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    It seems ASUS have increased their MSRP of their 3000 series$deep_link=true&correlation_id=bbf70b5e-1e40-4dd6-906d-9ccba68a239b&ref=email_digest&ref_campaign=email_digest&ref_source=email&$3p=e_as&$
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    (Rumor) RTX 3080 ti releasing between February 11th.and 17th$deep_link=true%26correlation_id=04ec7939-258d-486b-aa79-a64aa94c6c0c%26ref=email_digest%26ref_campaign=email_digest%26ref_source=email/3/0100017669f01...
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    PSA: Madden returns to PC for 1st time since '09

    CPU: Core i3-4350 or equivalent. OS: Windows 7. VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850. FREE DISK SPACE: 40 GB.
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    Madden 18

    I wanted to give a quick tip to people getting started in 18. I've been selling low gold kickers for 10k and they sell like hotcakes all day long. The average low gold cards for other positions go from 1500 to 2000, give or take. I just lucked out and pulled a 90 OVR elite with clutch...
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    Android L is for "Lockdown"

    Chainfire made an interesting post on his Google+ page. Lollipop looks like it will make android more secure, which will probably be good for enterprise, but make life difficult for customers of some carriers that want to root their devices. I can see this leading to some pissed off...
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    Project CARS - E3 Trailer
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    Shaun Cole (formerly of InsideSimRacing) has launched a new site, "TheSimPit".

    Glad to see that Shaun is back in action after his recent departure! He's moving to a new format as well, primarily sim racing, but adding other genres of simulations as well.
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    iRacing: Building the 2014 BMW Z4 GT3

    One thing that I do appreciate about iRacing, although it's a work in progress, is the way they apply engineering when replicating vehicle dynamics, as opposed to just juggling the numbers until a car feels right. Their most recent tire model is fantastic, and I can't wait to see how this...
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    Project Cars website launched
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    Catalyst 13.30 beta

    The DL page, Feedback thread at Looks like R9 support is missing. /Edit: It's there. I guess I missed it because I...
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    AMD Catalyst 13.35 BETA Driver With Mantle and HSA Support Scheduled For End of Janu?

    Rumor Mill?
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    I want a pc game based on the movie, Elysium

    Imo, the movie's script would make an awesome sci-fi game. The official Elysium movie trailer on YT,
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    Is multi cpu the way to go for pure bf4 performance?

    I was Just thinking about how Frostbite can use 8 threads. I have a 2600k, which of course is a quad with hyper threading, and it will run eight threads. Which makes me wonder if dual quads would offer optimal performance since each thread could have it's own individual core to itself...
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    Where are my fellow BF2 Project Reality players?

    /I posted this link in the BF4 beta thread, but it deserves it's own thead. I happened to check out the Project Reality site tonight, and I got a very pleasant surprise! The team is currently developing a stand alone version of Project Reality based upon the CryEngine 3 SDK! For those...
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    Field of View in Racing Simulations

    /lots of new racing sims are about to come out, many people are dipping their toes in the sim racing waters for the first time. I wanted to take a quick moment to discuss the most overlooked topic of the sim racing world, Field Of View. The FOV which you run in a sim has a drastic effect...
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    Real Racing 3 for Android, a perfect example of EA's microtransaction greed

    EA's greed in this game is astounding. The cost of some of the content makes iRacing look tame by comparison. The Pagani Huarya for example costs 1,358,000 R$. EA calls them microtransactions, but 2,000,000 R$ costs $49.99 cash in the store. They'll sell you 5,000,000 R$ for $99.99...
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    what type of panel would the average game dev use?

    My monitor is on it's last breath and I'm trying to decide what type of panel to buy, 120hz TN or S-IPS. I began to wonder what type of panels that game devs use. I'd like to see BF3 in the same glory that the developers intended. To make my decision even tougher I read a review that...
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    Anyone interested in an Android car stereo head unit?

    I think a nice Pioneer or Alpine head unit in the double din form factor and running the Android O.S. would be the shit. The custom rom scene would be just crazy. I can imagine everything customized just the way people like it. Seemless integration of phone, media, navigation, and OBDII...
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    Tiger direct link for $50 off oem QX9650

    Tiger Direct seems to be one of the only vendors still having a 9650 in stock. I searched the net and found a link that lowers the price by $50.00 to $1099.99...
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    Barca in stock at the Egg. AMD Opteron 2347 Barcelona 1.9GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB shared L3 Cache Socket F Quad Core Processor - OEM $495.00 So who's gettin' one? :D :yeah, I know. typo in thread title
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    Blitz Formula in stock at ClubIT. Bought one to replace my early revision evga 680i. I know some of you guys were problably waiting for it to arrive in stock somewhere. Hope it turns out to be an awesome board, my first Asus board in a long time. Wonder how well...
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    Inspiron 9300 - Will a Socket M Core2Duo work?

    My inspiron 9300 came equipped with a 1.86ghz Pentium M (Dothan). I noticed that there appears to be several Core2Duo's with socket M config. I'm a bit out of my league when it comes to notebook upgrades, can I fit a c2d and what is the fastest one I can install? With notebook bios's and...
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    Will a socket M core 2 duo work in an inspiron 9300?

    edit: just noticed the mobile computing subforum. Ignore this post.