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    WTS: MSI GTX 970

    Selling a mint condition lightly used 970 that sat mostly unused in a gaming rig for years. Looks and runs great. Asking $160 With original box. You pay shipping costs. PayPal accepted. Heatware - j0nx77
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    MSI GTX 1080ti

    SOLD. Selling my very lightly used MSI Gaming X 1080ti that has basically sat idle for two years in a dedicated VR machine that is used 3 or 4 times a month at most. Card is in excellent condition. I will cover shipping and insurance in CONTUSA. I accept paypal. Please only good reputation [H]...
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    5900x boost question

    So I'm new to AMD and just built a 5900x system with a 3090. I can't seem to figure out boost though. I have hard set the bios multiplier to 47 and 1.35v and am stable at that setting with an all core boost at 47. When I do benchmarks in windows I see that all cores boost to 4.7ghz and it shows...
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    FS:Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens comes with original box, carrying bag, a UV filter and the Canon tripod ring/collar. Asking $375 via paypal shipped. Must have good Heatware.
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    FS: iPhone 6S Plus 64GB

    Selling a Verizon iPhone 6S Plus 64GB space gray model. Verizon says all of their phones then were unlocked so this should work on any carrier that supports it. Phone is in great shape with little to no signs of wear. Battery life is at 92%. Comes with original box, a case, charger and...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 1080 SC

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 SC. Card was used in a VR only rig that spent a majority of its time turned off so has little actual use. Was purchased in June 2016. Comes packed in original box with materials. SOLD shipped CONTUSA. Paypal from verified users with good heatware.
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    FS: Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Motherboard

    Selling my Z97-SOC that was used with a 4790K. Decided to upgrade the entire rig to a 8700K and don't need this anymore. Comes with IO shield only, no CPU or memory. Paypal accepted, heat is same. CONTUSA only. $90 shipped.
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    FS: Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular and GPS 42mm Nike

    Recently purchased a series 4 and don't need this watch. It is a Space Gray 42mm Nike model with cellular. Has been wiped, deactivated from my carrier and removed from iCloud. Is in great shape and I am asking for final offer of $200 shipped CONTUSA. I am selling it back to Apple if it fails to...
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    FS: Gigabyte 980ti G1 GAMING Graphics Card

    **SOLD** FS is my 980ti. It is a little over 2 years old with about 10 months warranty left. Never registered because I never keep my cards longer than the warranty so you can still register it under your name if so desired. Rarely used in the past year since it was in a dedicated VR machine...
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    Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire Edition bundle with heart rate strap

    *SOLD* Selling my Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire edition bundle with heart rate strap. Comes with the black Garmin band which was never used, a red Garmin band and blue and orange off brand bands. This is an excellent sports watch which would run you well over $500 for everything included here if...
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    Apple Watch 3 GPS/Cellular 38mm

    I am selling my 38mm Apple Watch 3 with GPS/Cellular with fog colored band. It has been wiped and removed from iCloud and is ready to roll. I got it as a present from Verizon wireless 3 days after release and it is just not my style. The cellular watches will work with Verizon, ATT, Sprint or...
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    FS: 16GB ATT iPhone 6

    16GB ATT space grey iPhone 6 for sale running iOS 9.3.4. Moved to Verizon and no longer need this phone and am selling a 32GB Galaxy S6 as well in another ad for same reason. Comes with all cables, earphones, charger etc in original box. Asking $300. Paypal preferred. Heat is my name.
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR Bundle

    Selling a 32GB ATT white Galaxy S6 running 6.x Marshmallow. Phone is clean and not under contract. Comes with original box, all cables, headphones, charger etc. Includes two cases as well. The Gear VR is really cool as well and works great with this phone. Asking $260 for everything. Paypal...
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    Am I the only one not seeing much performance increase from 1080?

    So, I finally ordered a EVGA 1080 ACX 3.0 SC only by camping nowinstock for the day and I don't really see that the 1080 is all that much better than my EVGA 980ti FTW, at least not nearly as much as some reviews I saw claimed. On average my 1080 at 2000/11000/65C under load is getting about...
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    FS - 2 EVGA SC ACX 2.0 GTX 970's

    Selling both of these cards. They are from a machine that I inherited and they have both seen little to no use. I verified that they both work well and both have backplates. I do not have the original boxes or accessories. Just the two cards and I do not need them myself. Selling for $215 each...
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    Unlocked iPhone 5c 32GB

    Selling an unlocked ATT 32GB iPhone 5c. Running latest iOS, green, mint condition, clean ESN and iCloud, ready to go. Comes with 3 cases and the original container. No data cable or earphones though. $140 shipped.
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    EVGA Classified GTX 570s

    I have 2 of these guys for sale that have been sitting idle for a while but work fine. $75 each or both for $140 via Paypal. Will throw in SLI cable if you buy both.
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    FS: 2 Galaxy GTX 760's

    I am selling my 2 GTX 760's. Need to sell these to fund an upgrade. I do not have the original box, cables, manuals, etc. Just the cards. Asking $110 each shipped CONTUSA. MO or Paypal.
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    Nvidia 3DVS with one card

    I tried this thread on Nvidia's forums a month ago and have received ZERO support from them so figured I'd try it here: I would like to upgrade my dual 760s to dual 960s when they are released but my 3D monitors only have DVI ports and the new 900 series cards only have a single DVI port. So...
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    2 X GTX480 For Sale

    I am selling my GTX 480 video cards because I recently upgraded. Not interested in trades. These things make awesome folding cards and in SLI still ran most of my games at acceptable frame rates. I have a: EVGA 015-P3-1480-AR and a PNY XLR8 VCGGTX480XPB Asking $100 OBO shipped for each or...
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    FS: Corsair HX750w Modular PSU

    Moving up to 480SLI so recently bought a HX1000w PSU to replace my 750w. The 750 is about 10 months old and is a great psu. It is modular as well. Will take a pic on demand. Asking $85 paypal shipped in contusa only. Thanks...
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    Cable question for you 3d surround guys

    I just finished moving my components to a new Silverstone FT02-WRI case (which is amazing btw) and am really having a hard time with my dvi cable that came with the Acer 3d monitor that I use because it is only 6' long. I am going to be buying 2 more of these monitors for 3d surround in the next...
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    FS: TJ09BW case local to Wash DC area

    Hey all, I have a 3 year old Silverstone TJ09BW case for sale if you live local to me in the DC metro area. I do not have the original box so therefor can not ship it so it needs to be a local sale only. I will let it go for the best offer because I just want to get rid of it. I have cleaned it...
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    Where are the surround WHQL drivers?

    Taken from Kyle's surround review a few weeks back when the beta drivers first came out: "The WHQL driver is slated for official release on 7/12/2010" By my watch today is the 13th and the final drivers still aren't out. Where are they? Is nvidia delaying again? I do not want to install...
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    BFG GTX 285 OC

    For sale is my gtx 285 purchased about a year ago from my local microcenter. It is the 666mhz OC version just like the link below except it is the retail version serial number and not the etail version serial number. Comes with all the adapters and cables and original box. Purchased a gtx 480...
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    So, where's the 6 port eyefinity 5870?

    Thought this was supposed to be out already but can't find any mention of them being sold yet anywhere. Anyone have any updates on if/when this is being released or if it was a myth?
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    So I take it no DP to hdmi adapter is included?

    I didn't see anywhere in the review what came in the box so I am assuming that there is no display port to hdmi adapter included in there? Newegg doesn't even sell one as far as I can tell. It seems to be a difficult cable to find. I have only managed to find it at one place online and it's more...
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    FS: Matrox Analog TH2G (Triplehead)

    Selling my old TH2G analog edition for $160. You pay shipping and insurance. Also have three 17" Samsung Syncmaster LCD monitors if interested at $40 a piece, you pay shipping and insurance as well. Live in the DC metro area and you can pickup items. Dave
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    Replaced 4850CF with gtx285 and wow!

    Anyone on the fence with a similar decision you won't regret it. I have been running 4850CF since the day they were released last summer and fought through about 4 months of really, REALLY bad driver support from ati before the cards were performing well and I had no issues with drivers any...
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    4850CF with crysis warhead...

    Anybody else getting huge 2-5 second pauses in warhead with their 48x0 card(s) when they look around? Crysis runs fine for me on my system but Crysis Warhead is chock full of 2,3,4,5 second pauses when running around. It's almost unplayable. When it's not pausing on me it runs somewhat better...
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    poor quality AF with 4850

    I am getting terrible shimmer in a lot of games with my 4850's and was wondering if anyone else was as well? I have tried 8.6HF and 8.7 currently and they both suck and this is a fresh install of vista as well. It doesn't seem to make any difference how I set the AF setting in the CCC I still...
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    Crossfire questions

    I was hoping one of you crossfire folks could help me out. I'm an nvidia convert to ati now with the 4850 and want to go CF. I can't figure out how the ati CCC works with profiles? Are there no built in game profiles in this thing like in nvidia drivers? How do you enable crossfire for certain...
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    Crossfire with Intel 975XBX2 BadAxe 2 motherboard?

    Hey all, I just bought a 4850 yesterday and love it. It was a huge upgrade from my 8800gts640. I am running an almost 2 year old Intel Bad Axe 2 motherboard with an E6600 at 3.2ghz and wanted to know if you think crossfire would work ok with it or if it would give me less performance since one...
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    Temp question

    I just put together my e6600 system using a big typhoon vx cooler and AS5, and was wondering if the temps i am getting seem right. When running orthos, TAT shows between 58-63C and when idle it shows 43. This is with an o/c to 3.2ghz. Does this seem right? I had read that the AS5 takes a week...
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    Kentsfield on newegg!

    Newegg has lost all respect from me after the gouge that i am seeing for quad core. They want $1499 for it. Before all you economics 101 supply/demand fanatics start flaming me, this is lame even for them. *Thumbs down* to newegg. I'll be dealing with alternate vendors from here on out as I...