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    GTX 580 SLI upgrade/sidegrade

    I havnt been following the trends for the last two years and have no idea what is comparable to what I currently have. I am tired of the heat output from my current 580's and am just looking for a cheap alternative that will give me relatively the same performace with a single card for my...
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    CS:GO pug players

    anyone else interested in semi-organized matchmaking? Nothing too serious, just add eachother if you're on type of thing. Post your steam name. Evanisthecoastie
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    ASRock recall msg

    For those who may have chosen asrock for your i7/i5 setups: ignore the terrible english used in the letter to their customers, lol. pretty much the same we have heard from the other board vendors, except it seems asrock hasnt worked...
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    New OC'er, couple Q's

    As you saw, im brand new to overclocking, very addicting and ive barely even started tweaking! Spent all day yesterday reading about different techniques and such and decided to finally give it a shot, taking it easy and playing it safe so far. What im using: ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X...
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    New OC'er, couple Q's

    As you saw, im brand new to overclocking, very addicting and ive barely even started tweaking! Spent all day yesterday reading about different techniques and such and decided to finally give it a shot, taking it easy and playing it safe so far. What im using: ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD...
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    Up(down?)grade from a 37" westy

    Well, my westy is starting to show some age, and its about time to upgrade. Im sure theres some users on here who have done the same, and the reason im asking for opinions is pretty simple: Once you have a giant ass fucking beast of a monitor, anything smaller is just dissapointing to say...
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    BC2 and processors

    Alright, without going into too much detail, im just basically wondering if i will see a performance jump upgrading my processor. I thought i would be running BC2 fine, but i can only run it 'playable' with my current rig. which annoys me. massive fps dips. current: intel x6800...
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    Frustrating... ringtones

    Trying to make my own ringtone, but apparently thats communist of me to try because i HAVE to buy a song off of itunes it tells me. Ive googled and searched to no avail. using fully upgraded itunes/iphone as of this writing. Do i HAVE to jailbreak it for this crap? Tell me im missing...
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    RROD solved?
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    4870x2 and system lock ups and sound loop problem :-/

    Dont know of any other way on how to explain it... Non OC 4870x2, temps at 42c load fan speed set to 75% Happens randomly and I cant figure it out, ive re-installed drivers, and gone to old drivers. Typically the sound loops with it, dont know if that helps. While playing games...
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    X6800 clockspeed flucuates massively?

    Uhh, i kind of just noticed this happening under CPUZ, but it will pretty frequently change the multiplier from 6 to 11 on its own, even with 3 games running and lots of apps at the same time. dropping from 3ghz to 1.6ghz normal?
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    one impossible level i hate cubes.
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    FS 2 visiontek 4850 - UNUSED

    Up for grabs are 2 UNUSED about a month old, they have been removed from their box and installed into a new rig, but the rig has never been turned on or completed, just never got around to finishing it due to work. I will be selling them as a package deal, no trades please. As such, i...
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    itouch dock recommendations needed

    just picked up the 16g model online, and now i want a speaker/alarm clock style dock. Been searching around a little bit and finding it hard to see any intelligent reviews on whats good and whats not. Price isnt a real big deal, but id rather not spend over 200 bucks.
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    Compatability check please

    that time again to begin a new build, going crossfire this time! i want your opinion if you think a different part would be better i already have a cpu at home to drop into these new parts still kind of stuck on wondering if i should go with two 4870's, 2 4850's, or just wait and pay a...
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    how do i know which board supports...

    crossfire from looking at all the mobos on the newegg list? i havnt been following the ati side of motherboards at all, all im used to is sli boards :-/
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    i am the one and only viewer

    test... test... Currently Active Users: 1 (1 members and 0 guests)
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    crazy looking keyboard theres multiple types they make and sell, for alot. it doesnt even LOOK ergonomic.
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    Help me choose a mobo for my x6800

    ok, so ive had this x6800 laying around for awhile, I had it when the 680i board was making its debut, but held off on buying one with all the mixed reviews hangin around. Heres what i have so far from my old rig: evga 8800ultra x6800 2gb pc3200 ram HDD tuniq tower 120 i dont...
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    Alaska unite

    I moved up here about a year ago (juneau) and there arnt many people around i know of that play games. how many of ya around here and where? Area: Juneau Age: 21 Occupation: Coast Guard Games: CS 1.6 EVE WoW TF2 im open to pretty much any FPS if its competitive, ill try it at least...
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    MS Explorer It is relevent
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    WoW - [H]ard clan?

    Ive seen refrences awhile ago on some post i cannot find anymore. Is it still going strong? what server is it on?
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    Help me choose upgrade parts

    Ok, upgrading from my sig, heres what i have so far on the way: intel x6800 + Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme evga 8800 ultra coolermaster 690 case 2gigs ddr2 800 ram I will be using this new computer for primarily games, specifically crysis. Now, the question is which motherboard...
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    just picked up an x6800 from a 4800X2, how well does this chip OC on air? is this a big jump?
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    PHILIPS tv as computer monitor?

    Is it possible to use this as my computer monitor, with great quality? PHILIPS 32" LCD HDTV WITH DIGITAL TUNER, 32PFL5322D/37
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    in need of awesome fan+heatsink for e6850

    had my eye on this chip for awhile, havnt kept up with the current heatsinks since the xp-90c came out, will be overclocking eventually. What is the best option for me? I live in alaska, so temps in my home are normally high, 75-80 F high. any suggestions? thanks.
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    new ati technology

    Ok, cant find the original post, but i remember 2 days ago someone found a page owned by amd/ati saying they will release a new technology to the world, HELP!
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    lost planet problems...

    Im running it in DX9 mode, ive tried messing with all the gfx options and lowering resolution/detail, but after about 5 min of playing, it just locks up and crashes. current rig in my sig, not getting any error msg or anything. im also on xp, tried with nvidias current drivers, AND beta...
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    big name computer parts wholesaler?

    Not sure if this is allowed to post links here, but do any of you know any? im trying to start up a small business and i NEED a website that actually UNDERPRICES newegg, its proving to be hard to find, i hate google.
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    compatability issues?

    hey, makin this build for a friend, just wanted to make absolutely sure this is all compatable and wont be wastin time/money. thanks!
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    SLI performance issue?

    I just recently bought a 37" westy and am now running two 8800 gts 640mb stock in sli. for a performance boost check i went into WoW to see the difference, and I assumed i would be able to run wow at 1920 x 1080 with all sliders maxed with vsync on and not see the fps drop below 60, but it...
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    Sli Headache!

    Ok, I just received my new 37" westy with my second 8800gts and tried to sli the rig in my sig. All installed well, boots up, desktop shows up and when i go to enable sli, i click control panel from nvidia settings and my system hard locks. I cant enable sli, i cant even get to the control...
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    help me buy a fan controller

    ok, just bought TWO (yes two) vantec tornado case fans for exauhst, I want them to run at variable speeds as they are the only two loud fans i have. My question is i need help choosing a fully manual fan controller to use. I dont like the automated ones, i like to be in control of my airflow...
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    Questions about SLI and 37 in westy in native res

    OK, after finding how how much ill get back on tax returns, ITS TIME TO GET GOODIES! First off with the questions: 1: is SLI worth it for this large of a monitor? (never have gone SLI and am VERY worried about fps issues with the rig in my signature, I am VERY picky when it comes to...
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    westinghouse 37" LVM-37w3 and ghosting

    I read the other threads on this, and saw from a newegg reviewer that it had TERRIBLE ghosting problems. will this likely happen to me? pc in sig.
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    TOTAL and complete beginner at O/C

    Hello! first off, im not new to the whole 'system building' part of the game, just the overclocking part. Ive always run stock, but ive recently upgraded to some new parts and think its pretty safe to O/C with my current cooling setup. Programs to use/techniques would be highly appreciated...
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    Couple Q's about upgradin to 8800gtx

    Im lookin at buyin and wanted to know a few things: Currently i own a evga 7900GTKO and am not satisfied with framerate i get inside world of warcraft. It runs well at around 70+ fps most of the time, except in larger...
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    shuttle to midsize case

    I'm thinking of switching over to a normal sized atx tower so i can fit some dual video cards in it, but i am not sure on how the whole process would work... Im going to save up and buy a new SLI motherboard (939 compatible for my old x2 4800+) so i need some suggestions on the best mobo i...
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    decent sound blaster card Xfi plat preferred