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    Ark Survival 20 bucks on humble store!

    I have over 1000 hrs in this. If you like Survival that is not constant KOS, you may get a decent bang for your buck with this. It is in very active development, and there are not a lot of wipes on the official servers.
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    Dell Outlet Refurbs: U3014 $656, U2713HM $418 +tax

    Actual frame rates above 60Hz
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    Newegg BF Deals Live!

    The vertex 4 512 seems like a good deal. Am I alone in thinking this?
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    Sandisk Extreme 240GB - $145 AC

    If I am reading Newegg's email correctly, this deal ends tonight at midnight Pacific (Saturday night 11:59).
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    FS: Harmony One Remote, NIB / Sealed, $130 shipped US48.

    References: Ebay: Heat: Details: - I am selling one Logitech Harmony One remote for $130 shipped via USPS Priority to US48. - The remote is new...
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    FS: 2x Core i7 920 d0 CPUs - $115 ea firm shipped US48

    References: Ebay: Heat: Details: - I am selling two Core i7 920 d0 CPUs for $115 ea, firm, including shipping via USPS Priority flat rate. - CPU...
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    FS: Corsair K90, $70+shipping.

    This Corsair K90 is 100% operational. There are no defects of any kind. Includes the wrist rest. It was used for 6 weeks and has been sitting on my shelf ever since. - Will ship USPS, UPS, or FedEx, as desired. - I ship immediately, often within 2 hours, always within 24 hours. - No box, no...
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    FS: 2x 6950 Twin Frozr III 2GB, $340 total shipped US48.

    I'm selling my 2x MSI Twin Frozr III 2GB 6950's for $340 shipped. Details: - My (Fletch2020) Ebay feedback: - I just signed up on Heat and want to make a good first impression - No problem discussing...
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    FS: 2x Twin Frozr III 2GB 6950's, $340 shipped US48.

    I'm selling my 2x MSI Twin Frozr III 2GB 6950's for $340 shipped. Details: - My (Fletch2020) Ebay feedback: - I just signed up on Heat and want to make a good first impression - No problem discussing...
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    Tera is $35 on Amazon. Few other deals also.

    Thanks. I was going to purchase from "flyer310" for $35+$4 shipping, then noticed the delivery estimate was from 5/14 to 5/30. I decided against it and canceled. I then noticed that Amazon themselves are selling the standard edition for $43.08 which is still $7 off retail. I believe...
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    Crucial M4 $199.99 FS, NR

    Since these prices are the result of a deliberate price war, they may end up going back up.
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    Facebook Adds Organ Donor Status Option

    It's just one more thing to talk about on a social network, which is the whole point.
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    Grim Dawn Kickstarter

    This is my approach. Grim Dawn, WL2, Shadowrun, and (game TDB). I'm hoping at least one or more is a decent success. As much as I want good games, I'm also rooting for this alternative movement to succeed to a decent degree.
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    Shadowrun Kickstarter - From the Creator

    I'm in at the $15 rate. I think I'll do four of these a year, and hope one works out well. Anything else will be considered a bonus. It's a lot easier for me to spend money on Kickstarter compared to big publishers.
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    Path of Exile vs Diablo 3

    PoE at the moment, but only because there is so much more to do than D3's beta. I'm 80% sure I'll swtich to D3 on the 15th.
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    How do you people who play online with randoms all the time deal with idiocy?

    I don't engage annoying people, and go out of my way to engage those who are friendly and seem willing to make attempts at teamwork. Then I add them to my friends list. If I can play with them, I do, if not I find some more new friends or just play single player instead.
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    Diablo 3 Beta

    Same, but I can certainly understand how it would strongly appeal to some players. I'm glad it's still in for those who like it.
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    Is the Dell U2412M a LED monitor?

    LED backlit. I use them at work. For office use I rate a 7.2/10. I do like the 16:10 resolution ratio. No experience with them beyond office use.
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    Apple Responds To Tax Criticism

    This is correct. I was in the 25% bracket last year, and paid an actual tax of a bit over 16%.
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    Things To Expect Shopping At A Microsoft Store

    Uninspired, and thus, unfunny.
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    92-Year-Old Pirates DVDs To Send To Troops

    This is not at all how the world works. It's fine for an academic discussion, but it is not applicable to real world situations, even more so extreme environments. I respect your idealism, but like it or not, our world is definitely and irrevocably all about shades of grey.
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    92-Year-Old Pirates DVDs To Send To Troops

    Speak to anyone in any branch and ask them what "Hurry up and wait" means.
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    MIT Develops Self-Cleaning, Fog and Glare Free Glass

    I would buy this if offered as car windshield.
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    First 802.11ac WF-Fi Router Coming from Netgear

    Is this standard final?
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    Study: Beer Makes Men Smarter

    Combine both for maximum effect. You may also find yourself yelling, "This is my house, you're goddamn right I'll drink beer in the shower if I want to." That second part may just be something I do.
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    Gears of War Versus Marriage

    I got the same, except there was also glaring and head shaking.
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    Microsoft Now Distancing Itself from CISPA

    Of course. A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible. -Woodrow Wilson
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    Squadron of Lost WWII Spitfires to Be Exhumed

    I wonder how many boxes these would come in they were ordered from Amazon.