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    Still alive!

    I have an OCZ Vertex 3 (120gb) that was my primary drive until last year (Upgraded motherboard had an nvme so i also upgraded the drive to a 970evo). The PC it's on just died and i'm considering what to do with it. This SSD was bought back in 2011, at the time i was worried about it wearing...
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    Graphic editing help. What do you call this?

    I'm trying to learn video editing but I don't know enough terms to put in the search box. The thing I'm trying to learn is how to track things on video. I made a green card and tracked the corners, then used it as a mask for some transparency and skewing. Just basic stuff, you can even see...
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    GPS tracking app?

    Suppose you were to meet someone in an unfamiliar location, is there a map app that would give each others position? That should take care of the guesswork if it turns out the other guy was waiting on the other side of the building for example. I used to be able to do that on google maps, but...
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    How do i embed custom players in facebook?

    How do i embed custom players in facebook? I've been trying to get this to work for a couple of days now. I've tried googling, but altho there are sources, none of them actually have a working example. So i've just been doing what they say but it doesn't seem to be working. Basically...
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    How do you turn off the num lock?

    I've recently acquired a mac mini for programing on iOS. Still learning how it works but there's this issue I can't seem to get around. I have a keyboard with a numeric keypad, it's always in number mode and I can't turn it off. Google wasn't much help as the results always seem to assume I...
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    Can anybody identify this?

    Someone shared this on facebook, and i'm wondering if anyone can identify what it is. It's supposed to be a hardware keylogger but i'd like to know more about these things. Are there similar gadgets that keylogs via USB?
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    Is anybody else doing this?

    Because of rodiculous things like slide to unlock and bouncing scroll, my bosses put me to work on documentation. WTF??? A lot of my method and system is original, or atleast that's what i'd like to think since all of them are built from scratch as needed for each client. They want their site...
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    Mercenary Online When i saw the video, i thought it reminded me of Gears of War I'm going to see if i can register, has anybody tried this? I don't know what the international site is tho.
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    What is multitasking?

    Ok, i'm a bit confused here. There's a thread in another forum where people are discussing android's multitasking ability. And apparently, android isn't really multitasking. Being able to run background processes is not multitasking. Being able to run multiple apps in the foreground is not...
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    Does the android play store have bots?

    Just tried a dog whistle app thieves after noon and uninstalled it now. The app showed over a million downloads and 16000 5 stars ratings. However soon after I tried it, I noticed ads popping up on my notification bar. After a while I also noticed my gps was running. When I went to the...
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    What's the limit of youtube watch-later?

    I just tried preloading quite a few youtube videos on my nexus before i go out, and i noticed that the bandwidth meter had stopped showing activity. I re-checked the youtube app and several of the videos didn't have the play icon next to them and none seemed to show the download icon. It...
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    Odd experience with voice recognition

    Just an observation Been trying out the voice recognition on both my Galaxy Nexus and Ace. Both works great at first while we were in the kitchen. But then i moved to my computer room and it couldn't understand me at all. Typical kitchen, stucco walls, padded chairs, wooden tables with...
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    Has anybody gotten around to making this for real?

    Came across this just now. It's been seven years and it's still considered one of the best swords ever conceptualized. I know there had been cardboard mockups, but i was wondering if anybodys done the engineering and fabrication to make this thing...
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    Recommend a phone logger?

    My parent has a Galaxy Ace (android 2.3) and she's been telling me that the credits for that phone kept running out even when she's not using it. At the time, i've already disabled "Use Packet Data" and "Use Wireless Networks" so it shouldn't be using anything other than Wifi. So now i'm...
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    My experience with Asus Service Center

    Last october i bought an Asus Transformer 101, used it for two months before the docking latch broke. I'm not even sure how that happened, since the design meant there is no way you can put excessive force on it. With the latch broken, the hooks don't line up properly and the hooks were chipping...
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    How do you video call on an android?

    I had used video calling long before i used android. I was playing around with my Galaxy nexus when i noticed i couldn't find the video call option on it. That's my old Nokia 5800. I used to to video call with my family (I don't know what model they were using back then). You type in...
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    What term do I search for this?

    Just something I've been wondering about for a while. Even tho there are quite a few OSes out now, it seems like they come from two groups. OSx, Unix, Linux, android on one side. Windows and DOS in the other. Is there a term I can use for searching for additional info and principles between...
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    Question about repeaters

    I've read that they halve your bandwidth, but does that apply to the max bandwidth or the devices bandwidth? When moving files over wifi, on my netbook, it can get up to 10MBps. Which is plenty fast for video streaming. The tablet reaches 2.5MBps. The phone only reaches 1.8MBps. Assuming...
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    Will this damage the battery?

    I sent in my TF101 to be serviced over a month ago due to a broken latch, and it's apparently on a shelf somewhere waiting for parts to arrive. The thing is, that dock is pretty notorious for steadily discharging at about 2% an hour with the tablet plugged in. After that, the tablet itself...
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    Where does google store my phone data?

    I just recently got a new phone and i've given away my old one. Unfortunately, google play still thinks i've got the old phone. But i can't seem to delete it. Google Mobile seems to be an advertisement page for google mobile apps and doesn't seem to have any info on my mobile. Google...
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    Is there an android app for this? (Bluetooth HID Emulator)

    One of my previous phones is a K700i, a SonyEricsson phone and one thing that's distinctive about it is that it's recognized by windows as a keyboard. I've been trying to find a way to do the same thing on android, but can't seem to find one. Search results only show apps that connects the...
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    VGHS Not actually gaming per-se. But as a gamer, i am looking forward to this.
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    How to search for filename?

    I downloaded some files regarding drug use and they got auto extracted. And now i don't know where they are. All i know is that one of the files has the word "drugged" in the name. How do i find it? I've tried using name:drugged in the search box but nothing came up. In previous...
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    Which is faster?

    Mine (3 years old): I5-750 (The one with the quad core) 4Gigs DDR3 Radeon 5850 1080p LCD A friends proposal for his new rig (Member of my gaming clan): I7 2600 8Gigs DDR3 Radeon 6770 1080p LCD Now i just have to know. Which one will perform better? Because i thought the point of a...
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    Is there a name for his form factor? Is there a name for a PC that's small enough to mount on the vesa screws at the back of the monitor? Just wondering if i can find an Atom computer locally that can do this.
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    Is there a name for his form factor?

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    Skyrim follower bug

    I'm not sure how to do a search for something as vague as this so i'll just be posting this here. I'm in the forsworn conspiracy quest and about to enter 'N's house when i noticed that my follower was gone. I tried walking around looking for her but she's gone. After waiting for four days...
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    Advice on ant problem

    In my last keyboard, i found ants making a home inside the keyboard. I'm really careful not each anything near it, and even regularly blasts compressed air underneath the keys through a straw to get rid of debrie. The odd thing is that i don't find the ants in the keyboard tray where stuff...
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    Question regarding facebook posts and 'like' pictures

    Is a poster credited or something when people 'like' something he posted? I'm sure a lot of us have seen pictures of people with medical conditions being spread on facebook ('we will donate 1$ for every share', etc.). However, i've personally debunked a couple of them with just a bit of...
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    How is bandwidth counted?

    When you sign up for a 1.5mbps plan. Do you expect your download to be 1.5mbps and you upload to be 768kbps (The typical DSL split). Or is it 1mbps upload and 500kbps download? (1mbp+500kbps=1.5mbps)
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    Asus Pad Fone We're all saying that tablets are just oversized phones right? They have the same hardware (or close to it), just with a bigger screen. Well, here's...
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    How do you switch back to yahoo classic

    Everything on the site takes forever to load. Even the menus has to load every time you try to expand them. It's gotten to the point where i now prefer answering my email on the tablet (Atleast i got the dock with the transformer so typing isn't too much of a pain). I'd like to try setting it...
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    How to change windows MIDI? Downloaded the MIDI file and tried playing but the sound was kinda bland on windows media player. I remember i used to use a yamaha XG (I think it came with Final Fantasy 7 PC) and lets windows play the midi files on that instead. The improvement...
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    Video output to Windows Media Player?

    Been playing around with a soon to be retired netbook (Dead battery, dead keyboard, but still working) and just outputting videos from my phone and tablet to it. The phone is a Galaxy Ace using the allshare app, and the tablet is an Asus Transformer with the MyNet app. Both of them came...
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    Shooters like this?

    Came across a music video that's apparently based on a game. So naturally i did a search for it and found this. How the heck is a normal person supposed to play this thing??? I'm really not into shooters, but is this normal for what you guys play?
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    Asus Transformer vs u230 Netbook Boot Time

    Just an observation I've had it for a couple of months now and i noticed the tablet getting slower. It may be time to do a reset. Not looking forward to reinstalling all those apps and files. Netbook is an MSI u230 Congo netbook, fully...
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    Just some thoughts on AV

    I was at the store the other day getting a new monitor. One of the guys there was testing a laptop and I can tell it was still at factory settings and I saw Norton antivirus pop up. I haven't used a factory default in a while. It's either desktops that I've assembled or laptops that need to...
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    How powerful are tablets now?

    This was brought up in another thread, but figured i'd ask the ones that are more familiar with the hardware side. If you were to compare the upcoming tablets like Tegra 3 and OMAP 5430, what console platform would they be comparable to? PS1? Saturn? Gamecube? Wii? Also, how are they to...
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    Need SSD advice

    I am an SSD noob and i have no idea what i'm doing. BF3 unloads itself every time you decide to switch server, which means a considerably long loading time. Alt-tabbing to access fraps and teamspeak is also a killer. So i think it's time i get an SSD. 100+Gig should do it. Now i'm afraid...
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    What game has this solution for the leg clipping issue?

    Commonly in most FPS games, when you go prone with your back to the wall, your legs will tend to stick out the other side. Unfortunately, it's unavoidable and any solution will mess too much with the character models. One game i remember playing a while back solved this by not letting you...