started playing Street Fighter 4 and now 5. Watching somebody play Street Fighter on twitch offers more than a typical sportscast, as there is often direct interaction with the person playing and the others...
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    DICE Ending Monthly Support For Battlefield 1 in June

    I've played all the Battlefields on PC, hundreds of hours into each of them since BF2. I bought BF1 at launch but didn't have much chance to play it until recently. I have to say now that I've got about 60 hours into it, I think it's a great game, and I'm hooked. While I'm more of a fan of the...
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    A Flat-Earther’s Plan to Launch Himself in a Homemade Rocket Just Hit a Speed Bump

    I have trouble believing most of these flat Earthers are anything more than trolls. Just trying to get a rise out of people, or trick the uneducated into making themselves look stupid. Does anybody actually personally know somebody that is a legit flat Earther? There just can't be many people...
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    Capcom Announces “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition”

    Stoked for this big update, this is the refresh the game needed, I think it's going to draw a lot of new players in and bring a lot of those who dropped it back. The fighting game scene is booming big time and it looks like SF is going hang on as it's most popular game for a while yet...
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    Elon Musk Rolls Out Tesla's Model 3

    I'm pleasantly surprised by this car, damn it is beautiful. The Motortrend review is just glowing too, it sounds like a dream to drive. For where I live the range isn't going to cut it yet, and they'll need more supercharging infrastructure before it makes sense. Tesla is fully on my radar...
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    Ditched 21:9, now what?

    That KS7500 sounds like it will make a very nice monitor. Let us know how it works out!
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    Tesla Looking To Build Factory in China

    This guy has his finger on the pulse of the future. Betting against him would be foolish in my view, but you could short sell Tesla if you're confident they're doomed to fail when the subsidies inevitably dry up.
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    What's up with TFT Central?

    Yeah, TFT Central and this forum are what I use to pick my displays.
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    Metro Exodus Announced

    This looks promising indeed. Love the Metro series.
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    I Hate Bixby - You Hate Bixby - We All Hate Bixby

    I thought you could quite easily re purpose the button, which I had planned to do. In the meantime I don't find any issue with it really, I don't use Bixby, and the the button isn't giving me an issues.
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ: Massive 35" 3440x1440 200Hz HDR

    This sounds very interesting indeed, it might be time to sell my PG278Q. Does this have a ULMB/strobing option? I much prefer that to GSync.
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    Rampage iii Extreme w/ i7 930 || GTX 780 || R9 270X (CANADA) (ALL SOLD)

    Yes, I considered that, it probably would have helped. When it comes time to sell my R5E and 1080ti I'll open it up to you guys south of the border. Oh well, all sold now, there should be some happy Canadians this week with some new hardware.
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    Intel Has a Competitor for the AMD ThreadRipper [Rumor]

    Perhaps this will finally push game producers towards taking advantage of more cores?
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    Rampage iii Extreme w/ i7 930 || GTX 780 || R9 270X (CANADA) (ALL SOLD)

    50 minutes left and only 1 bid on the R3E for $150. This is a steal for this board CPU and RAM.
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    Fightstick stops working in SFV after changing USB port

    Thank you for your reply. I have it working again in the original port, the problem was I had enabled ps4 and xbox compatability in Steam trying to get the other port to work and it stopped it from being recogniszed by the game at all in any port. Turning that off solved my problems for the...
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    Fightstick stops working in SFV after changing USB port

    Hello, I've been successfully using my SF4 original TE stick in SFV since shortly after release. At first with a XOutput, but since season 2 patch it's been working just fine using the now supported Directinput. Yesterday I changed which usb port I was using for the stick, and it didn't work...
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    Rampage iii Extreme w/ i7 930 || GTX 780 || R9 270X (CANADA) (ALL SOLD)

    Still no bid on the 270X and R3E setup, you can potentially get them for much less than they typically go for on eBay right now. ($60 and $150 CAN).
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    Rampage iii Extreme w/ i7 930 || GTX 780 || R9 270X (CANADA) (ALL SOLD)

    Bump, I've got only one bid on my 780 ($100 CAN) and the other 2 none. Potential to pick this stuff up for dirt cheap.
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    Rampage iii Extreme w/ i7 930 || GTX 780 || R9 270X (CANADA) (ALL SOLD)

    Hey guys I'm getting rid of some hardware and thought you guys might be interested. I'm in Canada but would consider shipping to the states, I'd also sell off of eBay if anybody wants to go that route to save some $$. Make me an offer, all this stuff is like new and has the original box with...
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    How Playing on Wi-Fi Hurts Your Game

    I've tried a many occasions to get rid of the wires in my house (normally every time I upgrade my router) and can never get acceptable gaming performance out of wireless. The PS4 is the worst, no matter how strong the signal is, it's horrible to game wirelessly in any fast paced games. I can...
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    1080Ti Water Blocks

    I think EK is supposed to have 1080 ti blocks out soon. As far as I know they are exactly the same as the Titan XP blocks but with 1080 ti branding. Perhaps if we're lucky they will make them so they fit the HB SLI bridges too.
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Has anybody in Canada been able to order one yet?
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Announces Swift PG27UQ

    Yep, I'm excited to see high Hz 4k, but I'm jumping on the pile and saying this monitor would likely be my next if only it was a a few inches bigger.
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    NVIDIA's GeForce Experience 3.0 Released

    Just adding my voice to the pile of people who have had nothing but headaches after installing GFE. Thought I might give this new one a try but it seems this more of the same, I don't get the point of it really.
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    Dell Releases World’s First 30-Inch 4K 120Hz 0.1ms OLED Monitor

    Good to see this sort of thing being announced, hopefully it's the first of many OLED 120Hz 4K. If this thing had good input lag numbers, dp1.4 and drops to about half this price it would be an instant purchase for me. As it stands I'll be waiting for more competition or a major sale.
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    Has SLI support gotten better?

    I'll chime in and say I have gone SLI or Crossfire now for the last 8 years now and have never had an issue. I've always had great performance scaling as well, so with all these people bashing it you have to consider that your usage may vary from theirs. I stick to mostly AAA games, and like...