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  1. Mode13

    Wtb super Nintendo (the really old Nintendo)

    I need a Super Nintendo (the old cartridge based console from the 90s).. the kids are going hard on the retro gaming and so far I've tried two bundles from eBay now, one wouldn't work at all and the other completely freaked out on 3d looking "mode 7" games like Zelda and Mario kart. I got the...
  2. Mode13

    WTB xbox 360 windows wireless adapter / charger cable / etc

    Kind of random for [h] I guess but.. Have been on a bit of a kick with my 360 lately replaying some of my old games... getting tired of buying AA batteries. I have one rechargeable battery but no cable to charge it with.. so uh.. I don't remember the official names of these things but let me...
  3. Mode13

    WTB 1 stick 4GB DDR3L 1600 so-dimm for laptop..

    Need to upgrade my joke of a laptop a bit.. it's a HP 15-ac151dx with a single 4gb stick of DDR3 1600.. Windows 10 on it's own keeps the memory pretty much pegged, not to mention it's running in single channel which probably kills the igpu performance. Just need a single 4gb stick.. I guess I...
  4. Mode13

    [WTB] 2.5" hdd for ps3 / random games

    ## PLEASE GIVE ME A PRICE SHIPPED TO NC 28562 WHEN YOU POST. If I don't reply within a few days, just assume I'm not interested please ## Wouldn't mind a 2.5" 1TB drive for my ps3 as well.. offer away Games I'm Interesteed in (Prefer them in original case with manuals): The Orange Box God...
  5. Mode13

    WTB ~Ryzen 2700/2700x + Motherboard + 16GB DDR4 3200

    *Sorry for people who PMed me previously, had some IRL pull me away from my computer for a week..* Please tell me what you have with a price shipped to NC 28562 Looking to upgrade my rig to something in the order of an r7 2700 / x470 / 16GB DDR4 3200 (2x8GB so I can bump it to 32 later)...
  6. Mode13

    [WTB] PS4 Pro

    heyooo. Looking to buy a ps4 PRO (and controller + power cord if possible). I'd like something clean and well loved + preferably not caked in the stench of cig smoke. I pay via paypal (no longer willing to do F&F due to scams -- willing to cover fee) please post your heatware along with...
  7. Mode13

    [WTB] Samsung Syncmaster 214T or Dell 2007FP / Visual C++ 6.0

    Looking for a Syncmaster 214T or dell 2007FPb (the 4:3 aspect ratio 1600x1200 version, NOT 16:10) in decent condition.. building a little homebrew arcade cabinet and specifically want one (or both) of these monitors.\\ If it's a 2007FP please check the model number so I can see if it's VA or...
  8. Mode13 alternative?

    So I've been using for years now to watch youtube at night and control it with my android (including volume control or the ability to pause and jump around videos...). I do not have a smart tv in my bed room and have absolutely no reason to buy one. Just a small form factor pc...
  9. Mode13

    ISP or the Modem Failing?

    Hello all. My father complained to me that his internet has been going out for short intervals on the order of once every 20-40 minutes for the past 3 weeks. They called the ISP and were told they see no issue on their end, so it must be the modem (we assumed that's the generic first line from...
  10. Mode13

    Is integrated good now? (Aorus amp-up vs x-fi titanium)

    It's that time of the decade for me to upgrade (every 5 years). For my last two builds I have reused my Creative SB X-fi Titanium pro fatality card due to it's superior analog output - which was vastly superior to the integrated audio on my z97-pro The X570 Aorus Elite im ordering boasts about...
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    Ebay: another $3 coupon code

    PROMO3 to take $3 off of any purchase above $3.01 That's what's showing on top of my ebay at least. Good til 6/17 (June 17th). Let me know if it works for you
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    Recommend me a 32(ish) inch monitor

    Note: I think this thread would be important for other shoppers as well, as this question seems quite common but I can't find any solid answers.. I want to get rid of my 27" 4k IPS and 1x27" TN 144hz and mash them together into one larger "best of both worlds" monitor. That would mean 1440P...
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    WTB I7-860 CHEAP 400W~ TFX PSU, preferably with decent length on the 20+4 pin connector, my stupid mobo has the connector above the CPU. ITX GPU (750Ti, RX 550, etc) ATX 20+4 PIN EXTENSION CABLE 16GB or 32GB kit (2x8GB or 2x16GB) G.SKILL SNIPER X DDR4 3600 (hynix CJR). ** HIGH PRIORITY. NEED...
  14. Mode13

    Cheap yet substantial upgrade from a 290 (used)

    Note that this isn't my main rig, my main has a vega64 in it, but I'm addicted to folding@home so I want to beef up my backup rig on a super stingy budget. Just spit-balling ideas. I was tossing around the idea doing crossfire with my 290 as I saw a matching sapphire 290 Tri-x go on ebay for...
  15. Mode13

    What capture card for me?

    Sorry not sure if this belongs here or in General Hardware or something.. My Avermedia Live Gamer HD (C985) was bricked attempting to run Avermedia's firmware update software (stupid me for even trying), the software just constantly went back to 0% and the card was toast.. I'm not the first...
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    WTB 7800GT/GTX

    WTB 7800GT/GTX Looking for anything cheap but working out of the junk drawer.. Thought I would check if anybody here has one buried in the closet before I hit ebay. Doesn't have to be pristine, Just working as I'll probably end up breaking it anyway. Must be PCI-E, no preference for memory size...
  17. Mode13

    Any good Android Tabs out there?

    Just wondering what the best tab would be for around $300 budget maximum. User prefers battery life over the best performance. She has been looking at the Asus Zen line but read bad reviews about the battery. I know nothing of tabs so I'm reaching out.. Anybody?