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    FS: 2 x 4TB Western Digital Red Hard Drives WD40EFRX

    All sold let her drop
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    FS:3 x Western Digital 2TB Hard Drives (WD2002FAEX)

    Just received some 4TB drives so no need for these any more. Mostly light duty as media storage. All three still have warranty until at least April 2016. ONLY ONE LEFT $100 shipped lower 48 US. Amazon payments highly preferred. Heat under jsampiet
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    WTB: LGA 775 microATX DDR2 Motherboard w/ Intel Chipset

    I have an old LGA 775 based gateway with an nforce720i chipset and it is failing miserably (what a surprise). I need a intel chipset-based-microATX MOBO that can take a Q8200, 4x2GB of DDR2, and a pci-e graphics card. Would prefer the SB is ICH9R or later in case I want to add an SSD. Let me...
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    Recommend a "not so [H]ard" video card

    Looking to help a friend spruce up a computer that is definitely showing its age but still holding on strong. This is the model Looking to upgrade the video card (GT120) with a drop-in replacement....the system only has a 400W power supply. She plays mostly the Sims 3, League of Legends...
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    Recommendations for streaming to Samsung SMART TV

    Hello all, I'm setting up a new computer for my sister based around an AMD 5800K Trinity CPU and an MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 Motherboard. The main purpose of this post is to determine the best way for her to view movies from her computer on her 55" Samsung LED TV while maintaining the ability to...
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    Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB @ Newegg 159.99 w/promo

    Pretty sure these are the lower speed, cooler running, 1TB per disk drives. Promo code EMCYTZT3283 gets it to $159.99 I'd spend the extra $2 and get 3-day shipping.
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    WTT: $100 Newegg GC for HDD, VC, or something cool

    Found what I want let it drop.
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    FS: Western Digital 2TB Black WD2002FAEX

    I have an extra (used) WD2002FAEX that has warranty until 2017. $125 shipped USPS priority lower 48. Amazon payments only. Heat under jsampiet. Will provide serial number via PM for warranty verification if desired.
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    WTB Western Digital Black 2TB WD2002FAEX

    Found em, let it drop
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    Western Digital Black 2TB WD2002FAEX $135 shipped

    SOLD let her drop
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    FS: i7 920 D0 lapped 4.2ghz 1.28v

    Hey guys, I'm selling my i7 920 to make way for a new i7 970. Mostly I do video encoding on my home rig so I'm hoping the extra cores help. I'm the first owner, purchased it in 2009 when the very first D0 revisions came out. Batch number is 3849A916. It is lapped so there is no warranty...
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    FS: WD 640GB Black $50 shipped US

    Selling my trusty 640GB Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive. Ever since I purchased larger drives this one just seems to be sitting in my computer doing nothing, so it must be time for a new home. Warranty info is as follows from WD's serial checker. Select Serial No Model No Status...
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    WTB: Core i7 970/980, Western Digital Black WD2002FAEX

    Turning my main rig into a video editing/encoding/media server box. As stated in the title, looking for: 1) Intel core i7 970/980 (Heaxacore only). Not interested in 980X or 990X extreme editions. If it overclocks well that is always a bonus and I will always pay more for a better clocker. I...
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    Silverstone Decathlon DA1000 PSU

    EDIT: SOLD let her drop
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    WTB: 80+ Gold/Silver Modular PSU 750-850W

    Looking for modular 750-850 Watt 80+ Gold/Silver rated PSU. Would prefer Corsair, Seasonic, or Silverstone brands. Corsair AX and HX models are my top choice. Must be able to accept amazon payments...this is a must...if you don't accept amazon payments then please don't waste our time...
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    WD1502FAEX 79.00 No Rebate

    Get em while they are hot:
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    WTB: Western Digital Black 64MB cache models only

    Found let it drop
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    WTB:120GB G2, G3, or SF1200 based SSD

    Like the title says. Intel G2 or G3, or SF1200 based drives only. I Don't want 60 or 80GB drives and I don't want any Marvell/JMicron based drives so please don't offer them. I would consider a 160GB G2 for the right price. Must be able to accept amazon payments. Looking to spend no more than...
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    Silverstone Decathlon PSU, WD hard drives, Scythe Fans, Lotsa 939 Hardware

    Time to clear out some stuff. Prices include USPS priority shipping, insurance, tracking, etc. If you want cheaper shipping we can talk cheaper prices. If you want more than one item, we can discuss shipping savings. My heatware is under jsampiet. I am willing to ship first if you have good...
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    WTB/WTT: Corsair Dominator 6GB TR3X6G1600C7D

    Looking for a specific Corsair Dominator memory kit with model number TR3X6G1600C7D. Want a second set to match the one I currently own. Figure there have to be some peeps looking to sell off their stuff to upgrade to Sandy Bridge so if you have a memory kit that has this model number and want...
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    Intel 160GB G2 SSD $360 shipped

    Intel 160GB G2 SSD: Been used for about three weeks. OEM version of the drive. Works fine just got something faster. It came with the 02HA TRIM supported firmware already loaded. Shipping via small flat rate box USPS priority to lower 48. I'll ship to overseas if you pay the difference...
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    FS: MSI Radeon HD 5970, Canon Digital Rebel XTi/400D

    MSI Radeon HD 5970: Sold Canon Digital Rebel XTi/400D w/ 18-55mm EF-S kit lens and accessories (Silver body): Fell into this when my step-father passed away and don't really need it. It is in great condition on the outside but has one spec of dust on the inside of the viewfinder that can be...
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    FT: Silverstone DA1000 Modular PSU for your 750-850W PSU

    Hello everyone. I have a Silverstone DA1000 Completely modular PSU that has been used for about 1 year. It has been a great workhorse but now that I am no longer running an SLI rig I do not need it, and would like to downgrade to something more efficient for my means. So for all of you folks...
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    WTB: Western Digital 640GB or 1TB Black hard drive

    Just as the title says. You can get them new for $65 and $90 respectively, so looking to spend max of $55 or $75 shipped to 97478. Preferably 3+ years of warranty. If you have the new 64MB revisions even better :).