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    intel x25 m speed

    I got a new intel x25 m 80gb today. I just did a benchmark on the SSD. In HDTUNE, it only read at max: about 180, min about 135, average 178. It is normal for the SSD? I saw some benchmark in different SSD review site, the speed can reach about 250 for read speed?
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    Antec P180 mini question.

    I had a antec p180 mini case and I wanted to get a new cpu heatsink. Does anyone know if the cooler master v8 will in the case? Which heatsink is good?
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    HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 3G quad band US version!! condition: Brand new; only used for one day!! payment: paypal CC accepted Price: 380 shipped via USPS w/ Delivery conformation and insurance OBO REF: ebay hk09-2007
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    zalman CNPS 8700 question.

    Hi. I currently have a zlaman 7500ALCU cooler but I am overclocking my cpu. The temp of the cpu is about 55c. Is the zalman 8700 better than 7500ALCU?
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    Overclocking problem...

    HI. I am trying to overclock my q9400. When I change the setting for the ram and reboot, it will say overclocking fail during post. Does that mean the ram is not going to overclock??
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    FS: Intel Q9400 Quad Core CPU

    This is a new Intel Q9400 Quad Core CPU. I only used it for less than 2 hours.So, it is basically brand new!! 100% working!! I got this for 220 dollars. Price:193.00 shipped via USPS priority mail w/ delivery conformation Payment: Paypal (you can use credit card via paypal if you want to)...
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    which processor should I upgrade??

    I currently sold my E8200 and looking to upgrade. I am not sure which one should I choose between q9550, e8500. I going to use it for gaming. I know that q9550 have 12mb cache but what will i get for the extra cache?
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    which corsair ram is better??

    I have a asus matx motherboard that support ddr2 800ram slots. I am not sure which one is better and i am going to overclock those memory. 1) Corsair xms2 p2-6400 4gb 2) Corsair dominator pc2-8500 4gb thank you
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    FS: XFX GeForce 9800GT Including COD4!

    XFX GEFORCE 9800GT- GREAT CONDITION. 99.99 + 9.99 shipping usps OBO I only used the card for few days. 100% working!! I come with everythings as a new one. It also include COD4!! picture: payment: paypal ref: ebay hk09-2007 upc code was removed for rebate.
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    FS: Raptor x 150gb window edition, PSP Bronze color limited!!

    1)Raptors x 150gb sata hard drive - 99.99 USD + 9.99 Usps priority mail. It is in great condition only used for one months. warranty until 2011. If you are interested, I can put the hard drive on ebay. So you can earn 25% cash back from mirosoft!!! only 74.99 after cash back...
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    Is this a good PSU?

    I am looking to buy a modular PSU since my matx computer case is kind of small. Is this a good one to consider? OCZ 500W ATX12V Modular Power Supply I would spent about 70 dollars for a psu. Do you guys have other suggestion?
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    FS: Corsair 450vx PSU

    This is a Corsair 450vx PSU. It is in new condition 65USD shipped via usps obo payment method: paypal
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    comcast or qwest internet?

    I currently use qwest 7mb internet and I want to increase it to 12 mb. The question is should I change from qwest to comcast? Comcast cost 6 dollars more per months. Which one is faster or just the same? Thank you
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    which one should I get? Xonar dx, d2 or d2x?

    I am mainly listen to music. I was just wondering which is the sound card better for music? It seem that xonar dx is more cheaper than the other two. Should I just get that one?
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    RAID Question.

    I am new to RAID. Do I need to have the same hard drive in order to do RAID? I have a raptor x and 7200 rpm hard drive.
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    Frys have 2GB DDR2 PC6400 DUAL BALLISTIX TRACER for 19.99 MIR 40 dollars mail in rebates and free shipping. Link to the deal.
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    Vista Ultimate 32 bit or 64 bit??

    I am think about change my vista from 32 bit to 64 bit. Can anyone tell what the difference between those two? Should I upgrade it?
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    FS: 4 Port Sata pci controller card

    Fs: 4 Port Sata pci controller card (2 internal and 2 external). 15 USD SHIPPED OBO 100% working Feedback:ebay 30 positive feedback
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    FS:P4 2.8 HT 800mhz socket 478 processor

    Intel P4 2.8 HT 800mhz socket 478 processor - 40 shipped via usps obo used. 100 % working. paypal and money order accepted feedback: ebay(hk09-2007)
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    FS: GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2 matx motherboard

    Fs: GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2 Micor atx motherboard- 60 USD OBO shipped paypal and money order accepted. Feedback: Ebay (hk09-2007) with 100% feedback It is only one week onld. It is just like a new one. 100%working Link to specification.
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    My extra stuffs for sales!

    For sale: Paypal and money order accept Feedback: ebay (hk09-2007) with 30 positive feedback 1)Thermaltake 430w PSU - 24 + 9.8( priority mail) USD OBO It has been opened to make sure the psu is working. 2)Seagate 7200.7 120gb IDE hard drive - 23 USD shipped used 100% working...
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    FS: Thermaltake 430w PSU

    For sale: Paypal and money order accept 1)Thermaltake 430w PSU - 24 + 9.8( priority mail) USD It has been opened to make sure the psu is working. 2)Seagate 7200.7 120gb IDE hard drive - 23 USD shipped used 100% working 3)Creative should blaster X-fi extreme music sound...
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    FS: Kingston 2GB micro sd card

    For sale- Kingston 2GB micro sd card - 10 shipped OBO SOLD Paypal or money order only It is only one months old and it come with two adapters. You will get what you see in the picture. 2-Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM pc26400 800mhz - 27 shipped OBO It has...
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    How much power do i need?

    Here is my system specif. core 2 duo e8200 GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2 2gb ram Evga 8800 GS overclocked seagate 160 gb 7200rpm asus 20x dvd dl light scribe burner pioneer dvd reader How much power do I need to make the computer stable? I...
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    I tried to push the fsb higher from 400 to 415. When I start the window, it frozen. Does that mean I will need to increase the voltage?
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    OC question..

    First, this is my first time OC a cpu. I OC the e8200 to 3.0ghz and the two ram together went to 900mhz. Here is a screenshot of the cpuz . To overclock, I only need to bus speed and voltage? Should I link the memory and bus speed together or separate it? How would I know what voltage is...
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    Is my cpu(e8200) at high temp.?

    I want just wondering if my cpu's temperature is high? I am just running at stock speed. I use coretemp and it said 49c - 53c at about 0% - 10% load.
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    Need help on finding a cpu fan for my Mobo....

    I have a gigabyte motherboard GA-73PVM-S2. I need to help to find a right cpu fan that will fit on my mobo. anyone could help me?
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    HI. This is my first time build a computer. I am trying to connect the wire (ie. LED). I can't figure out which side is + or -. I only saw s, g on back of wire... PLZ help
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    Can't decide which video card I should get...

    I thinking about getting gefore 8600. Here is several card that I am choosing. 1. 2. 3.
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    Need help find the right PSU for my new case

    I planning to get LANBOX Lite I don't know which kind of power supply I should get? Is it Thermaltake TR2 fit? Can anyone help me?
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    video card question

    I have a gigabyte motherboard GIGABYTE GA-73VM-S2. Does it work with this video card?
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    Intel E 8200 processor question.

    I am building a new computer and it is my first time. I am wondering do I need to put Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound before putting heatsink and fan? Thank you