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    delete please

    Delete please
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    4 year old evga 750 for new build?

    I have a 4 year old EVGA g2 750 right now, i have never over clocked or stressed my system that i know of. upgrading from i7-6700k, msi 1080 seahawk ek, 3 spinner hard drives and 2 ssd. to 5800x, gigabyte gaming oc 3080, same drives. is this power supply going to be enough? not planning on any...
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    zen3 5600 maybe, what mobo?

    Looking to get into the AMD game for the first time since i think it was a 486. going to get a 5600x and the new big navi 6800? will see what's available. Last AMD video card for me was an ATI something, so long ago. anyways, i will be water-cooling this with a monoblock (unless i get the viii...
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    Can't decide what to buy, x299 or x399.

    I am going back and forth on this, for a month now. I am a long time abuser of hardocp but not in the forum. but i feel this is where the right people hang out:) I can't make up my mind on this, there is to many choices. I want to go with either i7 or tr4. my main requirement is a monoblock...