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    Help please! Transferring files from PC to MBP with an ethernet cable

    Hey guys, I am currently stumped, i can connect my pc and mac through my router which is fine but i have 45gbs to transfer and that method takes 20 hours, slightly too long... So i am trying to connect it through the ethernet cable, but when i type in the IPaddress of the pc the mac cannot...
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    Computer will not turn on...i have no clue why

    My brother turned on my computer and ever since then it has stopped working...i dont know why? i tried a new power cable, but it still didnt turn on, i think it might be the PSU but im not sure how to check? (and i cant find the green motherboard light...)
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    My two harddrives have just disappeared...

    ...well according to my computer anyway:confused: my computer has just stopped recognizing that it has two hard drives plugged into it...i have taken them out and put them back in but they're still not being recognized, any suggestions? Thanks Mayhs
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    Need to buy a new harddrive urgently! (which 1 from the list?)

    Hey guys, i need to buy a new harddrive as soon as possible for my computer as the harddrive containing my backups in one of my computer has just broken! heres the harddrives i can choose from: Hitachi Deskstar 7K160 160GB £26.99(£31.71) Maxtor Diamondmax 20 160GB £25.99(£30.54)...
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    2007 Word, when you press enter you get 'two enters' (urgent help please!)

    When you press enter on Word 2007 you get two spaces inbetween the lines, how do i stop this? I need help urgently as i have some work to e-mail and I have been working on 2003 and when i open the file with 2007 it spreads onto more pages and i only have a 10 page limit! Thanks Mayhs
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    Edited audacity file to mp3?

    How do i convert an audacity file to mp3? the first time i tried it (i edited a song to get a part i wanted) and it told me to download an extension but i couldnt find the vista version
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    Sound recording software

    I need software that allows you to record sound from when your playing the radio on the internet I had a really simple one on XP, which just had record and then a little media player and you could also edit the file by taking time off the end and front So basically i need: an audio...
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    Genuine windows xp is experiencing hacked windows characteristics

    My current computer (the one in the sig) has windows XP on it, and it was working fine until about 1 month ago, when it suddenly didnt allow itunes, msn or msn explorer to work...this happened to my friends computer about 5 months ago and he had put a hacked version of XP onto his computer...but...
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    quick dx10 performance question...

    Have there been any tests conducted in dx10 between the x2900xt and the 8800gtx?... if i have correctly interpreted people's views here, pre launch, the new set of ati cards are supposed to provide better dx10 performance than te 8800gtx, whereas the 8800gtx would have better dx9...
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    Need help regarding business laptops...urgently!!!

    Hey guys, my uncle needs to buy a few laptops for his business, one for himself and one for a director My uncle wants the following spec with a price of $1400-1600 (cheaper the better obviously):) T7200 cpu or greater 1 gb of ram (minimum!) 100gb HD or greater Quite light...around...
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    New Laptop...should i advise vista (extremely important)

    Hey guys, my uncle has asked me to get him 2 laptops for his business, so he can use one nad give one to one of his directors... we were talking and he said he would like vista but i only see one problem with this...backwards compatibility... he will need to send databases and word and...
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    Can you delete data from a non RW DVD?

    I know this is a really stupid question and i think i already know the answer (no), but no harm in asking eh? 'person who asks a question is a fool for 5 mins, person who doesnt is a fool forever' story: i taught my bro how to burn dvds and he started burning them...i come back home and...
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    Help, need an excel wizard!

    Hey [H]ard people, im designing a simple software on excel with a few advanced features for my cousin and his business, but a few things hes asked me i need a bit of help with, theyre only simple things but im currently in the middle of my exams and i dont have enough time to research how to...
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    Quick job for me plz!

    Hey People, could you guys do a really quick job for me please? could you edit this picture for me, on the left hand side to have: Hold the power of infinity in your hand and on the right hand side Mayhs id like it to all be one line and the ends to fade from that blue to...
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    lol really odd dvd play back problem

    i borrowed my m8s borat dvd and its playing upside down? but it isnt happening with any other dvds and i know it works normally becuase i watched it at his house how do i turn it back around? ive checked on realplayer and windows media player and cant find any options thnx
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    x850xt bios...need 1 quick!

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    8ms responce time = ?

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    Can i get steam back?

    If i delete it can i get it back?...ive still got my original hl2 cds... i want to delete it because my friends keep inviting to me to play on source but i deleted hl2 and still have source...
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    Help me please...

    Ok i have a few problems right now...and i need to sort them out before christmas so please help:) Firstly, ive videos and things from my friend and hes edited them and stuff but theyre in Divx format...and i dont know how to run them...what software do i need to do that? Secondly, id like...
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    Do you think gaming takes up too much of your time?

    So do you think it does?...
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    so i got foobar2000

    a lot of you recommend it but i guess thats with installed plug-ins? right now im not impressed:( i cant even search for an artist or album... what can i do to make it better?
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    how do you delete cookies?

    ive just bought a computer from my friend at an irresistable price, which im going to use as a media centre computer and i booted it up it all worked and everything, i went onto the internet and the cookies were do i delete them?
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    any new consoles coming out soon?

    i was reading an xbox360 magazing and in the rumour section it said that microsoft might be bringing out a new console at the end of 2007...the magazine is shady, first time i read it and i didnt really like it, does anyone know anymore about this?
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    WTB: Headphones

    Id like to buy any good pair of headphones like the shure eXX or any good sens or any good headphones for my N91... id prefer a seller from the uk (not necessary) and proof of purchase so if it breaks then i can get a refurbed one from the retailer (i have bad luck with headphones)
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    Pro Evolution 6...

    Does anyone know when its coming out in england and do any of you know if its been reviewd yet?
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    Do nvidia cards have a monitoring system like ati tray tools

    i miss my ati tray tools
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    whats that programme?

    that has swirly globes and marbles with light? i need to check my friends temps for his card...
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    My cousins optical drive has stopped working

    My cousin just got a new dell inspiron 6400 and her optical drive is not working... the optical drive is philipa SCB5265 ive checked the drivers and updated them to the newest ones and whilst browsing google i found that the problem is quite popular with other dell laptop owners, they...
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    My cousins optical drive has stopped working

    My cousin just got a new dell inspiron 6400 and her optical drive is not working... the optical drive is philipa SCB5265 ive checked the drivers and updated them to the newest ones and whilst browsing google i found that the problem is quite popular with other dell laptop owners, they...
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    A printer for $90

    Hey, id like a printer for $90, its for my sister at university so we dont want to spend much on it...we would like it to include a scanner and for the catridges to be cheap...we had a $300 lexmark one and the catridges were extremely expensive Thnx Mayhs
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    cheapy headphones with a nice warranty...

    i want to buy some headphones worth around $60 with w/ 1 year warranty going to use them for my N91 so theyre going to obviously going to be victim to a lot of strain i was borrowing my friends sennheisers (dno how to spell it) they were big ones that covered ur ears and the...
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    How do you reduce the number of things at start-up?

    I did a search but found how do you reduce the amount of programmes that boot at start up?
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    Fav CS:Source console changes

    So what do u change in the console? all i do is... cl_crosshairscale 3000 - changes the crosshair makes it smaller... whats yours?
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    Worth getting a x-fi with x-530's?

    i use my secondary computer for storing all my music and its only get x-530s on it should i buy a x-fi...are the speakers good enough? and i play music through that computer over my main gaming comp becuase my secondary comps in the study (middle of the house) but my gaming comp is in my room...
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    Do i need to play more?

    well after i got oblivion i was thoroughly disappointed...unfortunately :( ive made a pretty good fighter who worked his way upto warrior status in the fighters guild which made him go to lvl 1 to lvl 3 and ive done some quests/ adventures and now im nearly lvl 5...ive also done some of the...
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    AHHH help me plz!!!!!!! Oblivion blues! i finally succumbed and asked my mum to buy me she kindly goes out and buys it... she comes back i put it in the dvd drive (without looking at the dvd) and it doesnt work...i take it out give it a nice clean and i see theres a HUGE scratch on it! :( ...i phone the...
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    does pm'ing increase your post count?
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    Which one is better?

    i know this is in the wrong place...but i need some help... ive got 2 computers but i dont know which ones to use as my secondary computer...the main thing is the CPU...i dont know which one is better...youll soon see why... i have a 3500@2.7ghz and a d820...i dont know which cpu would be...