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    PVR-150 (non-MCE) with Windows Media Center 2005 NO AUDIO

    OK... I just reformatted my WMCE 2005 machine. I have a PVR-150 that I had working fine before the reformat. Now, i got my picture to work, but have no audio. The audio works in everthing else, including the sounds from the media center app itself. I am using the MCE drivers from Hauppauge, not...
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    Logitech Bluetooth Set (Lost Bluetooth Code)

    OK, i lost my Logitech Keyboard Mouse combo set Bluetooth code, is there anything I can do to A) figure out what it is or B) Still get new things like my phone to sync up and transer stuff? Any ideas?
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    CPU/GPU Norm Temp's

    OK, i have just built my new machine, and i want to break it in before I overclock it any for atelast a month long break in period. I have looked, but cant find what a normal operatering CPU temp would be for my CPU 3700+ San Diego core, nor my GPU. My CPU idles at like 35, am not sure how to...