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    windows Defender & shadow copy

    I am reasonably sure the files in question are not a virus.
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    windows Defender & shadow copy

    Thanks for the reply. The files in question are already in the exclusion's list, however, when windows creates a restore point it then flags the shadow copy volume as containing a virus. Unfortunately, windows does not seem to allow me to add an exclusion for shadow copied volumes. Does anyone...
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    windows Defender & shadow copy

    All of a sudden windows defender is reporting that my shadow copy volumes contain a virus, however, the backed up files are excluded from windows defender and are not malware. Is their a way to get windows to stop scanning shadows copy locations or add an exemption?
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    needed to create a couple of graphs for a project, and was wondering if any one had any experiance using graphviz? The dot language is straight forward and I have no concerns about it however I noticed that many people seem to use graphviz in combination with python in an integrated environment...
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    Resolution and low vision

    So, speaking as a person who has no usable vision at this point in time, at one point I was pretty Lowe vision. screen size does matter, and it is best to go to a store and physically view the screen, to big and you end up panning your head to see the darned thing and to small you lose realist...
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    World's largest neighborhood of 3D-printed homes to break ground in Texas

    Thought tamas Edison did something like this back in the day.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    For my daily driver I use a unicomp new modle M and love every glorius click it makes.
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    Accessing TOC in foxit

    Ok, maybe I am just missing this, but I cannot seem to figure out how to access a PDFs table of contents with foxit reader. I know the PDF has a toc, and can access in adobe, but this is a rather large file and adobe seems to struggle. Thanks in advance.
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    acquired an HP desktop i7 11700 system to play with. Cooling system too weak. All core turbo caps out at 3.3ghz

    The Dell inspiron 3880 with an i7 10700 has lack luster cooling as well. Does the HP use the cpu fan with a weird duct configuration instead of a rear case fan?
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    10700 whats the actual tdp

    Thanks for all the replys. It should be a nice little upgrade from a i5 7200u, but I wonder if it is a little overkill given that I do not game.
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    10700 whats the actual tdp

    Looking at getting an new computer, and I am looking at the I7 10700. The intel website says that it has a TDP of 65w, but many other sites seem to say that it is over that. The question is is it really only 65w?t
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    Student Fried $58,000-Worth of College Computers Using 'USB Killer' Device

    Um, wait what. filip cannot be serious..
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    Bluray software

    Does anyone know of a way to play blurays using either MPCHC or VLC? I have a copy of cyberlink power dvd that came with my computer, but it seems to be incompatible with my screen reader software. Thanks for the help.
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    Kings Bounty: The Legend, Free? Steam

    shows up as 14.99.
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    2nd defective replacement phone from Verizon

    They keep sending me defective replacement phones which don't actually work. about 2-weeks ago my speaker on my Lg ally stopped working. I could use the speaker phone, but I couldn't use the ear speaker. Every Replacement phone they send me has some sort of problem with it. Is their anything I...
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    The [H] Dropbox Thread 30-left
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    Asus 1005peb + iTunes video playback = utter disaster

    no prob, When it is set on super performance it ocs the n450 chip. Does your 1005peb have bluetooth?
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    Asus 1005peb + iTunes video playback = utter disaster

    What performance mode do you have it set at? Talking about the Super Hybrid thingy.
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    Asus 1005peb + iTunes video playback = utter disaster

    You might be able to put in a broadcom card that might help with the video playback.
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    Avatar Passes the $1 Billion Mark

    never mind
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    Avatar Passes the $1 Billion Mark

    There is a theater in little rock.
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    Avatar Passes the $1 Billion Mark
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    modern warfare 2 ps3 multiplayer

    Hey all got a quick question. Can two people play on the same server at the same time using one ps3?
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    General Mayhem

    I am more man then you.
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    Temp Job At Apple = $12.3M

    stock options.
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    Should I go with MetroPCS?

    Metro PCS Now has the Samsung Code. It';s a winmo 6.1 phone.
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    Thinks I would like. Mobile web GPS via bluetooth. Scheduling Document viewing Music
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    I know that in the last few years that cell phones have replaced PDAs. At the moment I use a prepay cell service that doesn't have any smart phones available. The question is, who makes a good PDA still? Would it be possible to use an i touch as a pda?
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    50 Arrested In Craigslist Prostitution Sting

    Looks like I should stop looking for love on craigslist.
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    Sup G

    Sup G
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    This shit is cool

    This shit is cool
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    EVE Online: [H] character listing & comms

    apple2gs/apple2gs Getting back into game next week.
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    Man Busted for Child Porn Solicitation via PS3

    It's funny if you know arcy.
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    [h]ard chat?

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    Samsung 19" LCD @ Dell $15

    meh, I for one but so not holding my breath.
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    Tablet netbook

    With some further digging it looks like asus tablet will be called the T91. Gizmodo linkIt has a built in gps and tv tuner looks pretty sweet
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    Tablet netbook

    I see CTL corp has the tablet version of the intel classmate pc available for order. It looks pretty sweet. I could do without the handle but according to review it is completely detachable. Tax session is right around the corner this might just be what I am looking for in a...